R.K gives his shot and seated in his chair…Madhu is doing her work and looks some what busy!! R.k just stares her lost in her…After sometime, While everybody is having their Lunch…Suddenly Madhu feels dizzy…and tries to control her….Director call’s everybody for shot…While shot is going on..Madhu get’s unconscious…R.k feels so much tense seeing her and carries her in his Vanity…. he just behaving like mad..and get’s panic seeing madhu…in that state… Later, Madhu slowly get’s consious and R.k see’s this and felt very happy..he slowly helps her to sit and passes her water…..Madhu drinks it and feels some what fine…She just tries to leave the place but R.k holds her hand and pulls her towards him… and slowly ask’s what happen to u..madhu? why u r getting unconscious? Madhu just looks down and tries her best to ignore R.k… which makes R.k anger more… He holds her tightly and ask ” Madhu! i’m asking u..only..answer me..!” Madhu stares him and say’s ” I wont give answers to strangers!.” R.k holds her more tightly and say’s” I’m not a stranger..kk i’m ur HUSBAN…..”and stops…Madhu looks into his eyes and say’s ” HUSBAND….. ! the one who shares wife’s problems..r called Husband but, u..u just ruined my life..That’s why I’m warning u..ur not my Husband anymore…Do U Understood Mr.Kundra!” and stares him angrily and leaves from their…R.k feels pain by her words…and leaves from their……..

After sometime, R.k just stares Madhu and feels restless about her unconscious…So, he just call’s Bittuji and indirectly say’s “Bittuji! i think some one’s health is not, better gave them leave..”and stares Madhu… Madhu listens this and say’s”Bittuji! plz tell this to that some one…i didn’t need his help..i can manage my self so, just say him to mind his own business..” Bittuji smiles seeing them fighting and leaves from their…While R.k stares madhu…….


Madhu and padmini went for check up and doc say’s ” Madhu! ur baby is problem. but don’t take any stress..kk?.” and gives some medicines…


R.K is giving his shot…It’s an emotional shoot where R.k has to confess his love emotionally towards heroin….Shot begins..R.k involves in it and say’s emotional and lovely lines with full passion…Madhu recall’s their Movements..and Promises which R.K have done to her…and feels pain….! she just controls her tears but couldn’t so she slowly leaves from there ..Just then, shot completes and All mesmerized seeing R.K’s performance and gives him Big Applause…! R.k feels some what restless and slowly see’s Madhu is missing…. he ask’s Where’s Madhu..? and goes to search her……..

Madhu slowly goes out of studio and finds a temple there…she slowly went into it and see’s BAPPA! she just pray’s”Bappa! plz give me strength to bear this pain…plz..” and cries while praying…Slowly she hears a voice and turns back..That’s Bittuji! Bittuji say’s” Babhiji! ur very strong…u can manage everything ..plz don’t cry like this Bhabhiji..plz..” Madhu looks at him and say’s” Bittuji! yes, I’m so strong..and can manage everything…But, bittuji…it doesn’t mean i’m always ready to bear my life..! and It’s About LOVE bittuji! this is the toughest pain in life which can’t be heal so soon….and leaves from there with tears…. R.K hears this and feels guilty…


Madhu is still upset and recall’s Movements with R.K…Padmini notices this, and ask’s what happen? Madhu hardly tries to hide it..but slowly breaks down and obey’s her failure..that she is not able to control her pain..feelings…Padmini consoles her and boost up her and say’s “Madhu! i know it’s too tough..but u have to face..this..u have to face more than this in future..for ur BABY! u have to protect ur BABY..from all this..for that, u have to become strong.. see Madhu! as a mother, i just want to say” Mother has to become a Tigress to protect her Child..!” so, just tries to be like that…u have to prepare for it.”..Madhu nodes and sleeps in her Mom’s lap….while padmini cares her..


R.K lay’s in his swing chair and lost’s in Madhu’s thoughts..he just recall’s Madhu’s word and feels sad for her….but,his ego doesn’t allow him to agree for his mistakes…

Screen freezes on R.k & Madhu’s sad faces………..

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