Love can happen anywhere, anytime, anyday (Chapter 1)


Hey guys this is swa _ _ _ and rag _ _ _ true fan. I am here with chapter 1. Tell me if its good and if i should continue.
Here is the link for intro.
This update is a short one.
And more more change sanskar is not flirty but he is lazy like Lucky.

Chapter 1
Scenes 1
@ Maheshwari Mansion
Three ladies are doing aarti. They are Ap, Sujata, pari They are giving prasad to three men. They are Dp, Rp and Adarsh.
Dp: where are your lazy sons?
Ap: they are sleeping.
Dp: go wake the up
Ap: ji( yes)
Ap: pari go tell them to wake up.
Ap and suj go to the kitchen.
Dp: main kya karu in nikammu ko.( he says this in funny way by keeping his hand on his forehand)
Rp: Pata nahi Sanskar ko kya ho gaya( don’t know what happened with Sanskar)
Dp: laksh ke saath voh bahut aalasee ban gaya hai( with laksh he has become so lazy)
Ap and Suj call them for breakfast

Scene 2
In lucky room

Pari: laksh, sanskar utho( wake up)
She said while entering
She is shocked and screams a little bit
Pari: what did you guys do to this room( she said while folding blankets)
The room was so messy. There was music playing. Lash and Sanskar clothes are on floor. Food wrappers on Coffee table.
On bed two handsome boys were sleeping.
Boy 1: Bhabhi you know right this is Laksh and Sanskar Maheshwari room
Boy 2: it can’t never be clean
Pari: first this is Laksh room
Boy 1: you know na Sanskar bhai is scared sleeping alone.
Yes the boy 1 is laksh and boy 2 is Sanskar.
Sanskar( sarcastically ): yeah
Pari; whatever wake up papaji said
Laksh: bhabhi woh Mr. Hitler toh bohot kuch karaat hai
Dp listened to it as he came to get a file.
Dp: ha you are right
Sanskar: Bhabhi what happened to your voice, it sounds like Mr. Hitler.
Laksh: yeah
Dp: nikammu( he screams that everyone come up)
Sanlak wakes up suddenly.
Laksh: Papa
Sanskar: bade papa
Dp: why papa and bade papa call me Mr. Hitler.
Sanlak look at each other.
Sujuta looks around and sees the room
Suj:what did you made this room to.
All looks around.
Dp: i want this room clean right now.
Laksh: Ji Mr. Hitler
Laksh bites his tongue
All are surprised
Sanskar: he means papa right Laksh?
Laksh: han han papa
Dp gives them a look
Sanlak get up and clean the room while everyone goes
The screen freezes when they are cleaning the room

Pre cap: Swaragini entry

Credit to: Swa_ _ _ and Rag _ _ _

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  1. interesting. plz make it swasan

  2. Yaaar its jz aweesome plzzz continue nd dont b comment concious as der vll b many lazy silent readrs(like me :-P) so plzzz nd haa in intro u tld dat sanskaar is dp’s son bt nw he z callng him as bade papa….!!!!!!” anyway plz post nxt part asap

  3. nice dear and plz continue

  4. its really interstging …
    waiting for next update
    please make it longer

  5. Swa _ _ _ and rag_ _ _ true fan

    Thank you for your support. And unknown it is a type mistake i wrote papa but idk why it says bade papa

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