Hi., Guys………I’m a big fan of, just thought some story…line for it

Madhubala is a beautiful story…so, i just don’t want to change complete story..but give some changes in it…

Now, According to my story line..R.k and Madhu loves each other truely , madly and deeply…R.k Madhu already get married like a perfect couple…and also consumated their marriage life….But, R.k betrays Madhu for her 4 slaps….

Madhu is totally heart broken..after R.k’s betrayal..but she want to fight with her situations for her Mom.. so, she continues her job and works as an Hair dresser in R.k’s movie….Though R.k troubles her so much but, Madhu faces her problems with courage….

Now, Madhu lives with her Mother and sister….and she trying to moved on in her Life……..


Madhu feels dizzy but ignores it..she finishes her work and having her chit chat with her colleagues… Suddenly, R.k enters and see’s Madhu ..he want to trouble madhu in any way..and tries to go near her..But, Madhu ignores him and leaves from there…

After sometime, during shot., Madhu suudenly get un consious…R.k get’s worried by seeing Madhu and carries her to his vanity and call’s Lady doc…

Lady doc.informs R.k and all to wait outside……. and starts cheking Madhu..Slowly, Madhu gains consious and looks at doctor , Doc say’s ” Congratulations Madhu..u r Pregnant!”. Madhu is hell shock lisening this..she didn’t understand anything and just sit as numb……

While doctor is leaving, Madhu stops her and say’s ” Doc.. plz don’t inform this matter to any one…becoz, i just want to give surprise to my family” doc..nodes happily and leaves from there….

R.k is so much worried for madhu and waiting outside… While seeing Doctor, R.k rushes to her and ask’s about Madhu… Doc recalls Madhu’s words and tells that she is, that’s why she fell unconscious..don’t worry…it’s normal and leaves from there……

R.k rushes inside to see Madhu ..Madhu tries to left the vanity by seeing him..but, R.k stops her and ask’s ” R u o.k?” Madhu gives a stare and say’s “it’s none of ur business Mr.Kundra!” and leaves from there….. R.k fumes in anger

Madhu’s staff ask her to take leave and send’s her home…While walking Madhu thinking about her Pregnency…………

Scren freezes on Madhu’s tensed face…

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  1. I m the big wale fan of ths show i nvr missed any episode……..sooo thq adhyafr remembring abt those dayss of madhuala diaaaa……do write bcoz u r good writer …… make a good epic nd show fans unit by it nd we all cnvince the director of the show to make a sequel of the showww…..
    Bciz m eageerlly waiting fr 2 nd episode

  2. So nice I missed madhubala a lot

  3. Vaishali

    awesome yaar adhu i too hv written one on madhubala as i didnt get much response i stopped it it was awesome yaar adhu superb loved it alot

  4. Adhya

    Thank u so much..for ur friends..but, i really don’t know ..i have to continue or not???

  5. Nice storyline plese continue iam sailant
    readers ❤?

  6. Pls continue????

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