Love which cannot be expressed………..Chapter-5 (Manmarziyan,Swaragini,Badtameez Dil,YRKKH,YHM,IPKKND)


Hi I am Niku only made new account as i forgot my password and people SORRY i took a long break and i am very sorry. I typed almost 3 chapters and all of it got deleted and after that my mood was gone for a toss. Anyway I just admire Guari di and Jessie di and soo many of you who update your ff regularly. Enough of my talking now hope you all like it and comment if can I am not forcing you because once upon a time I was also a silent reader and know in which situation you are in if you can’t comment.

Neils home
Just take one look at his room and you think a if an earthquake occurred in only in Neil;s room and not in his house. His house was so neat compared to his room. And Neil throwing things here and then.Just then his mom Perna entered and was greeted with a I love you Sam card which was moulded into a rocket.
Perna,” Neil,”.
Then Neil came jumping and let himself in his mom’s embrace.
Perna,” Neil, Its the past let it go I know what Arjun did with Angel ( Angel means Radhika will understand how Neil and Radhika are related) you was not right but Angel left everything and came here because of you and the mission”.

Neil was almost in tears and he replied, ”Mom I wonder how Kartik mamu and Naira mami will face it,.They don’t even know about their daughter’s marriage with Arjun, Angel convenced every one even Philip mamu( Dilip) not to tell them. Why was I there to be with her during all the tough times. You know Saral is actually Angel’s cousin you have not met him before i know and Om Bhai send him to bring Angel back but she managed to convince him and even Saral and stayed back only for me you know only for me but she landed her self in such a mess. After all it is all my fault if I did;t fall in love with Sam this all would not occur.
Just them Prem enters Neils room and says,” Its ok Neil Angel does not hold you sesponsible for her life mattes but still i am worried for her but anyways push that aside for the time being. I have some good news for you.

Neil,’What good news dad. I guess Ruchi an….”
Prem,”Yes Ruchi and Rafar are coming in 2 hrs and they specifically told me that they want their Neil bhai to pick them from the airport. So hurry up and go to pick them.”
Neil,” Thank god their coming I missed them so much”.
Just then Neil remembered the time when his Twin sisters Ruchi and Rafar were going for higher studies to USA.
Mumbai International Airport
Ruchi and Rafar,”Bhai we will miss you”.
Neil,” I will miss you to so much”.
Ruchi,”Bhai why cant you not come with us we wont be able to stay without you.”
Neil,” I know but you will have to learn to stay without me Ruchi’.
Rafar,” Ruchi I know the real reason why Bhai is not coming he told me this in the morning. Someone has to bring Bhabhi home. Thats the case Ruchi”.
Ruchi,” You cheater cocks you never told me this Bha and you told only Rafar about this. Very mean Bhai.”
Neil, I am sorry Ruchi i wanted to tell you but you never listen pulus you ran away when I was about to tell you this then i said forget you would go and tell this straight away to sam.”
Just then there was an announcement for the flight boarding to Los Angeles Usa.
Neil,” Bye my dear sisters. Call me once you reach love you.”
Ruchi and rafar ,”Bye Bhai love you TOO.”
End of flashback
NEIL NEIL, go get ready ,,called Perna. Shaking him out of his dream world.
Neil,” Ok,mom”.
Rads woke up from her sleep and went down in the hall. Just then her Nani Sarah saw her.
Nani,’ So you woke up”.
Att first no body saw her. After sarah saying this all heads went in that direction. And every oe began pampering Rads.

Rads,” Enough, ENOUGH mami and guys I am full so much of tasty food.”
Divya(Mala),” Yes, Cookie(Rads) all this is made specially for you by Aliya,ma( sarah) and me.”
Rads,’Thankyou sooo much and Om bhai is coming to take me tomorrow back to Mumbai. I came here to meet you all and to be sure no one is following me. We will be going back by our private airplane and since Adi Bhai and Ali ( Aliya’s pet name kept by Rads) Bhabhi have to back and they have not decided when they will also come back with us.’
Suddenly a voice came from under the table which said, “What about me?” and every one looked at Amy appearing from under the table.

Amy, Bua you forgot about me you mentioned Mom and Dad but you did not say my name.’
Rads lifted Amy and said , I meant you also will be coming along with your parents”.
Guddie let me go and pack my suitcase, said Amy jumping from Rads arms while running from the hall.
Mumbai International Airport
Neil is standing outside waiting for his sisters when suddenly 2 beautiful looking girls clash into him.
Neil I’ am so sorry hope you are fine.
Bhai , said the girl with an American accent.
Neils mindvoice
This voice sounds like my Rafu( Rafar).
Rafar, “ Doesn’t sound is your Rafu’s voice it is me Rafu only.
Neil,” My Rafu.”
Rafar,”I missed you so much Bhai”.

Neil,”I missed you to. Where is Ru (Ruchi) and where is your luggage.“
Suddenly out of somewhere Ruchi appears .
Ruchi,’Raafu this is not fair you left your luggage with me when you saw Bhai and you never told me anything and Bhai you will hug only Rafu and not me. ”
Neil,My Ru i will hug you also moving rafar out of his arms and cuddling Ruchi’.
Ruchi, I love you so much’.
Neil, I love you too’

Rafar, And I guess you..”
But Rafar’s sentence was left unfinished as there a breaking sound of something which i don’t know. And all heads turned in that direction only to see a Sam who was going to fall and was caught by her elder sister Janvi. Sam then just removed her sisters hold from her and walked towards Neil.
Sam, Neil I thought you love me but you cheated me..
Just then Neil,Ruchi and Rafar starte and couldent control their making Sam more confused, irritated and puzzled.
Sam, What’s so funny answer me dam it Neil’.
Ruchi and Rafar,’So she is Bhabhi Bhai.’
Neil,’ So you saw Ruchi saying I love you to me, yes she WAS GOING TO BE your Bhabhi Ru and Rafu’.
Suddenly Neils words struck Sam Ruchi, Rafar she then just realized they are Neil’s younger twin sisters she remembered Neil speaking about them.
Sam, “Ruchi, Rafar they are your twin sisters right Neil”.
Rafar,”Yes thats Us. I am Rafar.
Ruchi,’And I am Ruchi”.
Rafar,’ Bhai and why did you use the words was going to be’.
Neil, ‘Rafu its a long story and I will tell you later”.
Sam, Neil I want to tell you something.

And then Sam spoke her heart out…in a voice only audible to Neil
Neil whenever I was with you I always felt something different something I never felt around Arjun i could live for a day without seeing his face but i cant live without yours. I feel like you are the north pole and i the south pole I first thought its best friendship but its more then that. Alll I want to say is I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND WILL YOU MARRY ME.
Neil was surprised and quickly left the airport taking his sisters with him.
So to know what will happen next please read love which cannot be expressed…..
One updated next one I don’t know will try to update soon. And one news for Those who love Aham Sharma I saw on Wednesday the 30th November for our church youth week competition. He came to judge drama. But my bad luck I did not meet him.

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