Love which cannot be expressed… Ch 8 (Manmarziyan, Ishqbaaz, YRKKH, YHM)

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Chapter- 8

Singhania Mansion

Rads came running and locked herself in her room and entered the bathroom and splashed cold water in order not to let the tears flow.

Ruhi, Arun , Om and Neil came hurrying behind her and started knocking the door.

Ruhi,”Why did Mumma run away is she angry with me”.

Arun caries Ruhi is his arms,”No, Ruhu your mumma can never be angry. Its just some things are hurting her.”

Ruhi,”Did that uncle hurt my mumma if it is like that way then I will beat him along with Ishan Bhai and Amy di. When Ishanni becomes big she will also join our gang”.

Arun,”Ruhu did your mumma and dada teach you to beat elders. We told you to respect them and 1 important thing that man is your mumma’s friend you should say sorry”.

Ruhi,”But if I know he hurts my mumma. I will…..”.

” Anyways what will you do” said Om and walked away to the kitchen to get something for his Princess.

Ruhi to Neil and Arun,” Why does dad speak like this way to me. Does he not like me”.

Arun then whispered something in Neil’s ears.

Neil then carried Ruhi and took her outside said,” Come you don’t want to meet your dadi and dada ji”.

Ruhi bangs her head and says,” What happened to chachi you said you were going to bring her.”

Neil,” Ruhu forget about your chachi and you don’t want to meet them. I am taking you to their office”.

Ruhhi,” I want to meet them because when dada met them that time I was sleeping and I told him to wake me up but he did not and I also forgot to be angry with him cause he is so
sheet but what about mumma”.

Neil,” My doll its sweet and about your mumma ,your dada will handle that. So now my doll lets go”.

Meanwhile Arun knocked Rads room door saying,”Baby every is gone now only I am here”.

Radhika knew that she could trust any of her family member blindly so she opened the door kowing no one would be there.

On opening the door Rads just hugged Arun and began crying as she always shares everything with her brothers and never ever kept secrets from them,”Aru Bhai”. She kept on
repeating these words only.

And Arun like a patient and understanding brother kept hugging her, patting her head and calmed her down by saying,”Its ok baby take your time”.

As Arun did not what happened with Rads in the past few months ads decided to tell him.

Rads then stopped crying as she saw Om entering.

She then spilled the beans with Om filling the gaps in the middle about her marriage with Arjun nd what all happened in the past few months and everything else.

While Arun was total shocked and was holding Rads close to his chest while she was taking out all her pain in the form of tears.

After making Rads calm after sometime Arun asks,”Baby,…Does Mom and Dad know about this”.

Rads,”No Aru Bhai, but only very few people who names are Bhai, Dadi, Dada ji, Philip Mamu, Divya Mami, Ankush, Ria, Saral Bhai, Kabir Bhai(Saral’s elder brother,) Reema
chachi(Saral’s mom),Basav Chachu(Saral’s dad),Adi Bhai, Aliya Bhabhi,Prena Bua,Prem fufa and Neil Bhai”.

Arun was shocked listening to the list of names.

Arun,”This is so little to you Baby. You better tell mom and dad or if they get to know from somewhere else they will be angry and hurt on you and everyone for hiding it. Please tell them for your betterment before its too late”.

Rads, ”Ok Bhai I will tell them tonight”.

Om,”Princess , Aru come lets eat lunch. Its almost timeup”.

”Ok Bhai”said Rads wiping her tears and getting up from Arun’s lap.

“Come lets go” Said Rads.

’ Oh Gosh ! forgot about Ruhu’s ” said Rads while walking down the stairs along with Arun and Om.

“I send Ruhu with Neil to dad’s office. Mom will also be there as I met them before coming to meet you both” said Arun.

Om,”Why do you talk about her she is gone so let her be”.

Radhika,” Bhai but she is ..”.

”Leave her and lets have lunch” said Om shutting the conversation once for all.

Radhika helplessly looked at Arun who gave her an assuring smile.

After lunch Radhika and Om walk to their respective rooms.

While arun was at the main hall.

Ruhi then comes jumping from Neil’s hand to Arun making him lift her up.

” Change of party not at all fair doll” said Neil to Ruhi who was poking her tongue out at him.

“I did so much work for you and you ran away from me not fair Ruhi” said Neil.

Neil,” By the way where is Angel”.

Arun, ”She is in her room”.

Ruhi,”I am going to meet Mumma”.

“Ok, Ruhu go”Arun.

After Ruhu going Arun,”Nellu Bhai you are coming for dinner today”.

Neil,”I wanted to tell you that can we meet some other day as I want to Spend sometime with my sisters as they have come after a very long period of time”.

Arun,”Ok because Baby wanted to tell the truth to Mom and dad so I..”.

Neil,”Ok,I understand but good At last she is telling them”.

Neil,”Ok then see you later bye”.

Arun,”Bye nellu Bhai”.

While Ruhu had gone to Rads room and had seen her asleep so she also went and slept next to her.

Arun entered and saw this so he also went next to them and slep in the afternoon.

Few hours later

Rads got up and stretched herself. She checked her mobile and saw the time t showed 7:30 in the evening.

Rads,”Oh! Why dint any one wake me up ”.

She then got up and went running down.

She saw Om working on his laptop.She then looked for Arun and he seemed to to be seen Neither Ruhi and her parents.

“Where is everyone Bhai” said Rads while walking towards Om and making herself comfortable next to him.

Om,”Aru has taken park and mom and dad have gone to meet Neha masi and Rehan musa”.

Rads,”Bhai, I getting scared what if they don’t speak with me than and if..’

Om left his laptop and caught her shoulders,”No one can be angry with you because you are a very good person and its not your fault”.

“Whats not your fault baby” said a voice from behind Rads and Om.

They turned and saw Naira and Karthik their parents.

Om,”Mom actually..”.

Rads put a hand on Om shoulder and said,”Wait Bhai”.

Rads,”Mom dad come sit and I will tell you everything”.

She made them sit and started saying.

Rads closed her eyes and tear drops fell and Om caught her had comforting her she said,

“Mom dad I am forcefully married to Vritu younger brother Arjun Mehra” started saying and revealed everything while they were shocked.

It took almost half an hour for Rads to reveal everything stopping crying and remembering those hurtful moments of the past.

After revealing everything Karthik said,” Princess you have suffered a lot now nothing more will happen just tell us one thing . Do you love him”.

Naira,”Baby just answer we will not put pressure on you “.

Rads,”No mom and dad I don’t love Arjun”.

Karthik ,” But while telling I feel he loves you. Am not forcing you and not going to force you to anything but just give your self a chance “.

”Your dad is right Baby” said Naira giving Rads a assuring smile a small one.

”Come Karthik lets go and freshen up said Naira.

Rads,”Wait mom dad you both….”.

”Baby”said Naira cupping her cheeks.

“Just remember we “ said Naira and Karthik continued for her.

Karthik,”Are your parents and nothing can be hidden from us”.

Rads, ”Means you knew..”.

Karthik,” Yes princess we knew about this but was waiting for you to share your pain with your parents just as you shared it with your brothers. We saw everything that was happing all these months”.

Rads hugged both of them and said,I love you mom and dad you are the worlds best parents”.

Both of them said in a chorus ,”We love you too Baby/Princess”.

And they went to their room.

Naira closed the door and began crying.

“My one and only daug…ther” said a sobbing Naira.

Karthik hugged her and said “ calm down I got the news that Arjun loves our princess and he is also Om brother-in-law and Arus to be bil. So hope so by God’s grace everything should fall in place”.

“You are right there will be a way” said Naira wiping her tears.

Next Day Moring 10:00

Arjun comes to a big mansion along with Sam. He is very nervous and is shivering a lot while Sam is trying to calm him down.

Sam,”Arjun calm down you are going as Arjun Mehra a business man so please”.

“Ok Sam “said a shivering Arjun who was trying to calm himself.

Finally he calmed himself down and entered .

They were surprised as the security allowed them inside and did not stop them.

They entered the mansion and just kept staring at it. They then saw Om speaking on the phone . He nodded them a sharp good morning and nodded them to go inside while he will join them later.

They went inside and saw Naira speaking to some famous instructor of her dance academy Sneha Shah Sam saw and whispered ,”That’s Naira Singhaina Chasni’s mom you
must have heard of her in business and she is the head of a very famous dance academy which she herself has started NDA Naira’s Dance Academy and that’s Chasni’s dad Karthik Singhaina you know about him ”.

Naira saw them and called them near her.

Sam,”Good morning Mam and Sir I am Samira and he is Arjun”.

Arjun,” Good morning mam and Sir ”.

Naira,”No need of introduction Sam and you can call me Aunty Radhika has told me about you and Arjun you can address me as ma”.

Karthik,” And me as uncle for Samira and papa for Arjun.”

Then Samira and Arjun took their blessing addressing them as they were told.

Arjun,” Actually ma Radhika..”.

Naira,’ Baby is on top in her room 1 floor 3rd room to the right”.

“Thankyou Aunty “ said Sam and she along with Arjun went on top.

They saw that her room door was closed. They stood there knocking there for 5 minutes after receiving no response they Arjun angrily pushed open the door and the site in front of them was shocking only for them.

Radhika was sleeping hugging Arun while the comforter was only till their hips. Arun’s t shirt was on the floor but to Arjun it seemed as if Rads was wearing it. Clothes were all scattered on the floor and the room was in a total mess.

Then Om entered and was surprised to see the state of the room and murmured,” This room was proper last night then now what happened to it”.

He then went and shook Rads while Sam and Arjun had something else going on in their minds.

“Princess, Aru get up look who is come. You both used to get up at 6:30 before me and what is wrong today.” said Om.

Rads,” Bhai Let me sleep, This Aru did not allow me to sleep only. He did not take a pause at all so let me sleep”. She then pulled the comforter over her head.

Rads sentence made tears flow from Arjun’s eyes while Sam only looked at Arjun.

” GET UP YOU TWO RIGHT NOW IT IS 10:45”.said Om.

Om sentence made both of them roll over to the end of the bed and fall on the floor. With a loud “THUD” sound.

Arjun and Sam looked at Arun and Rads’ attire.Arun did not wear a t-shirt. His torso could be seen.He also wore a short pant. While Rads had a t-shirt with a long track pant.

For Arjin and Sam it seemed both of them had interchanged their clothes.

Rads then looked up and saw Arjun and Sam quickly stood up and Arun went inside the bathroom quickly.

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