only love can heal the pain love has caused an ff by (episode 2)

So hi am rena back again with another episode so here it is

Gauri: ur saying that by marrying me ur doing a mistake u know what by marrying u I am doin a mistake will anyone marry an idiot like u who always says shayari which no one understands
Om: will anyone marry u who speaks like 24 hour radio
Gauri : Om!!
Om: it is better to marry ridhima (gyz on ma ff ridhima broke up with Om as he doesn’t want to be in a relationship)

Gauri on hearing this searches something there was paint and she just throw it at h
Om: what the
Gauri : go and marry that ridhima
Om:he can I marry hr ur my love and he hugs her
Gauri first was happy then understand that he did this to make paint in her dress
Gauri: u zulfi
Om: u radio
And they start fighting
Dadi: can u be quite tum done me shadhi ho nawale hai

Sholk and anika OK bye don’t start it emotional drama
And they leave
Morning oberoi mansion
Rudr: bhaiyya they have arrived
Shivaay : I will meet in office
Mehta industries

Anika : instructing the things to do
Shivaay enters the company
Zaira anika PA : sir this way please
Shivaay enters anikas cabin me board was not seeing bcz of some files
Anika was talking on phone
Shivaay POV: it is same as anikaas voice
Shivaay gets up and goes towards her
Anika turns and slips but shivaay has holded her both were shocked to see each other
Shivaay: anika

Anika stands straight
Anika: Mr oberoi
Shivaay : where were u anika
Anika : Mr oberoi u came here to sign the deal right by the way whoose marriage
Shivaay : Om and gauri
Anika: happy fr them
Shivaay: I am sorry anika
Anika : excuse me will u sign and get lost I have other meetings
Shivaay signs and was about to speal

Anika: oberoi u can go anyway I am nt going to cancel the deal so bye
Employee: WO kaam maine tujhe kaha did u finish it
Employee: mam I am dry its that ..
Anika: I don’t need any excuses ur fired

Shivaay is shocked by anikaas behavior
Anika leaves
Anika in car cries shivaay why did u came into my life again
But I am anika agnihotri I am strong
Anika phone rings
Sidharth: anika he wants to talk to u
Anika: aww mere baccha ansh
Ansh:mama mera chocolate
Anika : ha I am coming baba and chocolate is with me

So the episode ends here

hope u like it if not plz say I will stop ok bye

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