It was love that brought them together….. twinj


Hello guys ……. This is my first ff …..I will try my best to entertain you
Actually I wanted a unique story so chosed this in this ff kunj’s entry will be made after some time …..pls comment
Let the story begin
Its morning , sun is shown and suraj ki baahon mei ab to ye zindagai kirne hai saanson mei baaton mei roshni pls
A girl is shown sleeping under her blanket when the alaram rings(tring tring) the girl takes her hand out of the blanket and tries to stop the alaram , but fails so she throws the alaram and sleeps again (the face isstill not shown) when her phone rings she picks up the phone staying under the blanket andgets up suddenly (its none other than twinkle) she is talking to her best friend chinki
Twinkle: ooooooo god sorry chinki I almost forgot that we are going for shopping today!Chinki: I knew it u must be sleeping and breaking your 25th alaram clock ….come now get ready and meet me directly in the mall
Twinkle: yeah I will meet you in half an hour
Twinkle gets up panicking she is wearing red shots and short with T-shirt she is jumping on the bed
Twinkle: o babaji help me to get ready soon
She hurries in the bathroom and comes out in pink bath gown she takes about 10 min in selecting her clothes and finally after so much confusion she chooses a baby pink short frock
T: this one is perfect!
She does her makeover and runs down where her mother leela is waiting for her for breakfast
L: u woke up twinkle now come and have your breakfast
T: no maa I don’t have time I am going outside to shop with chinki
L: I knew it but don’t shop too much remember last time you shoped of 25,000 rs
T: I remember maa but I need…..
Before twinkle could finish her sentence leela handed over her some rupees
T: thanks maa ….I love you
While saying this she rushes outside and then into her car she reaches the mall where chinki is waiting for her
T:sorry sorry for getting late now let’s go and have fun
Chinki noodes…. They both have a lot of fun first they watch movie then selfies while eating in pizza shop and finally they go for buying some accessories and cloth…. Chinki is taking about 10 min in selecting one cloth while twinkle is choosing her cloths even without noticing much about it…….
T: chinki what are you doing ???? Why r u taking so long in selection?
C: what yaar twinkle I can never be like you now go and take trial of your cloths …I will come in just 10 mins I am going to washroom
Twinkle goes in the changing room but forgets to lock it…twinkle was about to take off her cloths when someone comes in the room and pushes her to the wall, he puts his hand on twinkle’s mouth while twinkle is still shocked when she sees the face of the man she gets relieved
T: thank god its you UV I got really scared.
UV: yeah of course its me ….your boyfriend who else would it be????but you should be careful why u didn’t locked the door?
T: sorry baba! I will not repeat it
Uv: now that’s like my baby
T: yeah uv I m only and only your baby but right now get out of here i want to change
Uv: haan toh change na in front of me , u only told that you are only my baby so what’s the problem in it?
T: the problem is we will not even you h each other until we get married
Uv: not fair na baby
T: everything is fair in love and war now get out
Uv: arre but twinkle…….
She pushes him out of the room and smiles….

Precap: not yet decided

Pls guys dont forget to comment and be free if you want to suggest anything.

Credit to: Ritzi

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