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R.k gains conscious and talks to everyone…! After sometime, Madhu leaves to meet doctor..Padmini stops her and takes her a side and say’s”Madhu! it’s not good to keep Ansh here! he may get’s infections…That’s why U go to home with Ansh..I will manage everything here..!” Madhu say’s”No..Maa! i have to be with Radha maa! she needs me..and Now, she’s my, plz U take Ansh home..I will be with Ma!plz Maa” padmini tries her best to convince but, We all know Madhu is so, Finally Padmini leaves to home with Ansh, Mallik& Krishna..

After 15 min:

R.k hurriedly rushes inside the hospital…He about to enter room but, Same time Madhu came out side the room and see’s R.k…Both shares an emotional eye lock.[Agar tum sath plays at back ground..].They burst their pain which they stored in their heart in the form of tears…! They both comforts each other and talks a lot of things with their eyes….!

Slowly Both came to senses and R.k goes inside to meet Radha..! Madhu too goes inside and stands at corner..! Radha surprises to see R.k ..R.k sit’s beside her and ask’s about her health..Radha didn’t uttering a word ..she’s just answering by nodding her head positively..R.k tries to speak with her and ask’s some random questions..but Radha just nodes her head..! Madhu wants to give them privacy so, she make excuse and leaves to buy medicines….!

R.k slowly ask’s”Maa! r u still angry on me?” Radha say’s” No..! i’m still angry on my self..I’m not a good mother..that’s why i can’t able to give a good upbringing to u..!” R.k had tears and hugs Radha and say’s”Maa! i’m sorry i know i hurted u..but Maa! now, i just have u..only u..papa left me along ..I just have u Maa! i don’t want to loose u Maa! plz forgive ma..plz I don’t have anyone than U..plz Maa!” saying this he burst out in tears…! Radha heart melts by his words and hugs him tightly….
Later, they both talks for some time…R.k turns to bittuji and say’s” Bittuji! i’m taking Maa..with me..Inform to Doctor..!” Radha looks surprisingly while bittuji nodes and leaves….

Radha tries to speak up…But R.k didn’t gave her a chance and takes her Home….

Madhu comes to room and find it empty..she worriedly enquirers everyone..Just then she receives a call…i.e; Radha’s..! Radha apologizes madhu for not informing her before leaving..Madhu say’s it’s kk…and feels happy radha is fine..! Later, Madhu leaves to her Home..

Everything is fine…Radha is back to R.K MANSION..! now her health is R.k’s care…


R.K is giving his shoot ion studio…Later, he just went to his vanity and lost in Madhu’s thoughts..! He slowly remains about their Baby..! He thinks to esquire about his Baby and call’s Bittuji! Bittuji comes to him and ask’s”What happen chief?? u looking worried?”R.k say’s” Bittuji! just tell me one thing with out any questions..!” Bittuji nodes..R.k ask’s” I think it’s been 1 yr now, Hw’s madhu and Baby?” Bittuji looks surprisingly and say’s” They r fine..cheif..! why r u worrying for them..?’ R.k stares him and say’s”Tell me about my Baby…I know madhu tells everything to u..!” Bittuji say’s” Haa..cheif..Bhabhiji informs everything to me..becoz, she’s still my! U blessed with Son..cheif!” R.k having happy tears listening this..he goes to bittuji and ask’s” Son…i have a don?” Bittuji smiles seeing his happiness and nodes yes and leaves from there…

R.k behaves like mad with happiness he want to see his son and want to take him in his Arms…he thinks to go Madhu’s home but he stops by realizing” I have hurted her…Now, i can’t hurt her more..!” At night, he leaves to Mansion..and slowly peeps in to Radha’s room..he thought may be Maa has some photos of my son! He finds room empty and wquickly grabs Radha’s phone and see’s his Son’s photo …He can’t able to bear his happiness and having happy tears…! He quickly forwards Ansh pics to his mobile and slowly leaves to his room….Radha see’s all this and smiles she say’s” I know Rishu..Fatherhood will makes u change for good….U can’t stay away from Madhu and ur Son anymore..!” and sleeps

R.k admires his son’s pic when he’s born and some pics with madhu and all family memebers..!and feels very excited…! and slowly get’s into sleep

Radha forces R.k and takes him to temple..While they r praying….Madhu too enters same temple with Ansh in hands…! Radha turns to go and surprise to see Madhu….She hugs her happily and talks to her..while R.k admires her…Radha takes Ansh in hands and sak’s” Madhu! u here?” Madhu smiles and say’s” Ansh has fever since 1, I just want to do dhaan when he will be fine..!” Rk worriedly ask’s” Is he kk now?”Madhu stares him surprisingly seeing his concern….Just then pandit ask’s Madhu to come and do dhaan! Madhu nodes and about to go..Radha takes Ansh and ask’s her to complete wrk..Madhu nodes and leaves….

Radha slowly gives Ansh to R.k…and signs him to take.! R.k carefully takes him and Admires him happily…! just then, Madhu comes to him and get’s emotional seeing his happiness..she slowly goes to him and takes Ansh from him..and goes..! R.k stares her helplessly..!

PRECAP: R.k meets Ansh!

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