Love which cannot be expressed… Ch 6 (Manmarziyan, Swaragini, Badtameez Dil, YRKKH, YHM, IPKKND)

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Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter-6 Radhika is back again in Mumbai


8’o clock in the morning

Rads was wheeling her bag to the hall when the door bell rang. Sarah came quickly and Opened the door. And there was her handsome dashing grandson for whom all girls can go flat seeing him at the door. Om for the family and Omkara Karthik Singhania in short OKS or OK Singhania to the world. He runs ARO Company which is just like Bird Song but ARO is in 1 position.

” Hi nani, Whats up” said Om while hugging Sarah.

Sarah,”Hey Om was waiting for you and the answer to your question whats up is currently the ceiling”.

Om,”Oh Nani why don’t you change your answer every time i ask you this question.”

Sarah,”Om instead why don’t you change you question”.

Rads stopped wheeling he bag as soon as Om came and came running into his embace while Om opened his arms wide open for her.

Rads,”I missed you so much Bhai”.

Om,”I missed you to my princess. How are you now. I know he dint do anything to you but his marriage with you. He ruined your life..Rads,”Bhai leave it just think of it as a bad dream and I have signed the papers. I am no one to him anymore and he is no one to me ”.

Om,” I thought he would be like Vritu and Aditi but he was just the opposite”//

Rads,”Bhai he has not met them for almost 20 years. You know they 3 were separated then. Anyway leave that topic. Tell me how is Mom”.

Om,” Mom is fine but she wants her baby home as soon as possible home. Rads got emotional thinking about Om’s words. She remembered her mom Naira.

Rads,’ Bhai, you came be our private jet right. So our flight is scheduled for what time. You dint tell me”.

Om,”9:00 Princess we have to be back before lunch as mom is not going to have lunch and Dad is going to come home for lunch as his princess is coming after 6 months.

Just then Aliya came out carrying a sleepy Amy and Adi wheeling their suitcase.

”Good morning Ali Bhabhi and Adi Bhai and a very good morning to my dear Amy said Om tickling Amy under the chin. Amy then started pushing Oms hand saying,”go away let me sleep na”.

Om,” First open your eyes Amy”.

She then opened her eyes and screamed,” Omey chachu”.

Om,”Yes Amy its me. Come on lets go”.

Om,Rads,Adi and Aliya took every ones blessing and then left.

On the way Rads again complained like a 4 year old about bodyguards. To which Om sweetly replied that he cannot put anyone in danger as a result he had guards.

Some Hours later.

The flight landed and Every one made their way to their respective mansions. Adi and Aliya to Mawan mansion and Om and Rads to Singhania mansion before going Rads made a call and said,”I will make an entry tomorrow with Bhai. Make the preperations and don’t forget to keep that letter on this desk with the check.”

Singhania Mansion

A lady in her early 40s is seen going a round and round waiting for some very anxiously. A man who is also in his early 40s is saying,” Dont worry Naira they are on their way . They will be here in sometime”.

Yes, the man is non other then Rads dad the famous business man Karthik Naitik Singhania or KN Singhania and the lady in Naira Karthik Sighania or NK Singhania the famous business woman and Rads mom.

Suddenly they hear a honk they both smiled at each other and go towards the lawn .Their princess and baby is come after 6 months.
Then Rads and Om came out of car and then Rads came and hugged her parents.
Rads,” Mom Dad I missed you so much”.

Naira,”My baby I missed you so much now I am not letting you go anywhere till you get married”.

Hearing the word marriage rads began to remember her past and her face lost its colour.

Karthik,”Princess what happen are you fine, where you lost”.


She then hugged him and her mom.

Rads, ’Now I am not going anywhere”.

Naira,” Good now come lets eat and today we will feed you not your bro”.

Om,”Mom when no one was there you pampered me now Princess is come so you forgot me mom”.

Naira,”Nothing like that Om today I will feed you too”.

Chatting chatting they all had their lunch and carried out their tasks for the day.


Samart called Arjun to his cabin office and said,” Arjun I know you are not in the state to work after Radhika leaving you but let me Inform you something very important infront of all the staff.”

They both walked out of the cabin then Samart called all the staff

“Attention Attention guyss can I please have your attention for 2 minutes tomorrow Omkara Karthik Singhania and his sister who runs ARO is coming they have purchased 45% of the shares Mr OK Singhania and his sister will be here for the entire day. So please every one neatly dressed in your best as they very respectable people in the society”.

Arjun,”Sir I have heard of Mr OK Singhania but i never knew he had a sister I thought he was the only son of Mr.KN Singhania and Mrs.NK Singhania plus you dint mention his sisters name”.

Samart,”Even I don’t know his sisters name Arjun I feelere is one more brother first only Mr OK was introduced to the world now it shows he has one sister. I their family is planned something big I guess to protect themselves from someone. Guys anymore questions ”.

Zubin,”Sir what is going to happen, Neil is on leave for 2 days and Radhika is not there I don’t even know if she will come back”.

Arjun,”She will surely come back I will bring her back”.

Krithika” When Arjun sir she has faced so much I doubt if she will come back”.

Listening to this Arjun began getting angry and was almost go to blast when Sam came.

” Calm down Arjun we will go to bring her back” saying this Sam took Arjun from there and brought him to his cabin.

“Ok guys you all can resum your work” said Samart and everyone started their work.

She showed him and envelop which stated from Radhika. He then opened and saw a 75 lak check and a letter addressed to him. It was…..

To Mr Arjun,

I thankyou for helping my Mamu and Mami in their need. Here is the money wich you helped them with and the INTEREST.


Arjun had read this aloud to Sam.

Arjun,”Who dropped this here”.

“I don’t know said sam.”I saw the peon keeping this here so I called you” said Sam.

“Thanks for calling me I will find this out how it came here hook by crook” said Arjun.


Night Before going to sleep Rads came to Om.

Rads,”Bhai Tomorrow i will start my work”.

Om,”Yes Princess we have to make an entry tomorrow”.

Rads,”Ok Bhai and Aru Bhai and Ruhi will be coming tomorrow ok. Goodningt I am going to my room”.

Om,”Wait I am sleeping with you today”.

Rads,”Bhai I am not a small girl”.

Om,”If get those nightmares what am i going to do so I am sleeping with you”.

Precap- Mr OK and Ms RK’s entry..

So to know more read my ff love which cannot be expessed.

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