Love which cannot be expressed. Rads Family Tree (MM,SR,BD YHM,IPKKN,YRKKH)


Hi guys a very sorry i am unable to post due to some reasons so thought of telling you about Radhika’s family tree so that you dont get confused in the future chapters. I have decided to change Mala’s name to Divya, Ahalya’s name to Aliya and Dilip’s name to Philip.

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Suraj – Sarah (Rads gandprarents. Nani – Nani)

7 children

Philip Mishra -Married Divya, 2 children Ankush (Age 20) and Ria (Age 22).

Neha Mishra- Married Rehan Mawan and she is now Neha Mawan, 2 children Aditiya (Age- 31) and Sonia ( Age 20).

Naira Mishra – Married Karthik Singhania and is now Naira Singhania, 3 children Om( Age – 25), Arun (Age – 24) and Radhika (Age 23)

Madhavi Mishra- Married Kuber Malhotra and is now Madhavi Malhotra, 2 children Abheer (Age 34), Krish ( Age 28)

Shagun Mishra – Married Rahul Singh Raizada and is now Shagun Raizada, 2 children Aarav (Age 28) and Sherya ( Age 26)

Annapurna Mishra – Married Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Is now Annapurna Maheshwari, 2 children Adarsh Age32 and Lakshya Age 26

Sujata Mishra – Married Ram Prasad Maheshwari and is now Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari, 2 children Sanksar (Age 27) and Uttara (Age 21)

Married Grand Children

Abheer, Married Meher (Age 32), 2 children Ishan age 8 and Ishani age 2 months

Adarsh, Married Parineeta Age 31 and childless.

Aditiya, Married Aliya ( Age 29) and 1 child Amy 5 years

Aarav (ASR) Married Kushi (Age 27) and 1 month old child girl.( Please suggest a name for her.)

Krish, Married Trisha( Also known as Trish) and 6 year old daughter name Trashika.

Sanksar Married Swara ( Age 25) and she is 7 months pregnant.

Lakshya Married Ragini ( Age 25) no kids.

Om, Married Vritika ( Is dead) 2 year old daughter Ruhi. ( She taken care by Arun and Radhika)

Single Grand Children

Sherya – Age 26

Arun – Age 24

Radhika- Age 23

Ria – Age 22

Uttara- Age 21

Ankush- Age 20

Sonia – Age 20

So guys this is how much I could type. Will try to post as soon as I can. And please suggest a name for ASR and Kushi’s daughter.

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  1. Rossy

    Ninarika dear…so big family…i got confused a bit..but it is ok now

  2. isn’t arnav or aarav pliz don’t mind I’m just asking because aarav is arshi’s son

  3. isn’t arnav or aarav pliz don’t mind I’m just asking because aarav was arshi’s son

  4. Awesome. ..wowwww. ..I will suggest name for ASR n khushi’s daughter…..Arushi…what say?….love you loads

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