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Recap: Swalak romance..Ragini’s mature side

Scene 1
Next day morning..
At guesthouse:
Sanskar gets ready before Laksh..
Laksh is surprised seeing this but still impressed with him..
Laksh: You are in formal clothes? Anything special?
Sanskar: Bhai..I want to join office(speaks in one breath)
Laksh: What?
Laksh is so much surprised that he pinches himself to know whether it is reality or dream..
Sanskar: Yes..You heard it right?
Laksh: May I know the reason behind this sudden change?
Sanskar: I want to get settled..
Laksh: For Ragini?
Sanskar nods in yes..
Laksh: I’m happy that my little brother has finally realized his responsibilities but at the same time I’m feeling bad that he obeys his gf’s words more than his brother..
Sanskar: It’s not like that bhai..
Laksh: I kept telling you the same thing for years but you never listened..What should I think now..
Sanskar stays silent..
Laksh: I agree with you Sanskar..A perfect life partner can change your life..
I understood it yesterday only..So don’t worry your bhai isn’t angry with you..
Sanskar hugs Laksh and cries..
Sanskar: Believe me..I’m doing it for our family..
Laksh: Chote..Don’t cry..However you will cry after first day in your tears(saying this he winks at sanskar)
Sanskar pouts cutely..

Scene 2:
At office:
Laksh tells Sanskar to act as if he doesn’t know Swara..
Sanskar in office handles work with so much of ease..
Laksh is impressed by him and says: Doesn’t feel like it’s your first day..If you keep working this way you will achieve great heights..I’m proud of you chote..
Sanskar: Bhai you are my inspiration..How much ever I may grow but my roots are with my family..
Laksh: Copy cat..
Sanskar bites his tongue and says: Sorry! I forget you said the same lines for dad when you took your first award for best business icon of the year..
Laksh pulls his cheeks and says..My cute little brother..chote!
Sanskar: I told you 100 times to not call me like that..(pouts)
Laksh: (laughs)Hehe I know..but what to do I love calling you that way..
Hey remember..Laado used to always tease you calling like this..
Sanskar: Yes and you were her partner in crime!! Hope bhabhi doesn’t tease me like she used to do it in our childhood..
Laksh : Hope so(chuckles)
Sanskar: Acha bhai..I want to meet bhabhi..
Laksh: Okay..But don’t get excited..Call her and then ask us both about Santacruz file..
Sanskar: Santa Claus..But bhai he comes in December na..
Laksh: (laughs so much and says) Idiot!! It is Santacruz..
He picks the receiver of landline and says Send Ms.Gadodia inside..
Swara goes inside..
Laksh acts to be scared..
Swara feels more tensed seeing Laksh’s expressions..
Swara (looking at sanskar): Sir..Did you call me?
Sanskar: Tell me the status of the Santacruz file?
Laksh: Sir it is almost done..
Sanskar: Did I ask you Mr.Laksh?
Laksh: Sorry sir..
Sanskar: Ms.Gadodia I’m asking something..
Swara explains everything and Sanskar listens to her keenly..
Sanskar: It’s lunch time..Lets have lunch together!!
Swara: But sir?
Sanskar : Consider it as a treat for both of your hard work..
Swara: But sir we are getting paid for that..
Laksh : Yes Sir..She is right..
Sanskar: Are you both in a relation? I mean this guy is always speaking for you Ms.Gadodia..So I had a doubt..
Swara looks shocked while Laksh looks at Sanskar as if he will kill Sanky now..
Swara leaves from there without saying anything..
After she leaves Laksh comes closer to Sanskar with a angry look..
Sanskar: (With terrified expression) Bhai it’s a tit for tat..It’s my first day how will I know SantaCruz or claus..but you laughed at me..So I took a sweet revenge before bhabhi..Please don’t hit me..
Laksh comes closer and bursts into laugh..
Sanskar: (now with a confused face) What happened?
Laksh: Did you notice Swara’s expression when you posed that question..She was like as if her truth came out..
Sanskar: Ha bhai..But I thought of teasing you..but bechari bhabhi got your share..
Laksh: She has to share all these kind of stuff for life..
Sanskar: (Shocked at his statement) Bhai are you serious?
Laksh: Yes..
Sanskar hugs him and Laksh happily reciprocates..
Laksh calls Annapurna and says
Laksh : Mom I like Laado..You go ahead and fix this alliance..
AP: That’s a great news beta..I’ll inform dad and will finalize it today..
Laksh smiles and cuts the call..

Scene 3:
At Gadodia house:
Shekar: You remember Durgaprasad Maheshwari?
Janki: Yes..They are now settled in London right?
Shekar: Yes..Today he called and asked for Laado’s hand for his elder son..
Janki: That’s so nice but how can we get Ragini married before Swara..
Shekar: Even I was thinking the same..
Janki: What if we make Swara marry Maheswari’s son..
Shekar: No Janki..Laksh and Ragini are childhood friends so they can get along easily..
I am thinking we should finalize Swara’s marriage with the son of Sengupta’s..
Janki: I hope Mehta bought a good alliance for my Swara..

Scene 4:
At college:
Someone handovers a yellow rose to Ragini..
Before she asks about who gave it..the person leaves..
Ragini finds a chit wrapped around the rose it.. she opens and reads..
You are my support Ragini..Be my bestfriend for life..
She wonders who must have written it..
After that a small girl gives her white rose..again with a chit wrapped around it
She reads it
“Wondering who I am..I assure you that you will smile seeing me..”
After that a small girl gives her red rose again with a chit wrapped around it
This time the content in the chit is
“Agree to love me for lifetime then I will come in front of you”
Ragini is in all surprise now but doesn’t like the red rose so she throws it off..
A person appears before her holding a bouquet of red roses..
His face is not visible as he holds the bouquet exactly in front of his face..
Ragini thinks this must be the guy who is sending her roses and angrily says
Ragini: See Mr..I don’t know who you are and why are you doing this but I am already engaged and won’t encourage all this non-sense..
Person : What madam you always say about to your engagement to me..but I never find your fiancée..
Ragini is shocked by the statement and asks who are you?
The person moves the bouquet and it is revealed that the person is none other than our Sanskar..
Ragini feels very happy and hugs him..Sanskar too happily reciprocates..

Precap: Ragsan and Swalak romance

Many of you are requesting more Ragsan scenes and I understand that..
Actually I’m going according to the my storyline where once in a while i may miss out Swalak or Ragsan scenes..Hope you understand it 
In today’s episode no Swalak scene but I have included Ragsan scene only for you people even when the story didn’t demand it..
And tomorrow for sure you can witness Ragsan scenes 😉

Credits : To all those reading and commenting on this ff 

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