Love: Can it overcome all hurdles? part 4

Hey guys, really sorry for the wait actually my laptop crashed so i couldn’t update it. Even today it’s going to be quite short compared to the previous ones. Really sorry for that.

Thakur mansion:
They were on the dining table having dinner. Avni was signing Yuvi to say anything. Abhi noticed them and signed Yuvi what happened.
Yuvi:”papa, can i ask you something?”
Raj:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”actually i wanted to ask if i can pick up Avni everyday after school?”
Raj:”why? Sanya is there to do that”
Yuvi:”i know but bhabhi has a lot of work (she also works in their company) to do so i thought to help her”
Raj:”but you have the habit to go with your friends after college”
Yuvi:”yeah i would drop her first then go with them”
Sanya:”Yuvi, it’s not a problem for me. I can go if you can’t”
Yuvi:”no bhabhi, it’s ok”
Raj:”ok you can but no mistake in that. Don’t forget her or make her wait after school”
Yuvi:”promise, no mistake.”
Yuvi was smiling thinking that now he will be able to go with Sanju.

Next day:
In college:
Yuvi and his friends were in the parking lot sitting on the bonnet of their car. Sanju came there with Sameer, as he came to drop her.
In the car:
Sameer:”bye… take care”
Sanju sude hugged him and came out.
Sameet left.

Yuvi’s friend:”there is that girl of yesterday…”
Karan:”should we punish her for yesterday?”
Yuvi, staring at Sanju:”no guys, leave her. We won’t do anything.”
Karan:”but why?”
Yuvi told them that she is mute. They also felt bad and guilty.
Karan:”yaar, we should apologize to her…”
They all went to Sanju who startled seeing them at first.
Karan:”Sanjana, we are really sorry for yesterday, we didn’t know that…”
Sanju looked towards Yuvi while he bend his head down. She understood that he told them.

Sanju signed them that it was ok. Yuvi came there.
Yuvi:”there is still time for first period, you can join us to the cafeteria…”
Sanju, through note:”i need to go to the library…”
Yuvi:”ohh, come i will show you the way. Guys, i will see you afterwards”
His friends nodded yes and went away.
Yuvi and Sanju walked together.
Yuvi:”going to get books?”
Sanju nodded yes.

Yuvi:”here you are, ma’am. I will help you”
Sanju showed him the list of books and theu started searching for them.
Sanju found the last one but it was high on the shelf. She tried to get it but couldn’t.
Yuvi who came there saw her trying to jump to get the book. He smiled seeing her.
He came next to her to take the book. Sanju moved back once he touched her hand accidentally while taking the book.

Yuvi:”sorry, i didn’t do it intentionally.”
Sanju, through note:”plz, don’t touch me. I hate when someone touches me”
Yuvi was confused reading the note and looked at her with a questioning look.
Yuvi:”ok, i won’t touch you. Ok, relax”
He was confused but didn’t ask her.

They went to their class afterwards. All day went in classes. Yuvi was sometimes looking at Sanju in the class.

Sorry for short chapter. And hope you will like it

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    – Sally

    1. Zai

      Thanks Sally and again sorry for the wait

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