Hi, guys…i’m back…Actually i was sad for receiving less response..but, i came know that silent readers r there…for Madhubala even now! that’s the greatness of MADHUBALA…! Right?


Madhu is walking on road while totally lost in thoughts about her Pregnency…..She really don’t to handle this situation? but, her heart say’s she cann’t loose her child… While lot’s in heavy thoughts…Madhu finally reaches her Home…..

By seeing her, Padmini[Mom] and Krishna[sister] hugs her and ask’s ” hw are u Now?” Madhu get’s puzzle and nodes yes…then, Padmini say’s that” Bittuji, called us and informed about ur unconscious…..” she slowly cares Madhu’s forehead and ask’s are u alright? Madhu nodes.with a smile… Later, they both enterd into their home..and Immediatly, Madhu say’s i’m feeling weak Maa! i want to sleep for sometime…plz.. Padmini nodes and ask krishna to take madhu to room…

Madhu and Krishna reaches room..Krishna makes madhu lay on bed..and say’s Sleep now! and leaves from there….Madhu slowly slips into her thoughts…she slowly recalls her happy movements with R.k and then, her Pregnancy news.. etc, etc… slowly tears r rolling in her eyes
By thinking…she slowly slips into sleep….. After sometime, madhu wakes up and get’s freshup and slowly 3 had their dinner…Padmini notices something wrong seeing Madhu’s face…and her swollen eyes…. After dinner, 3 have their chitchat for sometime, but madhu remains somewhat upset!…

While they were preparing to sleep… Padmini lays beside madhu on bed..and ask’s “Madhu! what happen beta? did R.k does something wrong with u today? Did he misbehave with u? why r u looking so much upset….? tell me beta,..share with me…she slowly turns Madhu to her side and see’s Madhu is crying silently….. Padmini shocks and ask her to tell what happen? slowly wiping her tears…. Madhu emotionally look at her mom and hugs her…. Padmini slowly cares her hair and consoles her…Suddenly Madhu broke the hug and runs to hall and sit’s on floor cryingly…Padmini slowly comes to her and ask’s Madhu! tell me what happen…Now! Madhu slowly say’s “Maa! i’m pregnent! i’m going to be mother!” Padmini , Krishna were hell shock! they really don’t know how to react? Padmini just sit’s in sofa…and see’s Madhu…..

Madhu slowly sit’s on kneels before Padmini facing her and say’s” Maa! i know u r so angry on me…but, Maa..i’m saying true…what’s ur decision..i will follow it ma..plz tell me maa!” Padmini sit’s silently for a while…and slowly ask’s” Madhu! what u r thinking about this? just tell me frankly..! plz”.. Madhu slowly wipes her tears and say’s”Maa! u know that Now, i hate R.k… i loves him to core and always tries to find my happiness in his happiness…But, my trust was just broken by him…by betraying me…. Now, i didn’t have any love towards him..but, Maa this baby! .”.slowly placing her hand on tummy and continues” This baby is symbol of MY LOVE..MY TRUE LOVE….maa! i know R.K didn’t gave importance or respect to my LOVE…but, i respect my LOVE…But, whom i have loved is an wrong person…! I agree this, this baby have R.K’s blood…but, maa! hw can i kill my BABY just by having angry on that person…? if i will do this? then, what will be difference b/w R.k and me? This baby has no fault in this whole issue..then, hw can i punish this baby..just for having R.K’s blood in it? I cannot allow by baby to be punished just for it’s father’s mistake! no..Maa! i cann’t do this..Maa.. suddenly Madhu becomes emotional and breaks down in tears….

To be continued…..

Friends..i know this is short episode..but, by seeing ur response..i will present a long, Just Stay tuned…Hope u all like this..if u like this or not,..wither it is positive or negative comments plz leave your valuable comments..plz

Credit to: Adhya

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  1. superb episode. plz continue. i want to read more of this ff

  2. wow i really enjoyed ur episode i havent words to explain it RK and madu are so cute plz update ur next epi soon

  3. superrrrrrrrr

  4. I just loved it

  5. super pls continue and update daily pls

  6. Rishbala rocks….update soon

  7. superbbb luv u rishbala

  8. Adhya

    Hi friends..i’m so glad u r liking my episode…tomorrow i willl upload next episode for sure..plz..becoz, i have an imp assignment to meet u tomorrow guys…

    1. When will u update next one

  9. Vry good epic. Plzzz write more…fastllly….

  10. Nishu

    hey plzzz continue………. im biggest fan of madhubala1, thanku so much for writting ff on it………. dnt b sad there may b many silent readers…….. i love madhu n rk

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