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R.K gives his shot and still thinking about Madhu….Madhu is busy with her work and fully concentrates in it…She slowly haves her Lunch and medicines… Suddenly she get’s Padmini call and attends it…Padmini enquirers about Madhu’s health and medicines…Madhu smiles and answers her and talks for some time…While R.k Admires Madhu’s happiness…..!

Later, While shot is going on..Madhu feels some weak and slowly controls her self and tries to be strong…. R.k see’s this he really didn’t understood anything but getting worried seeing Madhu…. After sometime, Madhu slowly finds a chair in corner and sits on it..and tries to control her self…R.k see’s her and get’s involves in his Work..While shoot is going on he comforts heroin for not acting properly…..Heroin get’s angry and frustration and seated in a chair..and ask’s for hair dresser….Madhu didn’t listen this….so, she just sits in same position…. Heroin see’s Madhu in corner peacefully….She burst out her frustration on Madhu and scolds her badly..While Madhu apologizes to her…She scolds madhu for neglecting her work..ect… R.k see’s this…he unable to control his Anger on heroin for insulting Madhu and goes to her…He scolds heroin for insulting madhu and slowly places his protective hands on Madhu’s shoulder and say’s” Ms.keerti..don’t dare to scold her..becoz, she is my Beewi… She’s is Super star R.K’s wife…did u get that…?from next time, u should have to think before u say anything to her….Understood? or else i will not spare u..” and stares at heroin angrily…. Whole film unit get’s shocked hearing this….Madhu too shocked listening to R.k’s word… she slowly admires him lovingly….Rk too see’s her…They both shares an eye lock lovingly… Later, Madhu came to senses and pushes his hand from her and leaves from there…While R.k thinks why he reacts like this about Madhu?


Madhu reaches to studio and goes to heroin….Heroin talks friendly with Madhu and offers her chair..Later, she slowly apologize about her behaviour yesterday….Madhu get’s confused seeing heroin’s behaviour ….Later, heroin get’s up and wishes R.k when he entered the studio..she ask’s R.k to sit with his wife …and goes from there….Madhu and R.k see’s each other…and goes from there…

R.k thinks to trouble madhu and plans for it….After 1 hr… Director call’s everyone for shot…but they didn’t find heroin anywhere and ask’s Madhu about it…Madhu say’s she went for some work and she told me before going…. Director scolds Madhu for not informing him this and orders her to act for some scenes….Madhu get’s shocked hearing this..but she doesn’t have no choice, get’s ready in heroin’s costume and comes to set….Director say’s that Scenes has changed..Now, the screen is Romantic screen! Madhu get’s shocked and stares R.k while R.k smiles seeing her….Madhu get to know that’ this is R.k’s planing to insult her….! She didn’t have any choice to, she tries her best to hide her tears and stands infront of R.k for shot….

Shot starts:

R.k passionately holds her waist…and starts to romance with her…Madhu tries to resists..but, It’s romantic, she have to cooperate…She tries hard to resists R.k..but R.k involves in shot and hurting madhu with his touch….Lastly, Madhu starts crying….seeing this, R.k slowly realizes that he is harassing her….so, he shouts pack up..and leaves from there. While Madhu breaks down in tears…

Later, R.k feels guilty about his behaviour and goes to madhu to Apologize… He slowly goes to dressing room and finds Madhu crying…. he silently stands there. seeing her…After some time, Madhu slowly wipes her tears and goes in front of Mirror… she slowly chant the manbtra..which she always use to chant when she was in trouble…later, she tries to boost up her self but by recalling the incident she again breaks into tears…R.k see’s her condition and get’s sad and slowly goes to her to console … Madhu see’s him and stares Angrily and tries to leave from there..but R.k holds her hand and stops her..he say’s” Madhu! i’m sorry..i’m really sorry…. i know i hurt u…but.. Madhu cutoff and say’s” But..! but what Mr.Kundra..? tell me… Why u r saying sorry ..ha? It’s ur Nature to hurt others..!.then, what’s new in this….? and frankly what i will expect from u..than this? It’s ur Nature…u can’t change this….R.k..and leaves from there… While R.k fumes in anger…


Madhu still in thoughts about today’s incident..hw R.k behaves with her? she then, recall’s hw he supports her and say’s” she is my wife!” Padmini comes to madhu with food and find’s madhu in some thought….she slowly shakes madhu and sit’s beside her…Madhu wipes her tears and smiles at padmini…Padmini slowly say’s” Madhu! u can give fake smile to me..but, hw can u hide ur pain from ur child? he/she is inside u..! Madhu see’s her and say’s ” Maa! I’m not thinking about my pain..which i’m bearing in my life..but, i’m thinking hw to protect my child from these pains? by placing her hand on her tummy…Padmini smiles and cares her face and say’s” I’m happy! Now, though u r in pain..ur thinking to protect ur child from this…” be like this..A mother has to be like this Madhu…! and slowly feeds madhu by her hands…

To be continues….

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