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Everything changes with time…Now, Everything is changing in R.K’s mansion too…but still R.k’s thoughts r revolving around Madhu..he want to see Madhu and their Baby..but his ego is not permitting him to apologize madhu…and get her back!
Here Everything changes takes place in Madhu’s life..too..”Having a Baby will change life..”!yes, Madhu life is now totally changed..Now, to her her baby is everything…Her day starts with Ansh smiles and end with his sleep…!
Ansh is having fever and is not at all leaving Madhu..he cries hard when Madhu tries to leave for work…By seeing all, Padmini asks Madhu to take Ansh to studio…!
Madhu enters Studio by carrying Ansh in her Arms… Bittui greets madhu and cares Ansh…! Ansh looks so dull and pale…Madhu is taking ut most care and handles Ansh with her work…! After having their Lunch, Ansh feels sleepy and cries so, Madhu slowly makes him lay on her lap and pat’s his back humming her lullaby… After some time, Ansh fall’s asleep in madhu’s lap..But madhu receives a call from heroin so, she slowly lay’s Ansh on a table which is near to tent…and inform her friend about Ansh and leaves to work….
R.k enters the Studio…and suddenly receives a call from some producer and talks to him…he is standing nearer to tent and when he ended the call..He see’s A li’ll boy is sleeping on table..Ansh is feeling uncomfortable becoz, sunlight is falling on his face…R.k notices this, and ask’s his Assistant to take Ansh to his vanity…Assistant lifts Ansh in hands and R.k leaves with Ansh in to Vanity!
After some time, Madhu comes to see Ansh and shocked to see table empty..she then ask’s everyone for Ansh and searches for him…Un knowingly Madhu had tears in her eyes..Just then, madhu’s friend and colleague sheela comes to her..Madhu explains about Ansh with tears…sheela say’s” Madhu! Cool down! Don’t worry Ansh is fine..he is in R.K sir’s vanity…Madhu is surprised and ask’s what? Sheela say’s “ ha! I just saw him..he is sleeping in R.k sir’s vanity..!” Madhu get’s thinking and stops her and ask’s her to do one thing..sheela ask’s what?
R.k get’s fresh up and get’s ready for shoot..he is seeing his dialogues…He finds Ansh sleeping peacefully on side bed…he slowly goes to him and smiles seeing Ansh ‘s innocent face ..he then, slowly removes the hair falling on Ansh’s face and cares his face gently…he thinks” How cute is this boy! So innocent and cute..! May be my son is of this age only…may be he too looks like this only?!And thought about his son…
Suddenly, his chains of thoughts were broken by Ansh! Ansh slowly get’s up..and ask’s” Mamma?” R.k smiles and say’s “ Hi! Li’ll boy! I think ur Mamma is in some imp, I took here..r u” Ansh smiles innocently…Just then, somebody knocks the door! R.k ask’s to’s sheela! She say’s” Thank u sir…for taking care of my son!” R.k smiles and say’s “ it’s kk..miss..! ur son is so cute ..!” Sheela smiles and takes Ansh in her hands..when she about to leaves..Ansh turns to R.k AND SAY’S “Bye!” R.k smiles and replies bye to him…

Sheela takes Ansh to Madhu… Ansh happily jumps on madhu seeing her..Madhu hugs him and kisses him and ask’s” R u kk..bacha?” Ansh nodes yes..and leans on madhu’s shoulders..Madhu thanked sheela and goes to work….

Shoot completes successfully..Later, Madhu leaves to home with Ansh..!

to be continued….!

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