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Doc see’s Bittuji at door and try to tell him..but he signs her to, Doc leaves from there…Madhu get’s shocked seeing Bittuji! Bitrtuji slowly comes to her and say’s” bhabji! i thought u always consider me as ur own brother..but i think i was wrong!” When is about to leave madhu stops him and say’s” No..Bittuji plz don’t say like that..U r my brother…but i’m sorry for hiding this matter from u..!” Bittuji say’s” Bhabhiji! i ‘m so happy for u..and for cheif..! Madhu cutts of and say’s” This is only my child ..bittujhi!” Bittuji see’s her anger and say’s” But Cheif is Father of this baby..! he has right to know about this..Bhabhiji!” Madhu say’s” Why? why he has to know about my child…and r u sure he will care about this…No..bittuji! he never cares for anybody…” bittuji say’s” Bhabhiji! but though he cares or not..but what happen if he knows this? and Bhabhiji! i aceepts that Ur enough to give a secure life for ur child…but what u will answer if tomorrow he/she will ask for his/her’s father?” Madhu looks at him and say’s” I know how to answer my child..but, My child doesn’t need his pity..!” Bittuji smiles and say’s ” Bhabhiji! ur right! ur decision is Right..I understand..but Why u want to face ur decision ..ur future by hiding? and Bhabhiji! for whom ur getting afraid..that Person, who had betrayed u? no..bhabhiji! ur strong ..u can face this…! just think about this..i will not force u further..becoz, it’s ur personal decision completely!” and leaves from there..While Madhu get’s thinking…..

Later, Madhu finishes her work..and leaves to her Home..

Madhu still thinking to in form R.k about their Baby? or not? Padmini notices this and ask’s about this…Madhu explains about bittuji’s words…Padmini say’s” Madhu! i too agree with bittuji! what will happen if R.K knows about this? he never cares for anyone…but i don’t force’s ur wish to tell him or not…!

R.k tensly waits for Madhu and get’s relived seeing her fine…! he determines not to trouble her so, he just admires her secretly …The work going smothly and At evening, While madhu about to leaves from Studio…R.k offers lift …But, Madhu ignores him and tries to leave from there while R.k hold her hand tightly .. Madhu stares at him and say’s” I don’t take help from STRANGERS ! Mr.Kundra! ” and leaves from their …while R.k feels hurt by her words and fumes in Anger…

Madhu walks on Road and thinking about Bittuji’s words… Suddenly, A lorry with full speed comes to her…When it about to hit Madhu! Suddenly. some one pulls her a side…Madhu see’s that person ‘s face and get’s Shocked.!

To be continued………

Who’s that person? why madhu get’s shocked seeing him…Will be reveled soon …STAY TUNE…My dear friends….

I know it’s so short episode..but i promise i will upload a long episode in weekend…hope u all understand me…and I’m so happy receiving ur comments…through comments r less..i know there r so many silent readers…Thank u every one..for ur support and Love…!

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  1. Mystery

    Its tooooooo short

    1. Adhya

      Sry..yaar but i promise ..u will enjoy the twist

      1. Mystery

        When u will update the next part???

  2. very nice episode. waiting for next one

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Ammara.. will be upload soon..dear

  3. Aoooooooowwwwwwsssooommeeee lubbbb uuu rk nd madhu nd u tooo dear aadhya ………..

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Yashnika..

  4. very nice episode

  5. very nice you are a good writer

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