Love which cannot be expressed………..Chapter-2 Radhika leaves Arjun. (Manmarziyan)

Hie people here is chapter 2 managed to pull of some time to write . So as I promised here is a long one. Don’t know when I will update next. Please do ignore my grammatical errors and please do drop your valuable comment.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Chapter 2 ( Radhika leaves Arjun. Arjun makes Sam realize her love for Neil and Radhika’s journey to Rishikesh )
As Radhika walked past the hall with her suitcase speaking with her elder cousin brother Mr. Aditiya Mawan using the Bluetooth. She told him everything her marriage . Aditiya or in short Adi loves Radhika just as his own sister. She looked at Arjun who was sitting in the darkest corner of the hall. She decided to comfort and speak to him as she may never return again. Radhika told Adi that she will call him later when she reaches Rishikesh. Adi told her to leave that hell and reach some safe place as soon a possible. Radhika walked towards Arjun and looked at him. He was crying. Tears streaming down his face. Eyes and nose were red in colour. Who would not cry if they were betrayed by the person whom they loved the most more then their life. As Radhika was near Arjun turned his head to look at her after feeling her presence. He took one glance at her attire and the suitcase in her hand.
Arjun spoke, So you also want to leave me in this darkness.
After speaking this he felt his temper rise. All he wanted to do was take his Radhika to a far away place where it was only him and her and live happily ever after. But he had no courage to do anything now.
Radhika, Sir I am not leaving you in the darkness but by me going away you get the love of your life and a life full of happiness.
Arjun, Radhika please don’t leave me. I lo……..
But he stopped himself realizing what he was going to say. He knew this is not the right time to confess his feelings.
Radhika, You what sir. Can you please continue.
Arjun, Please don’t leave me Radhika.
Radhika, Sorry sir I have to go as I promised Sam her true love.
Ajrun, Ok then go. You Nandu both leave me in this darkness.
Radhika thought that Arjun will have control over his emotions so that she can go because she knew that he was always wearing a mask on his face. She knew that if she stays a minute longer she will not be able to leave him and he will not let her go. So she took her suitcase and began walking but she reached the door and Arjun came running behind and caught her and took her into his embrace and broke down saying, Radhika please don’t leave me. The night is very long and all these years I was not afraid of darkness but today I am very much afraid please don’t leave me please.
Radhika knew that Arjun is not going to leave her. So she decided to stay for the night. She silently lead Arjun to the bedroom and made him rest his head in her lap and she stroked his hair till he fell asleep . She also did not know when time passed that she also fell asleep resting her head on Arjun.
Morning 4 o’clock
Aradhika are both into bed their position is such a way that when you look at them nobody can predict that they fell asleep in a sitting position. Their position was like Radhika facing the wall and Arjun was catching and cuddling Rads as if she was a platinum stone which is very precious and somebody is going to take her away.
Rads got disturbed by the call on her mobile . Realizing her position Rads carefully got up making sure not to disturb Arjun. She took her mobile and checked the caller id it was Adi. She checked the caller history and realized 10 missed calls from her dad 3 from her younger bro Ankush, 2 calls from her younger sis Ria who is in US and 5 calls from Adi. For a moment she was blank why they called her. Then she came to the present about her plan . She realized that Adi must have told everybody at home about what happened in Mumbai. Because after her marriage they never bothered to call her except Ria. She quickly freshened up and left the house. But before going she kept a note and the divorce papers on the hall table and left. After going she took one last glance at the house whispering a small prayer for Arjun sir that he may get all the happiness in the world. She then took a cab to the airport booked her tickets to Delhi and waited for her 9 o’clock flight. She checked her watch it was only 7:15 am so she opened her kindle and began reading a book. After sometime she decided to call Adi since he may be worried.
The call conversation
Adi, Hello baby did you leave that hell? Are you safe and sound? Where are you? Please tell me. Baby are you listening. HELLO, HELLO. CANT YOU RESPOND HEL………..
Radhika, Whoa Adi one question at a time and if you pause and then only I will be able to answer you and I am fine and now I am at the airport. I have a flight at 9 and I have signed the divorce papers I will reach Rishikesh by afternoon and (fake anger tone)how many times have I told you that place was not like hell it was worse then that. Even hell would be better no very much better ( Rads and Adi laugh)
Adi was very happy to hear his sisters cheerfull voice after so many days.
Adi, Ok, jokes apart have a safe journey baby and PLEASE CALL ME ONCE YOU REACH HOME OK and please call home ok.
Radhika, Ok Adi it is time up for my flight so will you please do me a favour call home and tell them I am fine please take care of babhi and Amy will call later bye Adi . Love you.
Adi, Ok I will call up home .Love you too baby bye.
Arjun’s house 09:30 am
Here sleepy Arjun woke up only to find the other side of the bed empty. He pinched himself to see if he was dreaming but it was not a dream it was true. The love of his life was not next to him. She disappeared into thin air.
Arjun, No she cannot just vanish into thin air. She must be here some where.
Saying this he got up from the bed and searched the full house but no avail. She was not there . Radhika left him and went. She left him. He again broke down. Arjun sat in a corner and wept. His life was again filled with darkness. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Thinking that it would be his love he ran to the door. But to his uttermost dismay it was Sam. As soon as Sam saw Arjun she went into his embrace.
Sam, Never leave me Arjun. I love you and cannot live without you.
She then looked up at Arjun but he was frozen like a rock he never head a word.
Sam, Arjun Arjun
Arjun , Yes Sam tell me.
Sam, Thank God at last we will be together. Just because of that bl**dy so called Chasni…..
After that Arjun lost his temper and yelled.
Arjun, Not a word against my Radhika. Do you know the person whom you are calling bl**dy actually saved your life from Nandu and me. She risked her own life and saved your life you are very lucky to have her as your friend. But people like you don’t value them. Did you ever try listening to her why she married me and on top of that you are calling her bl**dy. Wait you don’t know anything let me tell you.
So Arjun told Sam about everything from the star to the end including Nandini using as him as a prawn. After completing this Arjun and Sam both crashed on the ground.
Sam, I am such a failure as a friend. I am so very ashamed of my self.So Arjun you don’t love me.
Arjun, No Sam I never loved you. It was just a part of the revenge plan. I always loved Radhika. One more thing you never loved me it was just an attraction you always loved Neil. Just close your eyes and whose face will you see. I am sure that you will see Neil’s face.
Sam did as Arjun told her and he was right. She saw Neil’s face. She then realized that she loved Neil.
Sam, Thanks Arjun for helping me find my true love and one more thing can we be friends.
Arjun, Sure Sam.
Sam, Now that I got My true love I have to make some arrangements for proposing my idiot. Arjun I guess Chasni is gone to her home when you are going to bring her please do call me as I will also accompany you. Bye Arjun take care of yourself and do call me if you need anything
Sam then went happily out.
After some time something on the table caught Arjun’s eye. They were some papers. He then opened the papers and one paper was a divorce paper while the other was a letter addressed to him.
The letter
Dear Arjun sir,
Our marriage was a fake one as you know. Sam loves you so please marry her and take good care of her. I have signed the divorce papers so technically we both are free from this unwanted relationship. Sir please take good care of Sam as she may be still broken and I know you both will keep each other happy through out your life. So goodbye and have a happy life.
As soon as Arjun read this he began to think. You are so wrong Radhika. I and you are always supposed to be together. So get ready Radhika Arjun always gets what he wants.
So this is a long one. Hope you enjoyed it. Please do drop your valuable comments.

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