Love Cannot Die (Episode 2)

Next day Ishani,Tanu and Shivanya reaches Bedi enterprises.Receptionist tells them to go in three different cabin.

Shivanya goes to Ritik’s cabin,Tanu goes to Rishi’s cabin and Ishani goes to Ranveer’s cabin.

Two boys in the office talks

1st boy:Yaar this Ishani and Tanu can get secretary of Rishi and Ranveer sir but Shivanya will have many difficulties to become secretary of Ritik sir.

Tanu goes to Rishi’s cabin and knocks the door

Tanu:May I come in sir?

Rishi:Yah of course

Tanu enters the cabin.

Rishi:Why are you not sitting on chair?

Tanu:Sir because you dint told me to sit.

Rishi:But I am telling you sit down.

Tanu sits on chair.

Rishi:So can I know your good name?

Tanu:My name is Tanu.

Rishi:Your surname?

Tanu:Actually I am a orphan.

Tanu gets sad

Rishi:I am sorry for what all happened.

Tanu:It’s okay sir.

Tanu gives Rishi her papers Rishi reads it and says

Rishi:So you are really well educated.I was finding like you girl only you are selected.

Tanu gets happy.

Ishani enters Ranveer’s cabin.

Ishani:Good morning sir.

Ranveer turns to her and falls for her.

Ranveer:Good morning

Ishani:I am Ishani

Ranveer:And I am Ranveer.Sit down

Ishani sits on chair.

Ishani:Israel I came here for the interview of personal secretary.

Ranveer:You are selected.

Ishani gets confuse.

Ranveer:I mean show your paper if I will think you are good then you are selected.

Ishani gives the paper to Ranveer but he session only some and says she is selected.

Ishani gets happy and leaves from there.

Shivanya knocks the door of Ritik’s cabin.

Ritik:Come in

Shivanya:Sir I have came for the interview of personal secretary.

Ritik:Sure first sit and show your papers.

Shivanya sits on chair and shows the paper and Ritik says

Ritik:You are well educated but will ask one question.

Shivanya:Yes sir ask

Ritik stand from his sit and asks

Ritik:If we get lock in this cabin and no one is there in the office then what will you do?

He is able to see a Astonishing Shivanya.

Shivanya:Sir……I will


Shivanya:Sir I will try hard to come out.

Ritik:Okay then you are selected.

Shivanya is not very much happy and leaves his cabin.

All the three arrive to a coffee shop.

Tanu:Guys I got selected.Rishi sir is really a warm hearted person.

Ishani:Ranveer sir too is a nice sir.

Shivanya is lost in so.easy thoughts.

Tanu:Shivanya how is Ritik sir?

Shivanya:Ritik sir is very unusual.

Ishani:Dint understood.

Shivanya:You know he asked if we both will get lock in cabin and no one will be there in the office then what will I do.

Tanu:How can anyone ask this question?

Ishani:But what you answered?

Shivanya:I told I will try to go out.

Precap:Ritik to give party for his employees and all who works in office.Ishveer and Tanshi dance.Rivanya moments.


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