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Recap: Laksh requesting Swara to attend party and Ragsan romance

Scene 1
In Gadodia House:
Ragini enters her room all blushing..But as soon as she enters she finds the room messy with clothes, all round the room..
Ragini: Dii..What is this?
Swara: Acha hua..tu aa gayi(It’s came)
Ragini: What happened?{with a surprising look}
Swara: I have to go out..Which dress should I wear?
Ragini: Okay..But first you tell me where are you going and what is the occasion?
Swara: Office party..
Ragini gives a shocked expression and suddenly shouts..
Ragini: Mom dad come here..
Shekar and Janki come running and look at SwaRagini and their room..
Janki: What happened Ragini? What is all this mess?
Ragini: Mom..You know what dii is going to party..
Swara: So what’s a big deal in it that you are shouting like this..
Janki: It is a big deal..The one who never attended a single office party is suddenly getting ready to go..That too with this much preparation(looks at Ragini and gives a hifi to her)
Shekar: Don’t tease my Swara..
Swara: Thank god..Atleast you are supporting me Dad..
Shekar: Of course beta..After all your going to party after this new friend has come into your life..
Shekar then winks at Ragini and Janki..The trio burst into laughter while Swara gets irked..
Swara: Okay..I won’t go to party..No need of teasing me like this..
Janki: We were just joking..Why you became sad..
Ragini: Mom she isn’t feeling sad..It is all nautanki (acting) of Swara dii..After all why will she miss a party with her new friend..
Swara: Ragini ki bachi..Stay there..[Saying this Swara starts chasing Ragini with a pillow] Finally she catches Ragini and softly hits her..Ragini doesn’t stop laughing..
Ragini: (while laughing) can hit me later..Get ready for party..
Swara: I won’t go (she keeps a childish face)
Shekar: You both sort out..After coming to a conclusion tell me..
Saying this Shekar and Janki leave…
Ragini: Dii..This yellow one is nice..
Swara doesn’t look at her..
Ragini: Now I lost my right to tease my sister also(acts like being sad)
Swara: (comes towards ragini) I’m sorry..I didn’t mean that way..
Ragini raises her head and smiles..
Swara: You have become dramebaaz..
Ragini: I didn’t become dii..I’m already one (winks at Swara)
Acha..This blue would be perfect..What say?
Swara likes it so she goes and changes into that blue dress..

Scene 2:
Laksh calls Swara..
Laksh: Where are you?
Swara: Outside..Just 2mins..
Laksh: Okay..come fast..
Swara enters the hall which is decorated in a grand style..
She wore a dark blue sleeveless gown with matching accessories and little makeup..She was looking very beautiful..
Laksh sees her and gets mesmerized in her beauty..
Swara comes towards Laksh while he is still staring at her..Other guys in the party are also staring at her..
Swara: Laksh..
He doesn’t respond as he is lost in her beauty..
Swara waves her hand before Laksh’s face..
Laksh gains his senses and says: Yaa..
Swara: Am I looking that bad that everyone are looking at me like this..
Laksh is surprised by her statement and says: No..You are
Before he continues his sentence Swara interrupts and says: I know I’m looking weird but my sister told me that parties should be attended this way only..
I will leave soon..Hopefully this people will stop passing these types of looks..
Laksh couldn’t control laughing seeing her childishness..
Swara: What happened?
Laksh: Does anyone call you tubelight?
Swara: My sister does..but why did you ask?
Laksh: Because you are really a tubelight.. and seems like your sister is intelligent..
Swara frowns listening to him..
He holds her by her shoulders and says..
Laksh: Your looking gorgeous and you are passing such statements..People are giving you awesome stare, not weird looks..
Swara smiles at his statements and blushes little..
Laksh: but you are not even understanding the difference..That’s why you are called tubelight..
Swara: Stop it now..
Later Laksh and Swara keep talking for hours..
Suddenly someone collides with Swara and she is about to fall..Laksh catches her in time..
Now Swara is in Laksh arms while they have a eyelock..Since Swara’s dress was backless Laksh’s fingers where touching her bare back..She is able to feel every move of his but doesn’t feel like stopping him..
This moment of theirs is interrupted by the host..He says “What a romantic scene..If I would have got a chance then I will give them the award for best couple.”
Laksh and Swara compose themselves but yet a awkward situation is created between them..

Ragsan are talking on phone..
Ragini: I want to eat ice-cream..
Sanskar: Go and eat..Don’t you have money..
Ragini: Very funny..It’s 8pm..Dad won’t allow me to go..
Sanskar: Hmm..Then I’ll bring one for you..
Ragini: Very boring Sanky..
Sanskar: Then what to do?
Ragini: Idea!! I’ll slowly sneak out of the house after dinner..We’ll meet and also have ice-cream together..
Sanskar: Are you crazy..Where do you get such ideas?
Ragini: Yes I am..Will you come or shall I have it alone? (in stern voice)
Sanskar: Obviously I’ll come darling as I have no other option..
Ragini: (laughs) Okay then..See you at Kwality Walls Swirls!!
Sanskar: Bye..

Scene 4:
After having dinner
Ragini is slowly moving towards her room..
Janki: Where are you going?
Ragini: To sleep…
Shekar: What about the match? You were so excited to watch it..
Ragini: But dad I am really very tired and sleepy..(acts like yawning)
Shekar: We’ll watch repeat telecast together..
Ragini: Dad you and mom also sleep..Dii said she will get late so you lock the door..She has the extra key so she will come inside herself without disturbing you’ll..
{Swara didn’t say anything as such but it was Ragini’s idea to come inside the house after having icecream 😛 }
Ragini jumps from her window and goes out..

Scene 5:
At the shop Sanskar was waiting outside:
Sanskar: Come we’ll go inside..
Ragini: No..We’ll eat here only..See how nice weather it is outside(she smiles)
Sanskar: What? On road(with a surprising expression)
Ragini: Yes(grins)Acha..tell me what is your favorite flavor?
Sanskar: Chocolate..
Ragini: Black currant..
Sanskar: Like you, your taste is also different..
Ragini: I know..Go get them fast (winks at him)
Sanskar get two ice-creams..Ragini grabs her favorite and starts eating like a child…
Sanskar looks on lovingly..He gets a naughty thought…
He pushes her slightly and her ice-cream falls..She pouts innocently..
Ragini: What have you done..See bechara ice-cream is feeling bad that I couldn’t eat it fully..
Sanskar: (Laughs out loudly and says) Bechara ice-cream or bechari Ragini (He winks at her)
Ragini immediately grabs Sanskar’s ice-cream and starts eating it..
Sanskar: This is cheating..It isn’t your favorite flavor and this ice-cream is mine..
Ragini: (while eating says) Sanky…Although I love Black currant I eat all ice-creams (winks at him)
Sanskar immediately grabs it and has a bite..
Ragini agains snatches the ice-cream and she has a bite..
This way the keep quarrelling and they finish the ice-cream..
Later they realize what they did and laugh whole-heartedly..

Precap: SwaLak inner view..Ragini’s new side

Credits to: Myself 😀

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