love can solve the mystry (epi-2)


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recap-swasan raglak marriage
swasan room
sanskar enter the room but didnt see swara then he go to balcony their also she didnt find her then he hear shower sound so he understand she is in washroom then he hear her sound as she is playing with water
sanky-crazy girl……..move toward balcony…and see the decortion …..close his eyes and think
flash back start
sanskar cabin
sanky pa-sir our company is going on continues loss if we didnt get raichand contract our company may suffer heavy loss which may lead to shut down
sanky-who is their approval manager
pa-shekhar gadodiya….but he is will not do anything without his benifit
sanky-okay i will see him
sanky pa goes laksh comes crying
sanky-what happen
laksh-ragini dad refused to get ragini married to me because he know me as gangster working for raghuveer verma but i cant say that i am an undercover cop
sanky -relax i will talk to him who is her dad
laksh-shekhar gadodiya.
laksh hugs sanky- i cant live without her bro
sanky- i am their for u dont worry…laksh goes
sanky-shekhar gododiya
later he goes to shekhar and informs about laksh and talk regarding tender
shekhar-okay if i agree whats my benifit
sanky-what u want
shekhar-what u have that would give me…….u have to marry my secnd swara so i agree both matter and i dont want u to keep u in dark she is mental patient
sanky-in helplessness agree
flashback end
sanky come back room and see swara wearing his night dress
sanky-its mine
swara-know its my
sanky-u sleep i have some work
swara by holding her teddy lies on bed and sanky searching for his document and then he start working on lappy by talking on phone by which swara cant sleep
swara-cant u keep ur voice low
sanky-swara i have complete my work and detail is my pa
swara-keep your voice low
after sometime he gain higher his tone two-three tym swara warn hi but he forget so swara takes out knief which is kept in fruit jar kept near her and comes toward sanky…sanky shocks and cut the call
swara-i am telling u from one hour keep ur voice low
sanky-try to say but he cant because of sudden shock
swara- sing sang in loud voice
swara show knief to him so he start singing in very bad voice swara close her ear by her pam
swara-shut up u behsure kauwe
sanky-u told me to sing na (innocently)
swara-okay go and sleep
sanky-i have some work
swara-if i hear your voice again i will through u out
swara turn sanky phone ring and he start to talk forgeting swara warning then he all of sudden remember and turn and see swara with pillow and bedsheet
swara comes hold sanky hand and put knief near his neck
swara through him out and then his lappy sanky catch it and pillow and bedsheet then close the road
sanky-sanskar at first night only she throw u out of your room that day also come when see through me out of this house and he goes to guest room
in morning�??
sanky goes to his room and see swara in his capree and t-shirt
sanky-today is ur pagphere we have to go to janki maa na so u have to wear saari or suit its traddition
swara-then u wear it you will look cute
sanky-no way
then ragini comes with medicine and milk to swara and gives to swara she have it and sleep
sanky-why she is sleeping
ragini-they are heavy medicine thats why ..dont worry she get up in half an hour
sanky-okay and goes to washroom
ragini see swara sleeping and goes near her and sit and cares her hair
ragini-i know swara i did wrong but this only way to keep u with me i love u shona i know i never shown my concer to you…but i promise will always be their for you and goes
sanky hear all this and smile later they have their bf sujata feed swara with her hand swara eats like kid
they four sit in car sanlak in front and swaragini in back seat
sanky-lucky concentrate on road ..i know ur wife is looking beautiful
lucky-yes bhai…..she is beautiful but not more then your sleeping beauty
sanky see swara who was sleeping holding her teddy they reach baadi raglak goes to sumi and shekhar house and sanky hold his sleeping beauty in his arm takes her to janki..
sanky-maa i bring her as i taken her
janki-smile come son and wakes up swara
sanky for attending call goes out mean while janaki and swara talk swara tells about how she kick out sanky
janaki-its wrong swara ..he is your husband you should respect him and care for him
swara-okay mamma
at dinner tym
janaki and serve food to both and goes to kitchen she didnt sit them because today is her fast
sanky comes and sit he see chocolate and a note beside his plate he open the note its written sorry for throughing u out and raise his eye and see swara holding her ears and say sorry
snky-smiles and say its okay
swara feel happy and kiss his cheeks sanky shocks and blushes later they have their dnr then they goes to swara room
sanky-by seeing the room….waoo swara who decorated your room
sanky-really you are great
swara-okay sleep
at mid night open his eyes and see swara is lying on his chest hugging tightly he smiles and sleep

at a isolated bunglow with many guards
a man-sir informtion is true laksh is under cover cop
raghav-(he is right hand of gajendera the don) tomorrow evening he will return from inlaws their i will ill him in his way
man-their will be his family
raghav-if they came in my way they have to die

in baadi
ray of sun falls on swasan …sanky open his eyes and see swara sleeping by hugging him he try to get up but swara tight her grip
sanky-your not going to leave me
swara-mom sleep na
sanky- i am not your mom i am yor husband whom your crushing from yesterday night
swara-open her eyes and see sanky…superman
sanky-yeah but dont ask where is my red chaadi
swara-your off duty na
sanky-ahhhhh and goes to washroom
then janaki make swara ready in blue anarkali suit and teach her how to carry it
sumi-ragini ready fast you have to go temple na
ragini-mom i am ready……. she comes down wearing red saari and take blessing laksh do the same
sumi-bless both ….and looks out
raglak understand for what she is looking
ragini-she will forgive u all one day
sumi-i am waiting for that day
later they have their breakfast and goes toward car and move to temple
ragini-where is jiju and swara
laksh -they reach directly at temple…ragini can i ask u something
ragini-you want to know what made swara mad ,why she hate mom dad,,,why she denote them as uncle aunty
ragini-swara was not like this is a fu loving caring girl she loves dad very much buti dont know what happen to her that she break ever relationship with him 6 yrs ago and leave us then before 2yr we came to know about her accident and her mental condition
laksh-it means no one knows about the reason behind her condition
ragini-one person know about her swara frnd her name is some uttra
laksh-where she know
ragini-she is missing
laksh-everything will be fine….yeah my sister is coming tomorrow from coinsidently her name is also uttra
ragini-okay i will do all the arrengement
laksh-i know……temple comes
swasan waiting for them and raglak comes all four do puja and they are returnig to mm its evening time …in btw they were attacked by raghav and his gaons they pull out laksh and start beating him
sanky-swaragini u both sit here do comes out
ragini-panikly yes jiju
sanky comes and beat the goans who were holding laksh hand then he also beat them then raghav comes with rod and hit sanky .laksh see it and he kick raghav so he fall laksh takes rod and hit him and then comes toward sanky but goans comes and beat him by seeing it ragini comes out to help them but one goan slap her she also falls know swara comes out run toward sanky
swara-superman get up what happen to you
goans are coming toward swara …..ragini is unconcious sanlak is helpless because they were seriously injured
sanky-shouts swara run away
swara-why superman
sanky-in anger because i told u
laksh-bhabhi run that monsters are coming
swara starts to run but goans catch her
laksh-leave them ur rivalry is with me
goan-that boss will decide
raghav gets up and see laksh helplessness and laugh like a mad then all of a sudden his laughing face turn to fearful face then terrible face by seeing something or someone he starts to run extreme fear is visible in his face by running without concentration he hitted by the truck and died on the spot and his goan run away
sanlak is confused later rags gain conciousness and take sanlak to hospital

what u think swara frnd sanlak sister is same?????
why raghav fear or from whom he feared
recap-dp and rp refuse to take care of swara……..their masti in pub …..uttra arrival

Credit to: unknown

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