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Scene1 :
At Gadodia house:
Ragini and Swara reach home at the same time.
Janki: What is this?? You both got wet!!
Ragini: Mom it was raining heavily so..
Swara(excited) : But I got drenched in rain wontedly..
Janki and Ragini at a time say : We know that!!
All smile..Just then Shekar enters and says Swara and Ragini beta I need to talk to you..Change your clothes and come down..
SwaRagini : Okay..

Scene 2:
At dining table:
Swara: Dad you wanted to tell something..What is it?
Shekar: We got a alliance for you..Do you remember Sengupta’s?
Swara(Thinks for a while and says): Hmm..Urvashi chachi’s relatives right?
Shekar: Yes..They asked your hand for their third son Sahil..So what do you say?
Before Swara speaks out Ragini says
Ragini : No ways Dad..Mrs.Sengupta is very strict and I know how much her daughter in-laws scold her..
Janki: Let Swara speak..You keep quite..
Shekar: Although his mother is strict the boy is really good..Think once Swara..We are not forcing you..
Swara holds Shekar’s hand and says: I’m ok with it Dad..I know you and mom will think about my happiness better than me..
Janki and Shekar smile but Ragini gets irritated.
Janki: You don’t worry we fixed your marriage too..
Ragini is shell shocked by that statement..
Shekar: He is your childhood friend Laksh..You like him so I don’t think you have a problem about your match…
Janki comes closer to Ragini and holding her both shoulders from behind says : That’s why we said yes to them..
Ragini POV:
Sanskar promised me that he will talk to my parents only after his brother’s marriage..So it is not the right time to tell Mom and Dad about my love..Moreover Laksh was always sweet to me in childhood so I can easily convince him to say a No for this marriage. But what about dii..I hate those Sengupta’s..I have to do something for her…

In bedroom
Ragini notices Swara weeping silently..
Ragini: Dii..What happened?
Swara: Nothing..
Ragini: Awesome..Now you started hiding your feelings near me..Good going Ms.Swara Gadodia!! (giving a angry expression)
Swara breaks down and starts crying more vigorously..
Ragini: Dii..I’m there for you..Don’t worry tell me..
Swara: I love Laksh..and I’m unable to bear the thought of losing him..
Ragini starts jumping on the bed and says: Wow my dii is in love but soon composes herself and says “That’s a great news dii..but why are you crying?”
Swara: I don’t know whether Laksh loves me or not..And even how Mom and Dad will feel that they are searching matches for me and I’m here falling in love..
Ragini: Come on dii..I know Mom..She trusts you and will be happy for you and Laksh..And dad..
Ragini then holds Swara’s hands and says “Don’t worry I’ll convince him somehow.”
Swara: Okay!! But what about those Sengupta’s..How will I break this alliance?
Ragini: Wo tum mujhpe chod do [You leave that matter to me]
But dii..Keep your ego aside and propose Laksh…If he says yes then we will talk to Mom otherwise I should use my brain to make him fall in love with you (chuckles)
Both Swaragini smile and shed tears of happiness..
Laksh is adoring Swara and his pic in his phone which was clicked at party few days ago..
Sanskar comes and sees this…
Sanskar (with a naughty smile says): What a scene..Badluck! Mom and Dad missed watching this..
Laksh: What?
Sanskar: Epic scene! Where Laksh Maheshwari is adoring his lady love (winks at him)
Laksh blushes..
Sanskar: Wow..Now someone is blushing like a tomato..
Laksh: Now stop teasing me and go from here..
Sanskar: I will stop it..But you continue staring at bhabhi (winks and gives a naughty smile to Laksh)
Laksh throws a pillow at Sanky but he runs aways from the room..

Scene 4:
Sanskar is smiling thinking about Swalak..Just then he gets a call from Ragini..
Sanskar: Why is she calling me at this time? I hope everything is fine..
He picks the call and says hello..
Ragini: Hello Sanskar!! Are you busy?
Sanskar: I’m always free for you Darling..Tell me..
Ragini: I need your help..
Sanskar: Sure darling but what’s the matter? You are sounding tensed?
Ragini: You need to break my sister’s alliance..
Sanskar: Are you kidding? What will your sister think about me?
Ragini: Now I’m serious and only you can help me in this…
And even Swara dii doesn’t like him..It’s just because of Mom & Dad she said yes..So the bridegroom’s side should deny for this alliance..
Sanskar: Okay!! But what is the plan?
Ragini tells something to which Sanskar gets shocked..
Sanskar: All crazy ideas come into your brain only..I will get bashed if I get caught..
Ragini: Don’t worry dear..I’m there na..
Sanskar reluctantly says : Okay..See you tomorrow..

Scene 5:
Laksh gets a call…He is surprised to see Swara calling him..He happily picks the call and says
Laksh: Hi Swara..How come you called me?
Swara: Laksh I need to talk to you..
Laksh: Sure..I’m available..Tell me..
Swara: Not now..Meet me at 8am tomorrow near our office..
Laksh: But tomorrow is a holiday..Are you sure you’ll wake up so early..(in a teasing tone)
Swara: I don’t think I’ll fall asleep tonight..So don’t worry I’ll be there in time..
Laksh: Okay..Takecare..
Swara smiles and cut the call..
Laksh becomes concerned by her statement as nothing is important to Swara than her sleep..But she is saying she can’t sleep..
He keeps thinking what would be so important that Swara wants to meet him as soon as possible..

The screen ends on determined face of Ragini, afraid face of Sanskar, worried face of Laksh and smiling face of Swara..

Precap: Suspense 😉

Credits : To all those reading and commenting on this ff 

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Loved the epi to the core
    Hope Ragini’s plan works
    Waiting for the next one…………

    1. Saanvi

      Hehe thank you so much 😀

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  2. Shana98

    Can’t wait to know what the suspense is… ???❤️

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      Thank you??

  3. Ur dp pic is lovely..nice part unite swalak

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      Thank you ☺️
      Sure..but with a twist??

  4. Pavani

    U r late nd epi was nice asusual

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      Sorry akka..knchm busy..that’s the reason I’m unable to read ur ff also 🙁

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    suspense???? interesting, reveal it soon and update is awesome.

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  7. Sethidisha002

    always suspense

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      Don’t you like it???

      1. Sethidisha002

        i like it but u always create suspense so please reveal that soon bcoz i want both the pairs with happy faces

    2. Saanvi

      Sure 😀

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you pooja ?

  8. Wonderful

  9. AMkideewani

    Supwrbly awesome I love Swalak and Ragsan

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    superb and this suspense is killing mee

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