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Scene1 :
At Gadodia house:
Swara thinks about Laksh and a flashback plays
Laksh: Listen to me Swara..Let me explain..
Swara: I thought of telling about my feelings but I have witnessed your feelings..
Laksh: You are misunderstanding me..
Swara: Yes I misunderstood you thinking you also feel for me but I was wrong..
She wipes her tears and says all the best Mr.Laksh for your better future together..
Isha laughs and says bhai kabse mai tumhari future bani hu(Bro from when did I become your future)
Swara is startled at her statement yet happy listening to it..
Laksh also laughs and says: Even I don’t know kiddo..
Isha: So you are Miss.Swara?
Swara: I’m Isha Mehra..Laksh’s cousin..
Swara smiles
Isha: Okay bhai now I’ll leave..I think something important discussion is going on..
Laksh: There is nothing like that kiddo..Wait we will go together…
No..That’s ok bhai..Even I have to surprise Sanky bhaiya (she winks at him)
See you in the evening..I have to talk so much(grins)
Laksh smiles and bids goodbye to Isha…

Laksh is looking adoringly at Swara..She blushes and looks down..
Laksh: So what were you saying?
Swara: Nothing..
Laksh: Really? Ok then I’ll leave (acts like leaving)
Swara holds his hand and says please don’t leave me..I can’t have such thought also..
Laksh comes closer to her and holds her right shoulder with one hand and makes her chin up with other hand..
Laksh: I won’t leave you but why all of a sudden you wanted to meet me..If you wanted to propose me then you must have planned something good to impress me(winks at her)
Swara: Shut up(slighty hits on his shoulder with her palm)
Mom dad have bought a alliance for me..
Laksh POV:
Oh no..She is thinking Laksh Maheshwari’s proposal has come for her but she loves this Laksh..If she rejects for this proposal then I have to tell the whole story to Shekar uncle..Noways..I have to somehow convince Swara to meet me so that I’ll clear all the confusion and give her the best surprise of her life on that day.
Swara: What are you thinking?
Laksh: I’ll tell my parents to talk to your parents..Don’t worry..
Swara hugs him happily..

Back to present:
Sahil: Uncle can I speak to Swara in personal?
Shekar: Sure..Ragini take them to terrace..
Sahil and Swara talk casually while Ragini is at a corner watching them..
From the terrace Swara notices that Sanskar is near the gate..
Swara: One minute Sahil..I’ll just come..
Sanskar is moving to and fro thinking “What to do now..How will I face Ragini”
Swara goes to Sanskar..All this is witnessed by Sahil and Ragini who are on terrace…
Swara: Sir..You are here?
Sanskar gets tensed and doesn’t understand what to say..
Sanskar: I guess you came for that file..Sorry sir I forgot to tell you but I placed it in the third rack in your cabin only..
Swara: Wo..Thank you Miss.Gadodia..
Swara: I need to thank you sir..because of your words I realized about my love for Laksh…
Sanskar feels happy at her statement..but composes himself and says
Sanskar: That’s great..So when are you going to tell him about this..
Swara: I told him sir..soon we are going to talk to our parents..
She blushes..
This is also noticed by Sahil and he gets angry looking at them..
He whispers what are they doing there?
Ragini: May be some private discussion (tries controlling her smile seeing Sahil’s expression)
Sahil fumes in anger while Ragini thinks-I told him to act but he is just adding spice to the drama..Love you Sanskar and smiles
Sanskar: Then where is my treat for uniting you both..Credits won’t do the needful Ms.Swara..
Swara and Sanskar bursts out laughing heartfully..while laughing only Swara says sure sir..
Sanskar holds Swara’s hand..Do call me for your wedding..Definitely sir..
Sanskar thinks: What is bhabhi doing here? May be Ragini’s sister is Swara bhabhi’s friend..Otherwise what would she do here when her house is at baadi..
They have a handshake and now Sahil’s anger has reached peak stage..
{Guys in childhood SanLak and Ragini used to stay at baadi but now Shekar built a own house somewhere else..That’s why Sanskar didn’t figure out the confusion}

Scene 2:
Sahil storms down and says
Mom let’s go..
Shekar: What happened beta?
Sahil: I don’t want to marry a girl who is openly having a affair..
Shekar says shut up how dare you allege my daughter like that..
Sahil: The boy himself said me everything but I was a fool to not believe him but your daughter proved me wrong..Ask her what she is doing outside..
Shekar: Ragini where is Swara..
Sahil: You sort your family matters..We are least interested in it..
Saying this Archana Sengupta and Sahil Sengupta leave from there..

Scene 3:
Swara comes in happily…
Shekar angrily: What were you doing outside?
Swara: Dad my boss came…so I was speaking with him..what happened?
Ragini thinks what Swara dii is telling..How can Sanskar be her boss..I guess Sanskar said about our plan to dii..So she is also acting…
So ragini smiles seeing swara..
Shekar: They broke the alliance saying that guy said he has a affair with you..
Swara is shocked at this statement..
Ragini: Dad may be they misunderstood dii..You know na dii will never do a thing which damages your prestige..
Janki: She is right..Thank god..We came to know about their nature otherwise my shona would suffer after marriage..
Swara’s POV:
I guess Ragini said something to Sahil..Anyways this alliance is gone..Yupiee..Iam so happy everything is going according to me..Love you laksh…and thanks to my dearest and best sister Ragini..

Ragini’s POV:
I now need to plan to break my alliance and also thank Sanskar for such a big help….

Precap: Confusion will be cleared for Ragsan but more shocks for Swalak

Credits : To all those reading and commenting on this ff J

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