Love Cannot Die (Episode 5)


The episode starts witth Both three gets discharge.

After some week Ritik,Rishi and Ranveer starts coming in office.

Ranveer comes inside his cabin and sees Ishanj and smiles and says

Ranveer:You came so early.

Ishani:I have to work that is why.

Ishani goes to get a file but slips and is about to fall but Ranveer catches her by waist.

They both share a deep eyelock.

Ranveer:Are you fine Ishani?

Ishani:Yeah I am fine and thanks for saving me.

Here Rishi reaches his cabin and sits on chair when Tanu comes

Rishi:Tanu you came

Tanu:No I have not came

Rishi:But you are here only

Tanu:Then why did you ask?

Rishi:Just like this

Tanu:Wow after so many days you came in office and telling just like this

Rishi comes to Tanu

Rishi:So what you want that how I should be?

Tanu:You should be like Ritik sir.

Rishi:Oh I don’t want to be a jalad

Tanu:He is not at all a jalad

Rishi:He is

They start arguing when Tanu slips and falls on Rishi.

Both fall down and get a eyelock.

Ritik is waiting for Shivanya.Finally she comes.

Ritik:Shivanya you know what is the time?

Shivanya:Sir it’s 9:05 am

Ritik:You are 5 minutes late

Shivanya:Sir but just 5 minutes

Ritik:Shut up.You are teaching me that when we should come when not.

Shivanya:Sir you are misunderstanding me.

Ritik:Just shut up and do your work.

Shivanya gets teary and leaves from there.Ritik was having the expression that he dint cared for her tears and starts working.

After some hours there was a break so Shivanya,Tanu and Ishani gone to a cafe shop.

Ishani:Tanu what will you take?

Tanu:I will take normal coffee.

Ishani:And you Shivanya?

Shivanya was having tears in her eyes so this was seen by Tanu and Ishani.

Tanu:What happened Shivanya why are you crying?

Ishani:Yeah Shivanya

Shivanya:Ritik shouted very much on me.

Tanu:So what happened Shivanya he is like this only.

Shivanya:No but I like him.

Tanu and Ishani are shocked.

Ishani:Seriously!You like him?

Tanu:Rishi tells him jalad.

Shivanya:He is not at all bad just short tempered person but I like him very much.

Tanu and Ishani consoles her.

Tanu:Actually I also like Rishi very much.

Shivanya:Then Tanu you should say him as he is really friendly and kind hearted.

Tanu:I can’t say as when I think to say him then I get nervous and my nervousness stops me to tell my feelings for him to him.

Ishani:It happens with me too.

Tanu:But to whom you like?

Ishani shyly tells

Ishani:Ranveer.I always feel shy to tell him that I like him.

Shivanya:You both should confess your likeness to them but I cannot because my sir is short tempered.

Here Rishi and Ranveer meet each other.

Rishi:Ranveer I want to tell you something

Ranveer:First listen to me

Rishi:Okay tell

Renveer:I have fallen in love

Rishi:Really with whom?

Ranveer:With Ishani.

Rishi:I have also fallen in love with Tanu.

They both get happy but there happiness goes away when Ritik comes

Ritik:What are you talking?

Rishi:Ritik I have fallen for Tanu and Ranveer had fallen for Ishani.

Ranveer and Rishi were scared that what would be his reaction but Ritik gets happy and hugs them

Ritik:It’s great news my brothers.

Both get happy.

Ranveer:But what about Shivanya?Have you fallen for her?

Ritik:See I don’t love her not at all I just love my work.

Precap: Ritik and Shivanya to fall in love with each other.Rishi to propose Tanu and Ishani to propose Ranveer.

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