love can solve the mystry (epi-1)


hi friends i am a silent reader i thought to write a story if you dont like say it i will stop writing it
here is a story

in marriage hall
It is decorated very beautifully ….two mandap were their in which our heroes sanskar and laksh is sitting……….. laksh is eagerly waiting for his bride otherside sanskar is sitting with lots of feeling rather than happiness from his face its clear he is not ready for such big looking to his face ap comes to him
Ap-sanskar beta are u sure u want to marry her ..its your life dont do this i will apologies everyone
sanky-no maa i have to do it…. look at laksh how happy he is …from my one wrong step his happiness willl fade away
ap-beta in life everyone need the support of life partner but swara……its because of shekhar and her daughter swara ur life is going to distroy
sanky-maa in all this swara is innocent .a pure hearted girl today is our marriage but she dont know the meaning of marriage also because…
ap-because she is mental patient …..having the mind of 6yr old child
sanky-mom relax plzz guest are seeing us
ap-okay i am thereif u need aything call me ….she goes
guest says look brides are coming
firstly ragini comes wearing pink lehanga she is looking stunning laksh see her and mismerise while ragini comes near mandap laksh comes and forward his hand and ragini gives her hand and comes laksh made her sit both look each other and smile …………then comes swara in red lehanga holding a teddy bear laughing taking to her friends(her friends were children) clapping by seeing her guest starts to gossip she comes near mandap and sit near priest
priest-child your marriage is not with me its with this young man
swara-what my marriage …no uncle its my teddy marriage with his doll
sanskar -shocks and looks toward shekhar with disguisting and angry look
sumi-swara beta come and sit their with him
swara-no i will not …u go bad auntie
shekhar-go and sit their
guest starts to gossip so ragini stand but priest stop her saying its not good
shekhar forcefull make swara stand by seeing it sanky blood is boiling but control it …..ap comes to swara
ap- smiles and lovingly cares her face and say beta go and sit with him he is your hero …..bride of your teddy is saying if you come to our house then only marry your teddy
swara-really aunty i will sit with him and give kiss on ap cheeks and sit with sanskar
swara to sanky-where is ur red chadii
swara-aunty told your my hero… hero is superman he wear that
sanky-he controll his laugh and say i am off duty today
priest say to stand for phere raglak start their phere but swara moving in different direction so its creating problem so sanky hold swara hand and doing phere but swara tried to free her hand sanky tight his grip (no intension to hurt her) swara final bit his hand
sanky-u devil and hold her in his arm and started completing round while swara is bussy in holding his nose or play with his sehera
priest-sit down

sanky places her back to her seat swara pull his checks
swara-ur so strong superman…..u will save me from that bad auntiee and uncle na…by making innocent face
sanky-thinks why is she denoting her parents as uncle aunty….yes swara i will (give angry look to shekhar)
and later priest say to make wear mangalsutr to bride laksh made ragini wear the mangalsutr and sanky too then laksh fill ragini hairline with sindoor and sanky also fill swara hairline after filling swara hairline swara also fill sindoor in sanky head
sanky-shockingly looks at swara
swara-in anger u put color in my head and nose na tit for tat show tongue to him
ap and sujata happy to see sanky smiling
sujata-what ever is this girl but she can bring smile on my son face thats enough for me
ap-yes sujata
marriage completed and priest annouce them as husband and wife
swaras friends-shona come food is very taste lets have dinner
swara-okay lets go …..swara remove her veil because its irritating her she step out of mandap while raglak is taking blessing
shekhar hold swara arm tightly
shekhar-where u are going
swara-leave me bad uncle…..i am hungry….leave me its hurting me
Shekhar raise his hand to slap her………sanskar shouts
Sanskar-dont u dare to touch my wife shekhar gadodiya…I didn’t say anything before because she is ur daughter at that tym but know she is my wife no relationship with u……..leave her
shekhar-shocks and leave swara’s hand
Swara-run from their with her friends
Then voice comes from behind shekharrrr all turn and see janki
Janki- comes and give tight slap to shekhar
Sumi- Jan…sumi not able to complete her word she also get tight slap
Ragini-maa listen to us

Janki- don’t u dare to call me maa for marrying your love u agree with shekhar
shekhar-she is my daughter i will decide what is good for her
sumi-she is married how long we can be their for her
janki-shout up u bustard i have gone out for only 1 week u didnt able to manage her for one week….and what u said you both are her parents then also cant make her to call mom and dad
ragini-mom how long u manage that gone also have life live without any burden
janaki-raginiii she is my daughter …i can take care of her for my whole life……and for ur confort u destory this boy life
sumi-he married by his will
janaki-i know how he agreed
ap-dont worry janaki from today she has three mothers
sanskar-i will take care of him mom
swara comes running by seeing janaki comes and hug her
swara-mom u came i missed u they beated me
janaki- dont worry your mom came na….u had ur food
swara-yes …come u have some thing i make ur plate
janaki- beta mumma is not hungry
swara-what happen are u all right
janaki-yes beta ….u have to go with him na so i have to do preparation
swara-start crying why mom why what i did u sendig me
janaki-ur superman need some one take care na
swara-then u
sanky-she will come to meet us and us we visit us
swara-okay and run to play
sanky assure janaki regarding swara at vidai tym ragini hugs everyone she came to janaki to hug but janaki jerk her and search for swara after sometimes she find swara sleeping with kids janki sits besides her and cares her hair sanky comes and take janki blessing and permission to take swara
janki nodes in yes .sanky pick her in his arm and take her to care and ake her sit and he sit beside her .swara in sleep hugs sanky tightly
they reach mm
swara wakes up all guest are seeing her as eighth wounder of world which make swara fear so she hide behind sanky .ap tells sanky to take her to room

recap- reason why sanskar agree to marry swara…swara kick out sanky from room….ragini cares toward swara

Credit to: unknown

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  11. Reason is that raglak r in relationship when laksh family approached for thr marriage to godadia but shekhar not agreed for it 1st later of some words finally he put a word of if thr another maheshwari willing to marry swara then he agree for raglak so for laksh happiness sanskar agreed for this marriage & it take place in with a week…

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