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So my dear readers the suspense is going to be maintained for the upcoming 3epsiodes..I know you will hate me for this but trust me each episode would be worth reading 😉

Scene1 :
At Gadodia house:
At night in SwaRagini’s bedroom:
Swara: Ragini in all these tensions, I totally forgot to ask you one thing?
Ragini: What dii?
Swara: What happened to your love story? What did Sanskar say?
Ragini: My love story is going perfect dii..and Sanskar is really good..
Swara: Then why did you accept to meet Maheshwari’s?
What if they accept for your marriage with their elder son? {gives a tensed expression}
Ragini: My dear Dii..Don’t worry I’ll manage everything..First let your matter get settled.
Waise bhi Ragini Gadodia tension nahi lethi balki tension dusron ko dethi hai{chuckles}[Ragini doesn’t take tension instead gives tension to others]
Swara(smiles and says):Haha ok..but if you need my help tell me..I’m always there for you.. {gives a concerned look}
Ragini: Sure my dear sister!! {smiles}

Scene 2:
Next day morning:
Laksh calls Swara…
Laksh: I’m starting for office..Where are you?
Swara: I’ll be there in 10minutes..You directly come to the park nearby our office..
Laksh: Okay!!

In the hall :
Janki: Where are you going?
Swara: Mom I’ll be back by 10am..I have a important work!!
Ragini: What work on Sunday diii {gives a mischievous smile}
Swara gives a death glare to Ragini while Ragini chuckles..
Swara: Yesterday I told you na Laado..Explain it to mom(winks at her)
Ragini gets shocked by Swara tit for tat statement and fumbles…
Ragini: Wo maa..Swara dii..
Swara: It is not your viva that you’ll prolong each word Laado..
Swara then turns towards Janki and says :
Mom I have to give this file to Priya so that she’ll submit in early morning..You know na I wake up late and reach office lately..
Ragini whispers slowly to Swara: Wahh dii..Aaj kal pyar ka asar jyada hi ho raha..aap aur jhoot (wow sis..these days love effect has become are also lying) [chuckles to herself]
Swara too smiles and leaves from there..

Scene 4:
At park:
A girl comes from behind and places her hand on Laksh’s eyes..
Laksh: Swara..I know it’s you..
Girl: Who is Swara..
Laksh is surprised and shocked to see the girl..
Laksh: Ishu tum?
Girl: Yes..It’s me but who is that girl?
Laksh: It is a long story..I will tell you later but you tell me? How come you are here?
Isha : I came to guesthouse but you were going somewhere so I followed you..
How is my surprise?
Laksh: Awesome
Saying this he hugs Isha..He sees Swara standing at a distance teary eyed and breaks the hug..
Laksh runs to Swara and tries stopping her..

Scene 5:
At Gadodia house entrance:
Ragini comes near the gate to meet Sanskar..
Sanskar: Yesterday on call you said that I should tell Sengupta’s about your dii and me being in a relation but I don’t even know her name..How should I fake a relation and story regarding it..
{guys try to remember… till now ragini always said dii but never mentioned Swara’s name and even Sanskar said bhai but never said Laksh bhai..}
Ragini: Sanskar you don’t mention her name..If you mention the name then in future we will get caught for spoiling her alliance..
Sanskar: As if I’ll not get caught if I don’t mention her name..
Ragini: That time I’ll manage the situation by saying “Sanskar thought it was me who was going to get married..So he said about his love to Sengupta’s..However without confirming anything they doubted it was better that the match was broken.”
Sanskar: I must say Ragini you have a cunning brain..
Ragini pouts sadly listening to it..Sanskar notices this and says
Sanskar: Sorry sorry..I mean creative brain..Which great human being can get such ideas..
Ragini smiles but Sanskar thinks ‘Bach gaya’(got saved from her anger)

Scene 6:
At Gadodia house entrance:
After half and hour:
Sengupta’s come for seeing Swara and talk about the alliance..They see a boy staring at the house and feeling very sad..
{Mrs.Sengupta’s name is Archana and Sahil Sengupta is her son}
Archana: Who are you? Why are you staring at the house like this..
Boy: My name is..Wait why should I tell you..
Archana: I came here to see the daughter of this house for my son..
Boy: Aunty ji..then only you can help me..
Archana: really..(smiles) by the way who are you son?
Boy: Aunty My name is Sanskar… Boyfriend of that girl..(points finger towards the house)
Archana: Boyfriend? (becomes angry listening to it)
Sanskar: Aunty you are misunderstanding it..actually we broke I’m her ex-boyfriend..She didn’t have guts to tell her Dad about us and then proposal about this match came to her… so we broke up but trust me I still love her and she too loves me..(he acts like sobbing very badly)
Archana: Besharam ladki..Aashiqui kar rahi hai khule aam (Shameless girl..She is loving someone openly)
Sanskar: Aunty..Don’t dare to scold her like that..You know she never hugged me in public..
Archana: What the hell? Which means she gave you hug in personal!! (fumes in anger)
Sanskar: Come on aunty how will you react when you’ll come to know that she kissed me while eating puchka…
Archana: Oh God…What else should I listen now..Come on Sahil..We’ll leave…
Sanskar gives a victorious smile unnoticed by them..
Sahil: Come on Mom..Will you believe this road side guy?? You know na how much strict upbringing Shekar uncle gave to his daughters..
I won’t decide anything before speaking to her..
Archana: If it is proven that this guy is speaking truth then?
Sahil: We’ll talk to her first and then I’ll decide..
They enter the gate while Sanskar thinks Oh no!! Ragini asked me help for the first time and I failed in it..Now she’ll definitely kill me{makes a sad face}
Shekar welcomes them cordially but Archana makes faces..
She asks for Swara to which they reply she’s getting ready..
Swara comes with a tray of tea and serves everyone and Sahil gets impressed..

So my dear readers..What do you think?
1)Who is Isha?
2)What will happen between Swalak?
3)Will Sahil say yes for the proposal?
4)Will RagSan plan of breaking the alliance work?

Keep guessing..All the above would be answered in my next episode 😉 😀

Precap: Suspense 😀

Credits : To all those reading and commenting on this ff 😀

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  1. Awesome I like ragsan a lot

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Anjali 😀

  2. AMkideewani

    I think Ragsan’s plan will work

    1. Saanvi are right 😉

  3. Akshata

    i think family members will agree for swasan and raglak marriage ( just a guess). but update is awesome and loved ragsan scene.

    1. Saanvi

      Haha…no no 😀
      More Ragsan scenes to come in upcoming episodes.. 😉

  4. loved it….plz end suspense soon….bt wht are the pairs?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you pooja..Sure?
      SwaLak and RagSan are the pairs?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you ?

  5. Silent_writer

    Woow suspense I love it but the pairs are still confusing it’s swalak or swasan

    1. Saanvi

      Haha:D Enjoy the suspense 😉

  6. Nice rags

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks Lisa ?

  7. Shana98

    Nice. Can’t wait till you break the suspense. ❣?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Shana 😀

  8. Pavani

    Now awara agrees for the alliance

    1. Saanvi

      No akka.. But Ragini will agree for Laksh but the suspense is why she agreed ?

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Misunderstanding between Swalak
    Hope Ragini’s plan works
    Loved Ragsan scenes
    Waiting for the next one……………..

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much 😀

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you ?

  10. sorry di for not commenting on previous part actually i am not well and coming to this part its really awesome and about guessing game i will try to tell but don’t know i am right or wrong so let’s try answer of questions are as:-
    1. isha may be a childhoid friend of laksh or his cousin
    2. may be laksh convience swara or may be misunderstanding create and a fight between them and laksh make her understand or swara misunderstand him. but i go with laksh making her understand in final
    3. sahil say yes but his mother create problem or ragsan laksh create problem so a no
    4. yup the plan work because they are so intellegent but the plan work with some changes in it because first plan got flop na

    so here are my answers di u tell me if i am right or wrong plz do tell me
    and sorry?? for not commenting on last part love the chapter ??

    1. ??the signs are this instead of this ??

    2. Saanvi

      3rd answer is wrong ?? rest all are correct??????
      Haha? it’s ok are following my ff that is enough for me??
      I told my fb id in reply to one of your comment..may be you didn’t check it??
      Saanvika Rao is my username ? and it has swalak pic as dp☺️
      And finally thanks for the complement dear ??

      1. yup my 3 answers are right means 75% i got and ur welcome di ok i find ur id and send request to u and thanks for giving ur id ??

      2. i send u req di from radhika puri id accept it

  11. Saanvi

    3rd answer is wrong?? rest all are correct??????
    Haha ? it’s ok are following my ff that is enough for me ??
    I told my fb id in reply to one of your comment..may be you didn’t check it..??
    Saanvika Rao is my username ? and it has swalak pic as dp..☺️
    And finally thanks for the complement dear ??

  12. Awesome…pls show swasan scenes…nd update soon

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you 🙂 Sure 😀

  13. Awesome..nt swasan show swalak scenes

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you 🙂 Sure 😀

  14. IshaJain3006

    di i know the answers of ur first ques “who is Isha”
    Isha is mee 😀
    this is all BAKWAAS
    on a serious note dii ur ff <3 m in love n i hugged namish OMG! hehhe
    but m waiting for next episode 🙂

  15. Saanvi

    Haha? I dedicated this episode to you darling..but please don’t hate me after reading next episode ?
    Thank you so much ?

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