Hi guys..Thank a lot for all your valuable comments..I am so overwhelmed by the response.
I’ll try to live up to your expectations by my storyline.
I would address Durga Prasad Maheswari as DP and Annapurna Maheswari as AP. So please understand the shortcuts 😛
In London:
A young man(dressed in white shirt black blazer and black pant) comes and greets everyone goodmorning.
DP: Son you woke up so early? You came home late yesterday..You should have taken rest!
Boy: Dad I have a meeting in the morning and you know Laksh Maheswari never gets late.
(Yes the guy is our Laksh <3)
AP: We know about your punctuality and dedication but don’t take too much of stress..Think about your personal life also.
Laksh : If that’s the matter mom, tell your younger son to join office from tomorrow.
A boy(dressed in casual outfit) is seen descending the steps
Boy: Mom said personal life bhai..which means girlfriend or wife..where does a brother count in personal life and why are you always behind my happiness(saying this he gives a childish pout expression)
(Yes he is Sanskar)
Laksh: Girls either fall for a rich businessman or will date son of a rich businessman..I fulfil the criteria for first statement and I don’t want you to be apt for second statement (and chuckles).
Sanskaar: Mom see what bhai is saying about you(and winks)
(Looking towards laksh) Do you mean mom married dad because he is successful and could u say that bhai (chuckles)
Laksh: Mom don’t fall into his words..anyways I am leaving for office
AP: Laksh listen! Okay atleast have breakfast ?
Laksh: (while walking towards entrance) I’ll have my breakfast in office and I’ll listen to you in the evening.

Scene 2:
In India:
—Gadodia house:—
A beautiful girl( in green anarkali with cream border) is trying to wake up someone
Girl: Diii..wake up..I said wake up..
The one who is sleeping says: Let me sleep Ragini..With great difficulty I get quality time to sleep (Yes..the girl is our Ragini and guess what?? Sleeping beauty is our Swara)
Ragini: Diii..Quality time for sleeping is at night but now it is..(before she continues Swara cuts her words)
Swara: You better go to college..It is a week off for me but you have class today(covers her face with blanket)
Ragini: My dear dii…It is 12 o’clock..I have attended my class and came back too but your still sleeping.
Swara: Whatever let me sleep…
Ragini: okay dii you sleep..I’ll have all rasgulle alone (and she keeps walking towards the door)
Swara: Rasgulle!! Ragini stop..I am coming!!
Ragini: Dii..i’ll wait but first you freshen up (winks)

On dining table in Gadodia house:
Swara and Ragini are eating rasgulle as if someone will steal their food.
Janki: Eat slowly I have made them for both of you..
Ragini: But mom swara di challenged me that I can’t eat more rasgulle compared to her. So I must prove her wrong.
Janki: Why do you do such childish acts swara..
Swara: Mom you made with so much of love and affection..if I eat more rasgulle I will get more share of your love..How can I let Ragini have less love(winks)
Seeing this Janki’s eyes are welled up
Ragini: Mom one minute..I’ll bring a bucket so you can fill it with your tears(chuckles)
Suddenly they hear a voice-I never got such a great idea..
(The voice is of Shekar gadodia)
Shekar: If I got to know about this idea then I would have solved our colony’s water problem through your mom(winks at Ragini)
Swara: Enough!! Now no one will tease my mom..
Shekar and Ragini at a time say- okay..momma’s doll!!
Swara: Yes I am momma’s doll and you are dad’s girl(looking at Ragini)
All laugh(a little family union)

Precap: Marriage proposal and little fun

Credits to: Ishajain

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    I hope that U’ll try to give equal importance to both the pairs

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      Thanks Megha 🙂 yes I will give equal importance to both pairs!!

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      Pairs are SwaLak and Ragsan

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      Nikky i can’t change the pairing now..but for fans like you i have written a one short Marriage-Love-Trust pairing Raglak..I think you will like it..please check out for that OS 🙂

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