It was love that brought them together…..twinj season 2 episode 1


It was love that brought them together…..twinj season 2 episode 1 or This is when the feeling sinks in?? (my dilemma)

heeeey guys! i m back…. ya ya ritzi is back…. wait wait this is not the ff i jst m needing ur suggestions so that i can start my ff accordingly
as u guys know that i promised u for a season 2 of my ff but as its a long tym nd another story is also revolving in my mind so i jst to ask u that which 1 should i continue….. let me jst give the intro of both d ff
It was love that brought them together…. twinj season 2
so here we will be seeing twinj parting their ways nd death of their daughter sia….. both hv developed hatred for eo… u wanna know y den u will hv to read it

This Is When The Feeling Sinks In….. twinj
we all know that first hatred then friendship are the two steps leading to the third step LOVE but what if it is reversed…. i mean wht if the love turns into ONE SIDED hatred (u will hv to see frm whose side)

This is a story of two love birds twinj…. and 1 of them will leave other creating hatred frm the second person….. ik ik its hell confusing fr u guys so to clear all yr confusion u will hv to read it

1 more thing….. i m a great lover of music so one of the protagonist will be singer
so guys which 1? u all know i cannot manage two of them together nd second thing i m not sure wen will i start any of the ff but ya i will start it soon…. very soon
but for tht o hv 1 condition…… i will be posting once or if possible twice a week…. sorry 4 tht…. but m still busy

nd crazy, pali or jisha. if ur reading this then WHERE THE HELL R UR FFS UH……….. M WAITING YAAR

sorry guys i jst hope u all dont mind of my posting irregularly nd ya sidhant gupta is finalised for jhalak…. m waiting eagerly for it now…. nd i hv finally stopped watching tei….. look many of u tell tht we should keep watching it to support jasmin nd others but my thinking is highly different nd stupid but still i wanna tell u….. look if we all stop watching it then trp is obviously go down…. shayad isse cvs hosh mei aaya nd maybe aftr jhalak they call sidhant back… i knw he will win the show so he will cm only aftr it ends… hehe positive thinking u know…. nd many of u told that we should stop bashing naman shaw…. ya thts true but i dont know mere man se uske liye galiyan hi nikalti hai…. ik m wrong but i cannot imagine anybody in my sidhant’s place….naman is not capable for his role…. arjun bijlani bhi chal jata but naman…. not at all…. but ya he is trying to cope up… but still he cannot take place of MY SIDHANT!

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  1. ritiz sanjana here hw r u dear missed u alot according to my pov i lyk first story intro dear anyways i wish allllllllll theeeeeeee besssssssssssttttttttttt fr ur new ff dear love u my dear

  2. Continue the season-1 only as season 2.. It’s a fantastic one? I really loved it ..

  3. bring new story don’t continue old story as previous story end was amazing so don’t continue it

  4. Shatakshi

    Sun na…plzzz second one wala…
    U know becoz ur first one was too good yaar n I don’t want twinj to get separate…n plzzz don’t kill sia…unko happy family rehne de…
    N second one seems interesting
    Aur haa…jaldi aana
    Aagar late kiya na toh…toh…….
    Toh kya…mai wait kar lungi…hehe
    Ittne aache ff ke liye itna to banta h na…
    Love u??????????????????

  5. Plzz continue from previous season..n u can’t imagine how much v all missed u?

  6. Hey Ritzi…glad u r back…i like to suggest that continne Season 1 as Season 2…It will be Awesome….if u want to keep one protagonist as Singer so plz keep Twinkle….love u ???

  7. Callmenazu

    hey dere Ritzi! how r u? Its so nice to hear from u aftr so long and about d ff i would lyk u to continue “It was love that brought them together” ff with a new season ie. season 2 and its k if u post it twice or even once a week will be surely waiting for ur ff ?

  8. Story seems interesting.. Plz do continue this story.. N its ok if u don’t get time to post regularly because studies comes first..
    Will b waiting for the story in ur mind to b implemented..
    But yrr.. 1 request.. As I’ve read ur 1st season I would just like to say that.. U write very very cool sort of comedy scenes.. Plz do use those sort of comedy scenes in this season too.. Because that’s ur unique identity.. The comedy scenes <3

  9. Ohh yeah.. Sorry forget to write plz go with the 2nd story..

  10. It was awesome ………
    Thankeww for coming back

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    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzz I missed the class of this topic ….n I don’t know how to solve it ….my teacher asked for homework …he will check it …..what I will do ….we all are friends that’s why I asked u all instead of asking anyone else …I know u all will never disappoint me ….plzzzzz help
    I asked from net but no answer came …….plzzzzzzz help me there are many sheets how I will solve it …..I feel like crying ???????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??
    Help me plzzzzzz don’t ignore it I need u ………plzzzzzzzzzz


    ritzi iam very much hapoy that u r back cant explain the happiness of ur back pls continue as ur wish but dear dont make us wait long

  12. Kruti

    Yippeeee…ritzi’s back but u have put us into a dilemma…… both d stories seem to b interesting but as u said u can’t write both so I would suggest u to go with d second one
    Hope to see u back soon

  13. Haye Ritzi jaan kahan thi app Ik Ik ur busy bt still…..????
    Anyway ur both d plots r really interesting ….
    So m still confused k koun sa bolo….???????
    Dono b interesting lag rahe n m sure honge b ……??
    Bt I will go for second one….. Hehehehehhe mai b toh confusing huna????????
    Bt ya do cont asap for sure …..
    Eagerly waiting for ur ff?????
    N ya yaar crazy di Pali di n jisha yaar kahan ho ap sab….
    Ok chalo m waiting for ur ff do cont…..
    Luv u for coming wid season 2……..
    Keep writing….☺☺☺??
    N we will keep loving……….???☺☺???

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Plzzzz strt new story in season 2……&plzzzzz don’t continue with season 1…
    As it was a happy ending….& don’t separate twinj….vese serial me toh alag ho hi gye h naa….ab isme bhi mt karo……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Fan

    Hey ritzi i want u to write both if possible..but if u cant write 2 ff simultaneously then plz write the 2nd one..

  16. Hey ritzi! Happy to see u again with the season 2. Really looking forward to it??
    I’ll go for the 2nd one….n ya i also do not watch tei anymore n i agree with you…anyways…pls start soon!!! Dying to read your beauties?

  17. yeah my siyappa Queen is back I was on cloud nine no no cloud 100 when I saw title missed u so much dear n don’t say my say our sidhant n about story u should go with second wala its interesting n naman shaw I don’t like him as kunj anyways waiting for ur ff hope u will be back soon . luv u dear

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m sooooo happy with the fact u came back with season 2 ritzi I m a big fan of ur ff and happy to see u back well I think u should start a fresh story rest ur choice 😛

  19. Saby

    Hey ritzi….. How r uh…. Glad to see uh back that to coming with a bang? I was a silent reader of ur ff too like others….. I just loved ur ff to much the way uh portrayed love and friendship between twinj…. Amazing work yaar and mostly ur romantic scenes…. I used to always feel gooseboms….. Seriously it doesn’t matter to me with ff uh will start with bcoz I just love ur writing and that will obviously remain the same….. So all the very best for ur ff…. And eagerly waiting for it??

  20. please second story dear as if you continue first one than firstly we are already seeing the hatred in real episode and secondly we have face I mean read this type of story in crazy di ff love strategy.

  21. Ria

    Hey ritzi, I guess you should go with the second suggestion. I liked both the stories but, felt the second one was better. Rest it’s upto you.

  22. Rashiverma2199

    Ritzi….welcome back….pls continue the first story where twinj will separate after the death of their daughter sia….

  23. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi where the hell were u?
    Missed u very much
    Plz second one
    1st was 2 gud but no separation
    So second one
    Ya and sid ki jagah koi nahi le sakta
    Eagerly waiting for ur updated
    Luv u dear

  24. omgggggggggggggggggg ritzi fnally u r bck bt its looking a bit sad stry now bt i no sidmin ll unite in ur ff sun so im definately gonna read it i missed u so mch n ll b w8ing fr ur ff

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