Love: Can it overcome all hurdles? part 3

so here is the third chapter… hope you will like it.

Soon the last period came to its end and Yuvi received a call.
Avni:”bhai, can you come to my school, plz?”
Yuvi:”ok but what happened?”
Avni:”teacher wanted to talk to someone from the family.”
Yuvi:”ok, i will come”
Avni school:
Yuvi reached there and rushed to Avni who was outside her class.
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”teacher? What did you do?”
Avni, cutely:”I didn’t do anything”
Yuvi, with questionable look:”didn’t do anything? Come on lets see”

They entered the office of the teacher like the staff room. There was the teacher who was waiting for them.

Yuvi:”hello ma’am, i am Avni’s brother. Why did you call me?”
Teacher:”you sit, we will wait for someone else then i will tell you.”
Yuvi said ok and stared at Avni signing her what happened. Even the teacher noticed it but didn’t say anything.
Then, the door opened and Samar came in pulling Sanju there.
(Samar and Avni are in same class)

Sanju and Yuvi were shocked to see each other.
Samar:”ma’am, she is my sister.”
Teacher:”plz sit…”
Sanju sat next to Yuvi and both stared at each other.
Teacher:”both of your siblings were fighting in the class, on the first day itself. Yuvi and Sanju both stared at their siblings.
Yuvi:”ma’am, you know that normally Avni doesn’t fight with anyone. Plz forgive her this time. She won’t do it again.”
Teacher:”ok. Sanjana, i know that Samar is not from here and he will take time to adjust, but that doesn’t mean he will fight.”

Samar:”ma’am, i am really sorry, I won’t. Plz forgive me. I will not fight with anyone else. I won’t give you opportunity to call my di again here”

Yuvi, to himself:”she could defend her brother a little bit.”
Teacher:”ok, fine. Sanjana, are you taking the responsibility that he won’t do that again.”
Sanju nodded yes.
Teacher:”yes or no?”
Samar:”ma’am, actually…. wo, my Sanju di cannot talk. She is mute”
(Yes she is mute, that is the thing i said that i will reveal later on. And that’s why she didn’t utter a word till now)

Yuvi was shocked hearing that.
Teacher:”oh, i am sorry. I didn’t know it”
Yuvi looked at her while Sanju tried to avoid him.
Teacher:”now that you both are taking the responsibility, i will give them another chance. Next time they will be punish if they fight again.”

Both Samar and Avni promised not to fight.
And they left from there.

Outside the office:
Yuvi was looking at Sanju. He was feeling bad as he didn’t know that she cannot speak.
Sanju hit Samar hand as if asking him to do something.
Samar understand her sister easily and apologized to Avni.
Avni:”it’s ok and i am sorry too”

They shake hand and as their classes were not yet over, they went back to the class, but before that Yuvi informed Avni that he will wait for her outside itself.
Even Sanju signed Samar same thing.

Sanju walked out of the school, Yuvi followed her.
Yuvi:”Sanju, listen to me.”
Sanju turned to him.
Yuvi:”listen, i am sorry for what i did in college. I mean I didn’t know that you are… you are mute. I wouldn’t have tell you to sing if i knew, i would have make you do something else.”

Sanju looked at him.
Yuvi noticed her and said:”what?”
Sanju took out a paper and a pen and wrote something and gave it to Yuvi.
Sanju, in the note:”ragging is a bad thing, you could have other ways to enjoy the first day…. and yeah thank you for not treating me differently as everyone do when they know that I can’t speak.”

(Yuvi said that he would make her do something else, if he said that he wouldn’t have rag her, she would felt bad as he would treat her differently just because of her disability)

Yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi:”listen, there is still one hour for their school to end, so there is a coffee shop there, would you have coffee with me?”

Sanju wrote something on the note again:”I don’t drink coffee, but let’s go, i will order another thing”
Yuvi:”lets go then”

They both went to the coffee shop and they ordered. Sanju showed Yuvi so that he can order.
Yuvi called Sanya to tell her that he will pick Avni as he is near her school, he didn’t tell her about the fight.

Yuvi to Sanju:”so London right?”
Sanju nodded yes.
Yuvi:”your life seemed perfect, i mean London, the most prestigious college, then why did you shift here?”
Sanju, through the note:”we had to shift because of Papa’s business.”
Yuvi:”yeah, i saw your family at the restaurant, you, your dad and Samar. What about your mom?”

Sanju was a bit upset thinking about her mom.
Yuvi saw her upset.
Sanju, through the note:”she is no more”
Yuvi:”oh i am sorry. Anyway, you will come every day to pick Samar from school?”

Sanju nodded yes.
Yuvi:”so we can come together, i mean i have to pick up Avni too.”
Sanju nodded yes.
They kept talking about some random things.
The waiter gave Yuvi the bill. Sanju took out money from her wallet but Yuvi stopped her.
Yuvi:”its ok, i will pay…”
Sanju, through a note:”i am neither your girlfriend nor your wife. So i will pay for myself.”
Yuvi:”ok, independent girl.”
Sanju smiled at him.
They came back to pick up Samar and Avni.

Yuvi:”we will drop you”
Samar:”no, we will go by ourselves. We will take cab”
Yuvi:”i can drop you, no problem”
Sanju held his hand.
Samar:”ok. Let’s go”

Yuvi brought them to his car. Samar explained him where they lived and he dropped them.
While returning home:
Avni:”bhai, you won’t tell anyone about what happened in school, right?”
Yuvi:”on one condition.”
Yuvi:”we will have to convince papa to let me pick you from school everyday.”
Avni:”why do you want to pick me up everyday?”

Yuvi:”if I don’t then your teacher will tell bhabhi what you did and then Papa will know and you will be scolded.”
Avni:”ok, but that’s the only reason?”
Yuvi thinks about Sanju:”yeah, why?”

Avni:”ok, but what will we do?”
Yuvi:”think we have time till dinner. Till then we will have to think something”

Malhotra mansion:
Samar:”di, don’t tell anything to Papa, plz”
Sanju nodded yes.
Samar:”love you”

They changed their clothes.
Samar:”di, i am hungry, let’s make something”
They went to the kitchen to prepare something and both ate it.

hope you will like it

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  1. awesome epi,it was sweet chappy

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      Thanks parul

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    Aww I just knew it Zai ^^ really like avni and samar they are so adorable…
    Want to know if sanju has a bad past? so that our hero will always be a shield for her..
    eagerly waiting Zai for the next chapter
    you’re doing a wonderful job :*

    1. Zai

      Thanks Sally. And you will soon get to know about Sanju’s past.
      Sorry want be able to update today as i am tensed for my results which is going today.

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