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Madhu cries saying about her thoughts to Padmini…Padmini didn’t utter a word just lostin thoughts…Later, Madhu becomes some what cool..and slowly goes to Padmini faces her and say’s ” Maa… i know it’s shocking to u… but, Maa… Though this baby is mine..but, U r My Mother! i can’t ignores ur decision… i know what ever is ur decision it’s for my well, i didn’t have any objections regarding ur decision..but, Trust me Maa! i will just obey’s ur words..ur decision only..i know..u r all very worried and became insulted by neighbors..Becoz, of R.K… that’s why i didn’t wish to become another problem to u… So, if u want me to abourt this child…i will..Suddenly padmini shuts madhu’s mouth and see’s her emotionally… and say’s” It’s not good to speak about child like this…in this state..!” Madhu is surprised and look’s at Padmini… Padmini nodes with happy tears and say’s ” Madhu! i’m worried about ur future…I just hate that R.k Becoz, he had betrayed my Daughter..and ruined her Life.. and i also know that.. U r still in that pain..u r just acting to be happy for my sake…i know this..

But, Madhu! if this child gives u strength to live ur life and gives encourage to face ur problem..then, i’m really happy about this Baby! and about it’s Blood..don’t forget u r his/her’s mother! this baby has ur blood too…and If i ask u to abort this child becoz of his father’s mistake..then, how would i raised u and ur sister alone….? I just determines u both r my Daughters… My Blood..! so, i want to give u good future..if u too feels like this..then, go head with ur decision..I will support u..” Madhu is super surprised with her Mom’s support and happily hugs …but again say’s “Maa…what about others?” Padmini stops her and say’s ” why we have to worry about unknowns? people who knows about us will be with us..and u doesn’t know about us..will talk something… so just be with our people..who knows about us! that’s it..u don’t worry…i’m there na..i will make everything fine.!” Madhu happily hugs her mother and cries emotionally..Krishna too joins and they had a family hug…!


R.K is still worried for madhu.. He call’s Bittu ji and ask’s about Madhu! Bittuji say’s ” Cheif! Bhabhiji will be in her home…she might be! u don’t worry cheif!” R.k say’s ‘ Stop it bittuji! i already told u to not call her as Bhabhiji! ” Bittuji smiles and say’s ” KK.. Cheif i will not call her as Bhabhiji! but just answer my 1 question..!’.R.k ask’s “what?” Bittuji say’s ” If u hate her this much..then, why r u worried for her Cheif?” R.k get’s angry and say’s ” I just ask about her becoz she is member of my cast and Film…so, as an hero i have to handle evry,..” Bittuji say’s ” so, only ur worried for her ..right! ” R.k didn’t have anything to say and cuts the call…Bittuji smiles…

R.k wonders why i’m so much worrying about her?


Madhu wakes up and get’s ready for work… Padmini stops her and say’s ” U have to be more, u have to quit ur job!” Madhu say’s ” Maa..i know i have to be careful..but,’s just for some just 2 schedules were left to complete, i will continue it ma..plz if i will stay now itself at home.i feel bored..plz ma..!” Padmini say’s ” kk…but have to be careful! and i forgot to say..if possible come early in evening we have to go for check up..kk?” Madhu smiles and nodes…Later, Madhu and Krishna leaves for their works….


R.k get’s ready to give shoot…Madhu just cames in R.k see’s her and get’s relax seeing her fine…he then, goes to her and ask’s R.u Madhu stares him and say’s ” I have told u yesterday..only plz don’t waste ur time on me..” and starts to leave…but r.k holds her and say’s “I’m SUPER STAR!.so, if i asked a should be answered understood! tell me r u fine ..or not? ” Madhu stares him…Later director calls everyone for shoot….and R.k leaves Madhu and goes to give his Shoot….

To be continued…………

Thank u so much friends…i’m happy u r liking my ff.. but can’t say i will upload regularly..becoz having heavy work in, when ever i get time i will upload ..plz hope u all understand me……Thank u..

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