Love Cannot Die (Episode 3)

Ishani:Ritik sir have ask that question so there would be some reason.

Tanu:Let it be but finally we got a job and that too same office.

Ritik is working with Rishi and Ranveer.

Rishi:Let’s take a break.

Ritik:No Rishi we will not take break now directly tomorrow we will take break.


Ritik:Tomorrow at night I will keep a party.


Ritik smiles a little


Rishi and Ranveer gets happy.

At morning Ishani,Tanu and Shivanya goes to their boss cabin.

Ishani:Sir see this file.

Ishani shows the file to Ranveer

Ishani:You have sign on this file.

She gives him the paper and he signs

Ranveer:Listen Ishani

Ishani:Yes sir

Ranveer:You will call me by my name not sir.

Ishani:But you are my boss.

Ranveer:You have to listen to me.


She is about to go but Ranveer says


Ishani:Yes sir

Ranveer:Today my brother is keeping party for all office workers so you have to come.

Ishani:Okay sir.

Rishi is doing some office work and Tanu comes to him

Tanu:Rishi sir there is some work

Rishi:No I will not listen to you

Tanu:Why sir?

Rishi:Because you can’t call me sir you have to call me Rishi only.


Tanu gives him some files and Rishi reads it and signs it and says

Rishi:Tanu I want you that today at night you come in party which is in our house and you have to come.

Tanu agrees and leaves from there.

Ritik is shouting one of the employee.Shivanya is standing there and thinks

Shivanya:How much rude Ritik sir is.Yesterday he took a holiday now sir is telling that he will suspend him.

Ritik:You are suspended.

Employee:But sir

Ritik:Just get out of my office!!!

The employee leaves

Ritik:Shivanya just bring that file

Shivanya takes the file and gives it to Ritik

Ritik sits on his chair and reads the paper when he remembers about the party.

Ritik:Shivanya you have to come to my house tonight

Shivanya:Why sir?

Ritik:Because tonight party is there at my house so you have to come.

Shivanya:Okay sir

At night the party starts and Ritik,Rishi and Ranveer talks something with each other when Ishani,Tanu and Shivanya comes to the party.

Ishani comes to Ranveer.

Ishani:Ranveer what was need of calling me to the party

Ranveer:Ishani I told you that all the worker have to come the party.Come dance with me on the floor.

Ranveer extends his hand and Ishani keeps her hand on his and both go to dance floor.

Rishi:Tanu come know let’s dance

Tanu:I don’t know how to dance

Rishi:No probs I will teach you.

Rishi and Tanu goes on floor.

Tanshi and I sheer starts dancing romantically on song tere liye.

Ritik is on phone when he bumps into Shivanya and she is about to fall but Ritik catches her hand and they have an eye lock.

Tanshi and Ishveer are lost in each others eyes.

The screen frozen in Tanshi,Ishveer and Rivanya.

Precap:Ritik and Rishi to meet with an accident and Unknown person to shoot Ranveer.


  1. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    ritik is so short tempered.y is he different from his brothers?Is there any reason?Ishveer Tanshi dance on tere catching shivanya n preventing from her falling n eye lok was very romantic

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