Love which cannot be expressed………..Chapter-1 Darkness in Arjun’s life (Manmarziyan)


Hello folks. Here is chapter 1 sorry it may be too short but please do read and I promise net one will be a long one but I cannot promise when I will update it. One more thing I sorry forgot to add a few points
1 In my ff Rads dadi will be alive and she is a catholic.
2 Rads has many shades and they were not revealed in Mumbai and will be revealed only when she is with her cousin .She is a party freak only with her cousins.
3 Rads comes from a very rich family. Her family owns a mall called Center Square.
4 Her elder cousins call her Baby or babes.

Please bear my grammatical mistakes as I wrote this in a hurry as I was eager to post it and please do drop your valuable comment.

Chapter 1 ( Darkness In Arjun’s Life)
Arjun was sitting in the darkness with all the curtains closed and the house was very dark as if it was a ghost house. Today was one of life’s worst day for him his whole world crashed down. His elder sister who he worshiped had betrayed him. Suddenly he found a hand on his shoulder. Hoping that it would be Radhika he turned back but to his dismay it was Nandini.
Nandini spoke, Arjun please don’t believe her she is lying. Sheis a lier. She instigated me. She fueled my anger so that…..

But Nandini’s so that remained there only as Arjun cut short her
Arjun, Don’t you dare say a word against my Radhika she does not know how to lie. Miss Pandey she opened my eyes. I was so blind in your tears that I did not know that I was a prawn in your hands your affection and love towards me was all fake. It was just….. I don’t know Nandu please leave otherwise all the good memories that I have of you will just be a nightmare. Please leave me alone Nandu. Please leave.
Arjun then stopped to breath as he said all this in one go.
Nandini, Just listen to me once Arjun. Just listen t…..
Arjun, I don’t want to listen to a single word just get out and leave me alone. JUST GET OUT.
Arjun was beginning to lose his temper so Nandini just quietly left from there. While going out Nandini met Radhika in the hall.
Nandini, Radhika just wait a minute.

Radhika turned around but did not respond.
Nandini, Radhika I know you love Arjun.
Radhika, No I don’t love him and will never love him in my wildest dreams. Arjun Sir belongs to sam and will remain Sam’s only.
Nandini; Stop joking I know you love him. If you don’t then wipe your sindoor which shows the sign of being married .

(Guys at this time Radhika does not have any feelings for Arjun)
Nandini raised her hand to wipe the sindoor. But Rads caught her hand.
Rads, You don’t have to do it I have got hands and I myself will do it.
And Rads in a jiffy wiped the sindoor.(she was not wearing a mangalsutra)
Nandini sighed, You may not understand what I am saying now but later you will know how painful it is to give your most precious thing that is your love to somebody else. I know you love him but when you realize it you may be too late. So bye and all the best for your future. Please take care of my brother. Saying this Nandini left from there.
As soon as Nandini stepped outside she took one last look at the house thinking only Radhika can bring her back into her bros life.

Here inside
Confused Radhika’s POV
I don’t love Arjun Sir he is just Sam’s and will always be. I will sign the divorce papers and leave from his life for ever. Saying this Radhika entered the room is a hurry searched for a pen wrote a note, signed the papers, dumped her clothes in her suitcase and left the room.
So Guys to know more stay turned and read Love which cannot be expressed please do drop your valuable comment. Hope you enjoyed it.

Credit to: Niku ( Niharika)

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