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Recap: Swalak fight and Ragsan meeting

Scene 1:
In Maheswari’s Office:
Megha(one of the employee): Swara one good news and one bad news..
Swara: What is the bad news?
Megha: We have full day office(with a sad face)
Swara: What’s bad in it? We daily have a 9hour shift..
Megha: Ya..But yesterday party got cancelled..We have it today..So I expected a half a day like yesterday..
Swara: What? Why the party got cancelled?
Megha: Manager was telling that our boss was not in a mood to come..Without our boss Raichand’s didn’t want to throw a party..So it got cancelled..
Swara: Okay..What was the good news?
Megha: Party is in the evening..
Swara: Then for me both are bad news only(frowns and leaves from there)

Scene 2:
Laksh walks up to Swara’s desk but doesn’t find her there..Just then Swara arrives..When Laksh turns both are face to face..
There is only a inch gap between them..
Both were lost in a eyelock..
Laksh composes himself and says..
Laksh: I wanted to talk to you..
Swara: Even I wanted to talk to you..
Laksh: You say first..
Swara: No.. You say first..
Laksh: Okay..I’m sorry for yesterday..I shouldn’t have yelled at you..
Swara: Even I’m sorry..I shouldn’t have argued with you..
Laksh: That’s ok..
Swara: Even your apology is accepted(smiles at him)
Laksh: So friends??(he forwards his hand)
Swara: Sure..(shakes hand with him)
Swara holds Laksh hand even after the hand shake..Laksh coughs..Swara realizes and leaves his hand..
Both are embarrassed yet smile to themselves..
Swara while taking out a chocolate from her bag : Chocolate?
Laksh: Sure..What’s special?
Swara: I give a chocolate and patch up with my friends after a fight….
Laksh (smiles): Sounds nice…{Opens the chocolate wrapper and says}Let’s share..
They both eat bite by bite and complete the chocolate..All the while stealing glances at each other..
Swara signs that there is chocolate on his lip..Laksh rubs his lips but that chocolate is little above the upper lip so it doesn’t go..
Swara moves forwards n wipes his lips..Laksh feels a strange feeling and is lost in that touch but Swara doesn’t feel anything like that..
Swara: What are you thinking..
Laksh: Wo..You are coming to the party right??
Swara: Don’t start again please..
Laksh: Come for me..Not for the Raichand’s..
Swara: I’ll see..
Laksh: Please!! I never requested anyone like this(makes a innocent face)
Swara: Seeing your face no one can say a no..I will come but will stay for only sometime and no more arguments..
Laksh smiles and nods his head in a yes..

At college:
Ragini tries to bunk college but is caught by her Chemistry professor..
Professor: Where are you going?
Ragini: Sir..Wo..I have a work so I’m leaving..
Professor: Did you take permission??
Ragini: Sir..I forgot..
Professor: I didn’t expect you to this irresponsible..(Makes a angry face)
Ragini: Sorry sir..
Professor: If you would have asked earlier I would have allowed you..Now I would consider this as a bunk..So I won’t allow you to go..
Ragini: But sir?
Professor..No more arguments..If you say anything then you have to write imposition..
Ragini leaves from there murmuring…
Kavya: What happened?
Ragini: Wo hitler ney rokh diya..(hitler stopped me)
Kavya: Lol..That chemistry professor doesn’t enjoy nor lets anyone enjoy..Poor you..
Ragini: I know..but I’m worried for Sanskar he must be waiting for me outside..
Kavya: Do one thing..Message him the situation..
Ragini: Hope he understands me..
Ragini quickly messages Sanskar everything..
She gets a reply: atleast meet me in evening..
Ragini replies back: Pakka..You are such a sweetheart..I love you..
Sanskar is shown smiling at the message..He drives away in his car..

Scene 4:
Evening outside college
Sanskar is shown waiting for Ragini…
Ragini runs to him..
Sanskar: Relax..Why were you running?
Ragini: Because I didn’t want to wait for more time..
Sanskar: Girls make their boyfriend wait..But you are different..Love you
Ragini blushes..
Sanskar: So what next?
Ragini: Phuchhka{Also known as Panipuri or Golgappa}
Sanskar: What?
Ragini: It will be fun..I and Kavya eat it almost daily..
Sanskar reluctantly agrees
Ragini and Sanskar after reaching the stall..
Ragini: Gopi bhaiya two plates Phuchhka..
Gopi(Panipuri seller): Ragini beta who is this guy?
Ragini: {smiles and says}Mera ho ney waala pati..(My would be husband)
Gopi: Bahut handsome hai..(He is very handsome)
Ragini blushes and says: I know..
Gopi: May god bless your pair..
Sanskar is amused listening to their conversation..
Gopi gives two plates Phuchhka
Sanskar keeps looking at the plate while Ragini has already eaten one
She notices Sanskar not eating
Ragini: What happened? Why are you not eating..
Sanskar: I have never eaten these till now..I am not knowing how to handle it..
{guys Sanskar grew up in London..So it’s obvious that he haven’t tasted panipuri}
Ragini laughs while Sanskar pouts seeing it..
Ragini: I will show you..catch like this open your mouth wide put it in..
Sanskar does same and eats it..
Sanskar: Nice..
Ragini gets a naughty idea and says: Bhaiya..Teeka banao(and winks at Gopi bhaiya)

He understands her sign and prepares a spicy Phuchhka..
Sanskar doesn’t know how a theeka(spicy) phuchhka tastes so he casually eats that one like previous phuchhkas..
After eating that he shouts spicy..Ahhh I can’t bear it..My tongue is burning…
Ragini first laughs seeing his condition..but soon tears start falling from Sanskar’s eyes because of the mirchi(spice)
Ragini feels bad and gives him water..
His condition doesn’t get better..
Ragini takes him to a side where it is isolated..
She slowly leans towards Sanskar..
Sanskar who is in pain due to the spice doesn’t notice this..
Ragini suddenly places her soft pink lips on Sanskar’s lips..
First Sanskar gets shocked but slowly reciprocates..Later that kiss turns into a passionate french kiss…
After long time they break it due to lack of breath..
Sanskar is lovingly looking at Ragini..while Ragini cheeks become red as she continues blushing..
Slowly she lifts her head and looks at Sanskar who is already staring at her..
Gaining little courage she speaks up..
Ragini: How are you now? Did the spice effect reduce..
Sanskar: Ya..but many other effects came in..(smiles naughtily)
Ragini understands the meaning behind the words..but says : We should leave now..
Sanskar holds her hand and says: If a spicy phuchhka can give me a reward from you like this, then I can eat 100 phuchhkas..
Ragini: Enough now..I couldn’t see you in pain so I reacted like that..But I’m really sorry for that prank..I thought it would be fun but it cost your tears..
Sanskar: It’s ok..Well I loved the later part of prank..(gives a naughtiest smile)
Ragini blushes..Sanskar and Ragini leave after that..

Credits to: All those who are following my ff and commenting on it 😉

Note: I am happy that I wrote ff’s on all four pairs: Swalak,Ragsan, Swasan, Raglak…
Swalak and Ragsan is this ff only..
Swasan OS:
Raglak OS:
Do read it if you are interested..They are love stories 

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