love can solve the mystry (epi-3)

thnx friends for ur support
recap-attack on swaragini and sanlak
in hospital
sanky gain conciousness and search for swara but she is not their so he gets up to search her he looks her in laksh ward their raglak is talking so without disturbing them he move out then start search her then in last he walk to doctor cabin their he hear swara voice he enter doctor cabin their he see swara seating in doctor chair
swara-your reports has come
patient-what happen
swara-oh my god
patient-fearfully what it say
swara-i am sorry to say
patient-tears comes in his eyes
sanky looking in shock
swara-you have to come here in early
sanky and patient looking swara with shocking face
swara-your stomach bones where broken
patient-started crying swara consolving him sanky burst out and laugh and comes in
sanky-sorry sir she is my wife she is not doctor
patient-but my report
sanky-sir in stomach their is no bones …..and take swara from their to his ward
in morning they four reach mm
all ask about injury laksh tell everything later sanlak go to thier office and all ladies accept swara ready for shopping so ap request dp to take care of swara he refused
so sfe told swara to be in room
after all goes dp rp started drinking and commenting about their wife which is recorded by swara and comes toward them
swara-i will to maa and mom
dp-plzz dont
swara-i will
rp-do u like in his age your dad’s were picked out and your mom’s marry another people
dp-plz think about that child
swara-okay then dance with me
all three starting dancing on jhalak dikhla ja rp dancing as heroine and dp as emran three of them dance and enjoy then all member comes and shock to see the seen
dp-feeding food swara by his hand and rp is making her hair
rp-what only u have the right to tae care of her
all shocking nodes and go
dp and rp breath in relief
flash back
while dancing rp -i will get something to eat he goes in kitchen through window see all are coming so reach out nd tell it to dp so they hide everything and act
later in night sanlak gone in bar with his frnds their theytalk about the quality tym spent with their wifes and encourage sanky to take next step and made him drin more
after an hour sanlak reach home
laksh-all the best bhai
sanky-thnx bro and leave to their respected rooms
raglak room
laksh-ragini your looking like a princess
ragini -thnx
laksh-are u ready to take over marriage to next level
ragini-blushes and nodes in yes
laksh comes to her and give a kiss on her forehead and pick her in his arms and place in bed comes above on her and kiss her lips passionately then light off
in swasan room
sanskar comes in and see swara sleeping in bed and look at her desirefully and comes to bed and see swara rosy lips then he place his lips on her by this swara wake up and struggle to free herself but all effort goes in vain then sanky apart swara get up and run toward the door but sanky hold her hand and twist it back and pin her to wall and again kiss her hungryly then take her to bed and tear her dress and forcefully intimating with her
15 mint later sanky comes out wet ap see him
ap-what happen beta
sanky-its hot na so for cooling i wet myself
ap-you feel hot in ac room
sanky- ur daughter-in- law breaken the ac remote
ap-i may help u
sanky-no mom its okay
ap-but how is your eyes swallon
sanky-by playing with lucky
ap-oh god when u will grow up go and sleep
sanky goes to guest room and lock it
sanky-(crying like kid)mummy its can she beat her husband like his mummy
sanky is forcefully intimating with swara …..swara get some flashback and the swara hit sany head with her so he get up and swara also and then given two punch in face and then his stomach sanky try to defence but swara hold his hand hit his back with her elbow and take him to washroom fill the bucket with water and put sanky face in it and takes out do it four five tyms so the effect of alchol goes and show him knief
swara-get out …this is trailor only the film will be more worse then it
sanky -run out of room
flashback ends
in morning
all having breakfast laksh see sanky face swallon
lucky-what happen to u
ap-as if you dont u both never change na
dp-u are grown up married man do fight wih each other
laksh to sanky-when did i hit u…..leave hows ur night
sanky-that night effect is this …only she has lost her mind but she is black belt in judo karate
swara comes down and see sanky what happen to her all of sudden she became violent ragini try to control her sanky laksh adarsh try to hold her ragini takes injection butswara pull her at that tym uttra comes
uttra-whats happening here
all turn to her all became happy as she is coming after 4 yrs swara became normal and smile seeing uttra ragini see it and think is this same uttra….but by seeing swara uttra face turn into fearful face
ap-hugs uttra and tells about swara condition
uttra-fakes smile and say its okay and have breakfast
all talk with uttra and uttra became normal after knowing swara condition at night
uttra room
she is sleeping she wakes up by some sound and see swara sitting in sofa
uttra-what are u doing her bhabhi (fearfully)
uttra and swara talk for sometimes and then swara goes to her room and sleep
same night
laksh phone ring it show private no.
caller-mr maheshwari congrats for marrying your love lady
laksh-who are you
laksh-really bad joke i didnot feared of anything
caller -that i seen when u are dealing with raghav
laksh-who are u what u want
caller-laksh an honest officer workin under cover never did anything agaist law but did cheating with your duty
laksh-what u wanna say
caller-u hide the information that uttra is a drug dealer she was the one who given the drugs to school students
laksh-how u know
caller-dont ask stupid questions ……i am giving you a challenge if you have a gutts save your sister
laksh-from u …..who does not gutts to say her name
caller-the queen of underworld ……..i back and cut the call
laksh call someone to know about rajat he came to know someone killed him and make certain calls
in morning
all were doing pooja accept uttra so laksh is worried for him he decide to check herout as he step in stairs cbi officers with narkotics comes
laksh-what happen sir
dcp-your sister uttra were is she
ap-in her room
dcp-call her
sanky-whats the matter sir
dcp-say your sister is drug dealler she is the culprit who given drugs to school students
dp-its not possible
acp-we have proof yesterday soeone has send this proof to us
sanky-its trap for my sister
dcp-we have clarify it and its true so officer arrest her
officer goes to her room and see its messed up as some struggle happen and utra is missing in her lagage packet of drugs is found they came down and inform it all ..all mm became shock lash standing like statue
dcp-laksh if she didnt surrender we have to issue warrant
all officers goes
dp-what is happening here
rp-why are u silent laksh
laksh-they saying truth
suji-slap him and cry holding him…why u dont told us
laksh-i thought i will change her but i am wrong
next day in new a girl dead body is found which is very condition
reporter- she has been killed cruely its confired she is uttra daughter of rp
all mm became shock and cry
laksh get the call from privete no
callerwhat u thought i am jokin i win the bet bye cut the call
laksh on floor and cry

why uttra feared by swara and why swara became happy by seeing uttra
who called laksh
who killed uttra
recap-ragini douth on janki……swasan date

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