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Madhu get’s ready for shooting ..when she is about to leave to studio..she receives a call from Manager..she attends it and came to know that she has to attend for Out Door Shooting..! she tries her best to convince them..but later get’s to know that other hair dressers are not, she has to attend it..! After lot’s of thinking she say’s kk..and informs this to Padmini..

Firstly,Padmini didn’t allow Madhu for this…but by lot’s of convincing..she say’s kk…


Madhu reaches their Out door spot with the cast & crew team….She see’s Deepali there…Though deepali keeps on irritating her but, Madhu just ignores her and just doing her work…! Later, when she is having their Lunch…A guy starts misbehave with her and troubles her….Madhu tries her best to avoid him..But he is so rude and keeps on misbehave with her….Lastly, Madhu gave a hard sleep to him and warns him……She leaves from their While that guy fumes in Anger


Madhu goes to have her medicines and That guy enters behind her and tries to Hurt her with a Knife! Madhu get’s shock seeing him and tries to protect herself….When That Guy about to attack her ..Suddenly, He receives a Heavy Punch!..Ya, that’s our R.K! But unexpectedly that guy falls on madhu and she get’s cut on hand…

R.k beats that man brutally for harming Madhu…! Later, he is so worried for madhu seeing her injured hand…He quickly ties his hand kerchief on her hand and behaves mad…He then scolds bittuji to call doctor immediately and cares her hand….While Madhu just admires him…! They shares a eye-lock for sometime [Hum hai Deewani..plays at back ground]

Later, Madhu goes inside and get’s scared seeing this incident.and starts crying…..Soon, Bittuji comes to her with Doctor…

Doctor examines her and say’s”Nothing to worry….u r alright miss..Madhu! it’s just cut will be fine with in 2 days..don’t worry” and does dressing to her wound…

Later, Bittuji thanked doctor and went to R.k who is still worried for madhu and tries his best to behave normal….R.k rushes to doctor and ask’s about Madhu…Doc explains him and say’s she is fine..! R.k feels so much relaxed hearing this..Later, he goes to get ready for shooting..

Later, Madhu becomes some what Normal and, she slowly goes to attend …She then, unexpectedly…Fall down when a stone hits her leg….She screams in pain..While Bittuji comes running seeing her fall down…Madhu feels pain..and say’s” Bituuji..plz call doctor..plz it’s urgent..plz” Bittuji call’s doctor and slowly helps madhu with staff and takes her to room…

Doc tells everybody to wait out side…Later, she examines her While Madhu prays bappa to save her child..with tears..later, Doc say’s” Madhu! don’t worry..u r baby is fine…don’t worry..but u have to be very careful..!” Madhu thanked her and nodes kk… Doc leaves from there…and see’s Bittuji heard everything by standing at door…

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