Love cannot be explained – One Shot


Hello Friends.Took 3 days to write this.HOw is it ? ANd ya all boys are not the same

Love cannot be explained –One Shot

Scene starts in a house

A boy is studying very hard,His father looks and tells his mom

F: your son is studying very hard

M: oh ya he is your son right

Scene shifts to college/The very same boy is playing basketball. Everyone screams come on Laksh .He puts the goal.One girl is taking the video of him playing (not a match).Her friend tells her

R: swara once na move attention from him and pay attention in class

S: ragini shh

R; come fast ..bell is going to ring

S: 2 min

R: your love story is going to kill us

In lab

Laksh helps a girl complete and gives her the solution

L: that’s it

G:thank you

L: np

Swara does not do the solution but thinks of how to talk to laksh

S: (she looks at laksh helping that girl)

She goes near laksh

L: swara what happened

S: (comes out of her dreamworld as ragini calls what happened)

R: kya hua

S: in world how many girls are there he will talk to them but only with me he as problem

R: hmm do you want a idea

S: give

R: no need

S: give na

R: accha ok .Go to him and tell that your experiments result did not come Can I do experiment with you Smiple

S: ragini what a idea

R: relax if he talks also he will talk only about h2o hydrogen.He is not gonna talk about love

S: very funny

R: try

Swara goes to laksh

S:hi actually I am not getting the result of my experiment

L (going to say something)

San: sure exactly I am telling him that

Swara looks at him with a face like maine tumse pucha

LAksh explains her and goes

S: bata nahi baat hi kyun nahi karta

Its raining Laksh and one girl go in one umbrella

Swara see and tells : fir se chipak gayi.Ek min

R: sun toh

Sto that girl : actually I need some help in chemistry

Laksh understands and runs saying auto auto

S: areey wait

Laksh boards the auto but swara too goes

L: uncle wait let her go

S: no uncle you go

S: can I ask you something.In your group there are 5 girls and 7 boys what problem do u have with me .You talk with every girl in our section except me

L: because because you are different from other girls

S: hein

L: no I I mean I don’t have time

S: dekh tell me clearly.I am not going to wake up early daily to check whether you accepted my request or no.Do u have any problem with me ?

L: nahi

S: then why you run from me like delhi metro

L: because you are always behind me

S: ho when did I run after you .Sometimes I see you in break so I tell you hi and when I did

L: that day chemistry lab

S: this is cheating my experiment went wrong so I said and when I did

L: starts tellingand swara gives and answer for everything

S: baat nahi karungi tumse

L: par swara

She goes out of the auto

LAksh feels sad

In a house

Swara family is sitting

S: bhai jaa udhar full day sitting in front of tv

M: see your love has spoiled her see how she is talking

P: arrey bacchi hai.shaadi karke chali jayegi toh phir kaun karega yeh pagalpan

S: hello main koi shaadi vadi karne wali nahi hun

S: make his marriage.Let him be ghar jamai

Chup beth

Swara opens her mobile

She sees LAksh has accepted her request and smiles.She goes to her bedroom

IN hotel

S: hi tell why you called me

L :aah

S:you don’t say hi also and today coffee vofee

L (blushes) actually who sorry bolna tha

S: what you said I couldn’t hear

L: sorry sorry

S: sorry

L: actually I was rude to you yesterday and tut oh I mean you were never rude with me alsoand you helped me in 1 and 10th and I dint even say thank you.Thanks

S: thank u vamk u sab teekh hai par yeh bata but that day when I asked you that why u don’t talk to me but other girls and not me so u said I am, not like other girls matlab(meaning) how am I

L: no its not like that I don’t like fighting and arguments I hate it so now we are friends

S: dost hain

L: pakka pakka

S: ok bhaya who expensive wali coffee dena.You no I love coffee

They talk with each toher

Swara comes home .Her brother is sleeping on the sofa.She throws her bag

S: atleast close the tv.Sleeping while tv is on.dont allow me to study also

Bhai : swara ki bacchi as if you ae gonna top the exams

Swara comes to her room .She feels completely stressed.She calls laksh

Laksh is studying.He gets her call

L: hello hi

S: yaar laksh..yaar padhai mujhse hoga hi nahi jab tak mera bhai iss ghar mein hai

L: swara calm down..You have to focus If u focus then all your problems will go

S: focus ke bacche chup re aur we chat mein aa abhi

L: ok

The open video camera

S: hi

L :hi

S: meri madaad karle please yeh page number 28 second question not understanding anything.My mind is crazy

L: 27 ok wait I will explain

Agar mein hunt oh tum ho plays in the background

Next day football (laksh is playing)The same song is playing

All the girls are there.Laksh puts the goal.Swara is like go laksh All the girls scream Laksh Laksh He blushes with so much popularity .He turns his head and blushes more.Only swara screams now and he is like (even though blushing) band kar yaar All the players are sitting

LAksh comes to swara: swara don’t scream like that everyone sees it

S: let them see how much I want that much I will scream .You are the best player so everyone is jealous and I will make them more jealous


S: ham sab chilaenge ( everyone nods)

L: chilao

And goes and sits with those boys

LAksh teaches her how to play basket ball and holds her waist

Swara smiles.LAksh tells her to put her hands up and focus on goal.She puts it touches the ring but it falls down

S: ( sad) LAksh looks at her

He smiles.

Swara hold her lips

She has the ball.Laksh lifts her up

S: laksh kya kar rahe ho

L: Phenko

She throws the beall and it goes inside the beasket

Swara gets happy .IN excitement both give hi5 and hug each other.They then go

Laksh comes in the place where the lockers are kept

L: what up guys

B:aaj kal swara se bahut baatein karta hai

L: ( looks at him) Kuch bhi bolta hai

B: busy u are .practise is going on ?

L: kya bakwas ar raha hai

B: come on dude ladki hai .maine suna hai if the girls are adamant it is more fun

L: over

B: chill yaar

L: kuch bhi kaat karta rehta hai

B: bura kyun man raha hai yaar

L: rehne de yaar

L: today I have to talk to swara everyone is teasing me

L: I will tell now only

L: swara swara I have to talk something

S: arreya kya hua

L: ek second idha aao

S: kya hua

L: aaj ke baad hum log nahi milenge

S: kya

L: aaj se mein tumse dure rahunga tum mujhse dur rehna

S: par hua kya

L: sab bakwas kar rahein hai yaar.hamare barein mein tumhare baarein mein aur mujhe bilkul accha nahi lagta hai ye sab

S: so they are talking rubbish so wh should I stop talking to you .I am not going to stop talking to yu

L: you are not understanding swara .They are thinking that something is there between us

S: what something

L: that all I mean love types

S: smiles so whats wrong oyar types only no between us


S: completely stupid .U don’t understand anything.they understood I understood ( laksh scratches hi head) but you don’t know that this is not pyar types but love only .I toh lovoe you bahut sara .U don’t love me

L: aah.i don’t have time for love

S: han han u chill with that einstien and newton right .time nahi hai See tell me directly yes or no


S: ok got your answer from today I will not disturb you

She goes to her class

L ( pulls her out ) swara just come here come come with me

S: ( smiles but keeps it inside)

L:hai cheepo listen to me She is my girlfriend from today if you talk anything about her then (he shows his hand about to punch them)

B: na baba cool ok

L : ( makes expression towards her) how was it

S: ( smiles) man gaya expression
The both go

Laksh is standing over there and thinks about swara.He then goes to sleep

Next day Swara comes to his house.

S; laksh

L: hmm

S: u love me

L: of course baby

S: prove it

l: how

S: idk u have to prove

Laksh kisses her.She smiles and kisses him back

Next day It was Sunday. Swara had gone out and since laksh house was the nearest

L: swara you

S: I cant come here

L: no I was just asking .

S: (she enters the house)Seeing laksh shirt she tells him.I will change

L: (gets shocked ) but doesn’t mind as he knows her

LAksh sits on his table to study and swara comes out.She only wears his shirt.Laksh gets mesmerized seeing her.he sees Swara playing with water and goes to stop her and close the window when her hands fall on his shirt.He holds hr waist. They are about to kiss

L: swara if you are not ready

S: ( places hands on his lips)

One Month Later

Many pregnancy checker( in which u check whether you are pregnant) are there.all are positive.Swara gets tensed seeing it.She calls laksh

L: swara are you sure.I mean check once again

S: laksh 3 times it cannot be wrong

One day she drags him out of the playground

S: laksh whats wrong w ith you

S: laksh say something

L: swara listen I have to concentrate on my career

S: laksh toh mera career .What should I do (breaks down holding his shirt)

L: ( unable to see her breakdown) swara I am there na

He lifts her and the hug

Next day at hospital.They go to abort baby They see a video of a baby in a mothers womb.LAksh holds swaras hand tightly and takes her out.They have a book in his hand

S: baby lets do this

L: kuch bhi hojaye I cannot let you go through this much pain

S: but baby what will we do .One day they will come to know

L: don’t worry

Swara takes sick leave and stays at home

One night she feels hungry and wants icecream . She doesn’t find any in freezer

S: (calls laksh) laksh mujhe ice cream chahiye

L: han baby 5 min

They come outside. She is eating 2 icecreams
S: baby sorry because of me u have to wake up at 3

L: np baby.I had already woken up

S: why ( eating icecream)

L: no I was searching for a parttime job

S: ( shows a what expression)

L: I have to be responsibe na

S: aww laksh why all this

L: now only 2 things are important for me

S: who

L: you and our baby

S: love u

L: luv u 2

One day parents come to know everything

Laksh house

Parents: laksh yeh kya hai.

L: papa please yeh baccha mujhe chahiye

P: enough laksh.Aaj se tum usse baat bhi nahi karoge

L: par papa

P: its final

Parents Go. Laksh in his bedroom cries

Swara House

Parents : swara

S: mom please

The take her for abortion.She has changed her dress

S: mamma please mujhe yeh nahi karna.

M: chup kar.We are doing this for your good

Male Nurse comes and tells that doctor has called you

M: main abhi aayi

Swara sits there and cries

Male nurse: madam

Swara looks at him.He removes his spectacles and moustaches.Its laksh

S: Laksh you

L: first stop crying

He takes her in a bed as a dead body.They manage to come out.While going out swara brother sees and holds laksh (swara sat in auto which was waiting) Laksh gives him a punch and comes in the auto.For 5 mins they dint speak anything.They later smiled and she gave him a side hug.He kissed on her forehead.
They sat on the bus and swara was sleeping on laksh.Laksh held her chin up so she wont have difficulty in sleeping.He remembered all the moments and smiled.He then kissed her forehead.On the otherside LAksh had left a sorry letter stating to leave him and swara alone and thanking them for all they did

<< Laksh And Swara Left Ooty.They dint want to do it but there was no other option.They were helpless.They hoped for support from their parents but they were scared about their name fame .But Lakh knew they had done a mistake and he couldn’t let Swara alone bear it >>


Credit to: Smiley

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