Love which cannot be expressed………..Chapter-3 Radhika is back home (Manmarziyan)


Hello friends. A big sorry for the delay. I was busy study and also completing projects. My family was shifting so everything was packed up also I have got unit test coming up. Hope you like today’s chapter. Guys one more important thing. Since Rads dadi is alive I decided to celebrate one of their anniversary. Do you want them to celebrate their diamond jubilee or golden jubilee and please do drop your valuable comments. Please do ignore my grammatical mistakes.

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Delhi Airport
Rads flight landed. She got out of the airport took a cab and headed to Rishikesh. She stood at the door deciding to ring the bell or not. After standing for five minutes, she rang the bell and a cute little girl came running and opened the door. Yes, its Amy Mawan, Mr Aditiya Mawan’s daughter or you can say Rads niece. Rads was surprised to see her niece here in Rishikesh.
Amy, Mom dad look Rads masi has come. She said it in her cute little voice blinking her eyes innocently.
Rads, Amy come lets go in.
Rads then took the cute little angel in her arms and headed towards the main hall. She entered and saw all her family members assembled in the hall waiting for her including her elder bro Adi along with his wife Ahalya. As soon as Adi saw Rads he engulfed her into a hug and spoke in her ears.
Adi, I hope you are fine. I missed you so much.
Rads, I am fine. Chillax man. Saying this Rads gave him a smile assuring him that she his fine. But still Adi was not satisfied.
Sarah (Rads dadi)- Look my gg has arrived.(gg- grand daughter) Rads I missed you so much. Why did you not tell us anything. Are you….

Rads- Dadi just chill, please relax and don’t take tension . I have left hell and that diable(means devil in french. Rads also knows how to speak french) now I am safe and fine. I am still in one piece he has not done anything to me.
Mala, What do you mean by diable, Rads .
Adi, My dear Mami diable means devil in French.
Mala, Rads how can you call your husband a devil. Who calls their husband devil.
Rads opened her mouth to speak but Adi spoke.
Adi, Mami this is a right name for him and he his Baby’s (Rads) ex-husband not husband and they are divorced.
Sarah, Adi you are right and….
Rads in a loud voice, I am going to my room to sleep. Its afternoon I guess everybody should go to sleep.
Saying this Rads went to her room.
Suraj( Rads dadaji), Rads beta at least eat your lunch.

Rads from inside, I will eat later now I am sleepy. Goodnight !!!
Amy screamed on the top of her voice, Bua my teacher in school told me in school that time is called afternoon and you are saying Goodnight . You are going to sleep now and will wake up tomorrow morning. I came all the way from Mumbai with mom and dad even though they were not allowing me just to give you a surprise and bua you are going to sleep. Who will tell me bed time story ? Mom tells me a story but not as nicely as you tell me.
Saying this Amy received a glare from her mom Ahalya which is known as danger to Amy which means her mom is going to start yelling. Adi starting speaking before Ahalya could because he had many experiences before.
Adi, Amy beta for your bua Goodnight means she is going to sleep and will get up after 4 to 5 hours. She is not going to wake up tomorrow morning she will wake up by 5 o’clock. Ok Amy since you insisted to meet your favourite bua we bought you here. Now be a good girl and go to sleep you can meet your bua later. Now go.

Saying it Adi shooed Amy to her room.
Ahalya, Why did you send her? You know I wanted to speak to her…But you..Any way why should I waste my time talking to you. You only want to spoil and pamper her and….
Ahalya was just going on complaining non stop so Adi kissed her cheek and ran away leaving Ahalya labeling him as shameless.
Khanna Residence
Sam thinks since now I am in love with Neil what should I do… Yes; first I will confess that I love him then I will propose.. But Sam’s thoughts were left incomplete as her mom called her.
Piyali, Sam beta, Can you please go to the airport and pick up Jaanvi.
Sam; Mom why dint you tell me this before. Jaavi Di is coming alone or Jiju is coming along with her.
Piyali, Sam Jetin is also coming. Please don’t be late. As you know how strict your Jiju is. If you don’t want to get a lecture on punctuality and neatness from your Jiju then please be on time. And for heavens sake please wear some appropriate Indian dress and go.
Sam, Ok Mom.
Sam’s Mind
So now what am I supposed to do. I have to confess my love to Neil before he goes far away from me. O good God now please help me..Idea!
Sam, What time do I have to pick Di and Jiju.
Piyali, Beta you have to leave in half and hour.

Sam, Ok Mom.
So to know more please continue reading Love which cannot be expressed.
Please drop your comments and tell me which anniversary of Rads dad and dadi dadi you want to celebrate.

Precap- Leap of 2 months

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      Rg this ff is actully how Rads realizes herr love for Arjun and that will be in the end cause I dont know how to write Romance. I am only in 8th std. My ff is basically on the bond of cousins and family relationship. So to disappoint you.

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