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Chinki was about to get up when felt a grip on her waist holding her ; She turned her head and looked at other side to found cherry sleeping with an evil smirk on his face making her feel more disgusting ?

She removed his hand from her waist ; wrapped herself in duvet properly and with great difficulty walked toward’s door and slightly opened it to find a maid there..

Before Chinki could say anything maid asked her to get ready in the saree which Anita had sent by her and come down..

Chinki without saying anything took Saree and left for the washroom ; as she entered the washroom and closed the door whilst keeping Saree on shelf..

Chinki opened the Shower tap and sat with thud on floor breaking out in tear’s remembering what happened last night..


As Chinki slept on floor itself crying on her fate ; Unknown to the worst coming ahead ?

It was almost 3 : 00 at dawn when heard a knocking sound on door which broke her Sleep making her scared..

She opened the door with a slight fear ; as the door opened there was standing Cherry with an evil smile and drunk..

Cherry came in little stumbling and walked toward’s Chinki making her scare and held her hair in a mighty hold making her wince in pain..

C:Buhat shauk haina tujhe Apni behen ko bachane ka! Tumhari wajah se meri twinkle uss Kunj ki hogayi

(Huh! Iski toh ?)

Now pay for it Chinki! U will pay worst for it ?

Cherry pushed her on bed and came on top of her and forced himself on her whilst Chinki was trying to push him and was crying but he was holding her hand’s in a mighty hold..


Chinki composed herself somehow and got ready in Saree given by Anita and with help of make-up hid those red mark’s given by cherry..

Her eye’s were swollen and red due to crying but put up on a fake mask of being ok..

Chinki opened the door and found cherry standing infront of washroom with an evil smirk ; Chinki tried to go but cherry blocked her way and pinned her to wall holding her jaws tightly with his right hand and said..

C:This is just the start MRS CHINKI LUTHRA ? U have to pay more worst than it..

& Haan get ready by evening ! (With Anger) Cause we have to go in Ur sister’s so called reception as all the Buisness men are invited ! It’s just due to U ? If U hadn’t came between us! She would have been mine

Saying this cherry left the room whilst tears made their way through confine of her eye’s thinking how her life went upside down within two day’s ?


Bebe ; Leela ; Usha along with Uv and Aman were looking after arrangement and thing’s that would be required for the reception as TWINJ RECEPTION was to be held in their New Five Star Hotel instead of house..

After checking after all the thing’s even Bebe; Usha and Leela goes to get ready whilst Aman and Uv hurried up themselves as they have to pick all the ladies from parlour and then everyone will be leaving for Reception Venue..

Everyone was ready ; All the couples were colour coded complementing eachother..

Mahi and Ruhi both was wearing a purple and white floral gown whilst Uv and Yuvaan was wearing white tuxedo with purple shirt looking a perfect happy family ?

Amaya was wearing beautiful blue and silver gown whilst Aman and Amar were dressed in blue tuxedos with white shirt’s complementing Amaya ?

Mehbeer were also colour Cordinated and was wearing combination of Green and White ?

Elder’s were wearing a combination of beige with different colour as selected for them respectively ?

Whilst Bubbly was wearing a pretty knee length dress looking gorgeous and Rajbeer was dressed in Mehroon tuxedo..

Twinkle’s dress :

Twinkle’s Earring’s:


(I know it don’t match Earring’s but imagine it with combination silver and same colour as of Earring’s ?)

Her wrists adorned with her wedding Chura and neck adorned with her Mangalsutra..

Her hair tied in beautiful bun revealing her bare back ; Her tattoo visible ; She was looking Stunning whilst our hottie was no less..

He was claded in black tuxedo with same shirt of pink shade as Twinkle’s dress complementing her..

Kunj’s dress :

What do you think?

Everyone left for Venue in their car’s as Ushar ; Yuhi ; LeeRt ; Amya ; Mehbeer and TWINJ..

Whilst Bubbly , Rajbeer and Bebe came by one car..

They reached Sarna & Taneja Hotel one by one ; Media was gathered all around to get the glimpse of TWINJ as they were the Power Couple in News and Magzine these day’s..

And moreover how twinj were working since last six month’s and their success was gaining attention..

They weren’t as successful as their parent’s but surely their hard work was being noticed how they were establishing them selves on their though they were children of Two of Biggest Buisness Man of India..

Every couple one by one came out of car hand in hand and media was just clicking their pics and no less their useless question’s about Chinki and Cherry’s wedding..

They were well aware that these question’s will arise but they choose to be quite on these question’s for now and ignore them..

Finally the wait was over and our heavenly Couple TWINJ arrived ; Their hand’s intertwined and smiles adorning their faces..

Media surrounded them though their bodyguard’s tried to stop them ; Media was questioning one over one when one of the person asked the question which didn’t just shocked TWINJ but other media people too..

R:Mr Sarna! We have heard that Mrs Sarna’s Sister Chinki was in Love with U ? Is it true ?

TWINJ were numb to react as they were unaware of it and don’t know itself what he was talking about..

(Remember na Chinki never let anyone know about her feelings regarding Kunj to anyone)

But then they saw Cherry standing behind Media people along Chinki with smirk who was looking down all the time..

They got to knew it was all his plan so ; anger rose in Kunj and it could easily be felt by twinkle so she squeezed his hand to assure him to be keep calm now and everything will be Ok..

They very smartly answered that person embarrassing the reporter itself..

K:Might be (shocking everyone) But in Ur dreams ??

Stop raising false accusations ! If U don’t find any news than stop assuming and asking false thing’s (with a tinge of anger)

TWINJ excused them and went ahead whilst anger rose on cherry this time seeing his plan failed once more..


(Hope U people like the Selection ?)

(For Twinkle’s dress ! Thank U Aamu and Sam for helping me ☺☺ Love U people ??)

(Ok ok Enough of My Bakbak ?? Let’s get back to the episode ??)

Light’s focused on the entrance where our hottie couple was standing in hand in hand with beautiful smile adorning their Lip’s..

They were just PERFECT with eachother ! Just like match made in heaven ??

TWINJ walked inside as Yuhi and Mehbeer came and took them inside..

They were then introduced to some of Buisness colleagues by RT & MANOHAR..

Reception was on Full Swing ; Slight soothing music played in background making environment a bit romantic and perfect ❤

After sometime bubbly and Rajbeer gained everyone’s attention..

B:Hello ladies and gentlemen ? Welcome to the reception of my twinkle di and Kunj jiju ?

R:It’s are pleasure to have you people here! But don’t you people think it’s getting boring here ?

B:Yeah Bhaiyu! Let’s have an energizing dance performance by Abeer Bhai and Meher di..

R:Yeah! So here U go (pointing toward’s dance floor)

Light’s went off just that light was focused on Mehbeer and our TWINJ who stood to watch there performance..

Mehbeer had a romantic dance on Falak Tak from TASHAN..

That was soon followed by Yuhi who performed on BAARISH from Half Girlfriend!

After the Yuhi finished dancing Rajbeer and bubbly again came back with Mic..

R: Dance performances will continue but don’t u people think that this night is incomplete without the Newly Wedded Couple dance ??

B:Right Bhaiyu! So..

Both moved toward’s TWINJ and took them to dance floor along them..

Light’s went dim and Lag Ja Gale played in background ?

(My Favourite Song ❤❤)

(I have link to Song so will just focus on dance rather than lyrics and then steps)

TWINJ were standing facing eachother intensely looking into Eachother’s eye’s..

They stepped closer to eachother ; Twinkle rested her hand’s on Kunj’s Chest whilst his hand’s made their way toward’s her waist..

He pulled her more closer leaving no distance between them shiver ran down twinkle’s spine due to their proximity..

Kunj held her left hand on his chest and took that into his right and started moving according to it’s beat..

He twirled her around again and again and then pulled her in a back hug..

He lifted her upon his shoulders holding her by her waist and twirled around..

Their eye’s closed savouring the Moment smiling ? Kunj made her stand on her feet and turned her around..

Twinkle held Kunj’s hand and then bent backward only to be pulled by Kunj with a jerk such that her hand’s landed on his chest..

They shared a sweet eyelock when heard hooting sounds and realised song was over twinkle was blushing but kunj’s next movement made her overwhelmed and smile whole heartedly ..

He kissed her Forehead lovingly whilst she closed her eye’s savouring the Moment when Click!

Yes! The photographer captured that beautiful moment in his Camera..

Twinkle was now all red due to blushing whilst everyone in the hall was hooting except two people..

Cherry who was burning in anger and jealousy whilst Chinki smiled sadly thinking that atleast her sacrifice gave her sister the happiness she deserved..

Chinki was feeling like crying all time seeing the ignorance by her parent’s and Family whilst TWINJ haven’t met her yet cause of being busy with photo session or was made to meet relatives or colleagues by their family..

Photographer asked TWINJ for a couple shoot and they agreed whilst twinkle was desperate to see Chinki..

She was worried and wondering in which condition Chinki might be but wasn’t able to meet her..

Chinki moved from there and was going out of the venu when collided by Rajbeer and was about to fall when he held her at the nick of time..

Both were un noticed by people as their focus on TWINJ and media people were not allowed inside to avoid any kind of disturbance or mess..

They shared a painful eyelock ; their eye’s were filled with tears of helplessness ; anger ; hatred and love at the same time..

But soon Rajbeer broke the eyelock made Chinki stand and left without saying something within tears leaving teary eyed Chinki behind..

This was seen TWINJ who could notice unsaid thing’s and secrets between them and was determined to know that..

TWINJ moved toward’s Chinki ; Chinki saw them coming and was about to go to avoid them when twinkle held her hand and stopped her..


Why U did this when everything was planned?

Kunj was confused as about what plan twinkle was talking and asked..

K:What plan twinkle?

Twinkle was seemed tensed as how will Kunj react after knowing what she was going to do..

K:Bol na Twinkle..

C:Kunj! Not here.. Let’s talk outside..

TWINJ and Chinki went outside in Lawn of hotel without anyone’s notice and sat on a bench near the Fountain..

K:Now will U both speak up something (but impatient)

T:W..woh ku..kunj..

K:(sternly) Speak up twinkle..

T: Kunj


Here I End this Episode at Cliff Hanger??

Hope it was worth reading ?

Thank U so Much Everyone for making this birthday so special for me ??

I feel so blessed to have U people in my life ??

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