Love Cannot Die (Episode 1)


Hi guys I am Siddhi back with new ff on ishveer,tanshi and rivanya.

Ranveer Bedi:He is a playful boy and loves his brothers.

Ritik Bedi:He is a little rude but good by heart and loves his brothers.

Rishi Bedi:He is like Ranveer only and loves his brother.

Ishani:She is an orphan and loves her friends a lot.

Shivanya:She is also an orphan and loves her friend.

Tanu:She is too an orphan and lives her friend Ishani and Shivanya.

Rishi and Ranveer are seen in Bedi interprises.

Rishi:Ranveer where is Ritik?

Ranveer:He is in conference room in a important meeting.

Ritik comes there

Ritik:Don’t talk while working.

Ritik comes there.

Rishi:Okay but what about to meeting?

Ritik:Meeting got successful.Finally we got this contract.It was the biggest contract.

Ranveer:Now can we get holiday of 2 days?


Rishi:But Ritik we got a very big deal then we can get a holiday

Ritik:No no one will get holiday.

Ritik goes from there.

Ranveer:This Ritik is really a jalad.

Rishi:A big jalad.

Three girls are seen in a small house.They are Ishani,Shivanya and Tanu.

Tanu:Ishani and Shivanya we have to find a job.

Shivanya:Yeah or else we will have nothing

Ishani:We should start finding a perfect job for us.

Tanu takes the news paper and tries to find a job.



Tanu:In Bedi Interprises three girls are needed as there are three boss in the company so three personal assistant are needed.

Ishani:Okay so will go there only for interview.

Precap:Ishani,Shivanya and Tanu reaches Bedi Interprises.

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  1. Nandana


    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Nandana

  2. Nice. Keep it up my frnd.

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ranveer

  3. Very gud Epi. I can guess some intresting story in it. Plz update d next soon

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks vansh

  4. Nice start keep it up keep rocking…waiting for ur first epi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and this is 1st episode only

  5. It’s fantastic

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      Thanks Shreyaa but I don’t know you?

  6. Hi Siddhi I am happy that you are back btw starting episode was nice waiting for the next ?

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      Thanks neelam

  7. jasmine Rahul

    3 nice couples in one ff.i’m excited.3 brothers.ranveer n ritik r diff from the image in their serials.guess d 3 orphan friends will join bedi company.waiting 4 their meeting

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks jasmine

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