It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 9 ( holi special)

A big SORRY guys for the late updates and happy HOLI to each and every ff reader…….…loads of love to u guys
The episode starts……….
Its morning and the boys have wake up but the girls are still in a deep sleep.uv and kunj are standing outside the girls room and uv is saying something to kunj
K: hey buddy I don’t think its a good idea

U: what pyaar kunj they also did the same na yesterday now today its our turn, do as I say
Kunj nodes in yes and they both silently go inside girls room, they both go near the girls
Boys: boooooooooooooo
The girls get scared and twinkles is so scared that she hugs kunj tightly due to why kunj looses his balance and both fall down on the ground, kunj above twinkle……both share a passionate eye lock, after sometime both come into senses and stand up, just then uv comes and applyies red colour in twinkle’s cheeks
U: happy holi my love
He hugs twinkle

T: happy holi to u too
But this time when uv huged her she felt something very wrong and the comfortness that she used to feel was gone and now she was feeling a bit irritated on hugging him but she ignored him, then twinkle applied colour to uv and chinki and then she threw the whole colour container on kunj
T: ye mujhe darrane ke liye
Kunj got full of colour
K: it was not only me to scare u, uv was also there why not he
Twinkle didn’t had answer for that question she also didn’t knew why did she did this masti with kunj only

T: v…v…vo I didn’t wanted to spoil his cloths.
Just then twinkle gets a call from her mother
T: good morning maa
L: gud morning beta, chalo come fast here today is holi na so I hv arranged a function and I hv invited sarnas and luthras( in my ff luthras are not enemies of tanejas)
T: wow maa I will come soon with chinki
L: ya beta bye
Twinkle tells about the function to everone
C: wow twinkle tanejas ki holi is what I like the most, there will be dance,bhaang( a drink which is drank in holi), water fight wowwwww
U: ya baby I m super excited
T: excitement to hogi hi na akhir tanejas ki holi hai, kunj its your first holi with us na but I promise once u see our holi then u will forget every other holi
Kunj smiles. All the four come to tanejas house where everyone has reached and their garden is fully decorated and many plates full of colours are situated on the tables. When they enter the tanejas garden someone throws water on all four of them from above and it is none other than leela
L: bura na maano holi hai!
T: maa! Look I m fully wet
K: look drama queen o sorry I mean twinkle no nakhras today everything is fair in love,war and holi
By saying this kunj lifts her up and throws her in the swimming pool
T: kunj!

K: what happend( in a funny way)
Twinkle pulls his legs so kunj also falls in the swimming pool
T: uv look na what he has done
U: very bad kunj why did u do this
Kunj gets tensed
U: arre first u should have applied colours on twinkle, but no problem
He throws 2-3 plate full ofcolours in the swimming pool, and he too jumps in the pool followed by chinki
T: o my god my swimming pool! Uv my swimming pool is full of colours u boys na!
C: come on twinkle forget it
They play there for sometime and get out when all the guests come in the garden to play. But twinkle is nowhere to be found
C: uv- kunj have u seen twinkle I m searching for her since last 10 min
Boys nod in no, just then music starts and a voice is heard all turn in the direction of voice. Ya guys u guessed it ri8……it twinkle and she is singing and dancing
T: itna maza kyu aa raha hai, tune hawao mai bhaang milaya
Dugna nasha kyu cha Raha hai aankho se meetha tune churaya
( both uv and kunj join her in singing and dancing)
O Teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi
Tu chali chaal kaise nawabi ho gayi toh

( everyone along with chinki join them)
Balam pichkari Jo tune mujhe maari to sidhi sadhi chori sharabi ho gayi
Jeans pehan ke Jo tune maara thumka to lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi
After the song gets finished, everyone starts to play including elders.
A tap is felt by kunj on his shoulders he turns around to see the moment he turn, twinkle throws hand full of colour on his face
T: this one was for throwing me in swimming pool
She then does the same with uv
U: ok now enough of playing , comeon let’s drink some bhaang
Kunj and chinki get excited
T: bhaang u know na uv that I don’t like bhaang
U: I know baby but today no excuses u will have to drink bhaang
K: twinkle why don’t u like bhaang its too tasty
Twinkle gets a bit shy
U: I will tell u

T: n…n…no uv
U: ( in a teasing manner) she doesn’t like bhaang because she gets drunk very easily and once when she gets drunk to control her is impossible
Kunj laughs
K: ooo but then also today u will have to drink bhaang
Both uv and kunj makes her drink bhaang forcefully, but it gets overdose for twinkle and she gets drunk

Precap twinkle gets uncontrollable and be4 everyone gets to know about her kunj takes her to his home while others are still busy in playing

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