It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 7


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The episode starts……
All agrees and are super excited for ni8
Its ni8 time and every one has reached chinki’s farmhouse which is near a jungle and is bounded by trees.
C: arre uv where is twinkle she didn’t come with u
U: ya chinki actually she told that she had some work so she will come by her own
Kunj is eagerly waiting for her
V: here she is

Everyone look at the entrance and kunj is again lost at twinkle she is wearing red coloured shots and white short T-shirt here belly is visible and is in perfect shape, her hairs are flying due to wind
C: twinkle come fast u r already late
T: chinki I was just wondering that your farmhouse is located at a very isolated place so….
K: so u r scared of ghosts….ri8 I don’t understand why u girls are so scared of ghosts
T: o Mr. I was not talking about ghosts I was saying that as this is very isolated place from where will we order food…..I m hell hungry and this mahan vivek told that we will eat here!
U: no problem guys

T: wow uv know how to cook I m impressed
U: n…no I don’t know how to cook but we have to girls here u and chinki u must be knowing how to cook after all u are girls
T: karli na typical mardon wali baat, I don’t know how to cook! Chinki what about u?
C: no twinkle I too don’t know
V: now???
K: don’t worry guys I hv brought pizzas for all of us come let’s eat it
C: oo that’s so sweet of u kunj
Everyone finish their food
C: chalo guys we will go in my room I hv planned something interesting for us
T: what?
C: come na!
They all go in chinki’s room, there chinki gives one one torch to everyone and asks them to sit inside a big blanket that was on the bed
U: what the hell in the world are u up to?
C: chill baba chill
Everyone except chinki go inside the blanket where twinkle is sitting in middle of uv and kunj, chinki switches off the light, twinkle gets scared and shouts
T: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Chinki I m gonna kill u, u come inside
Chinki also comes inside
C: twinkle jab tujhe darr lagta hai tab Teri akal kam karni bandh kyu ho jaati hai, why have I given u all this torch?
Everyone switches on the torch inside the blanket

K: now what?
C: vivek I know that u are a fantastic story teller so how about ghost stories??
T: g…g…g.
K: arre ab bol bhi de
T: g…ghost… I m very scared,of ghosts
U: chill baby it will be fun and why fear when yuvraj is here
V: OK so let me start
T: aaaaaaaaa

K: arre meri maa usse start to karne de
Vivek starts the story and twinkle is hell scared, she huges kunj inspite of uv neither twinj nor uv is aware of it and kunj also hugs twinkle from shoulder while he is busy listening to story, after sometime kunj comes into senses and sees twinkle who is just an inch far from him while he is busy watching her, the story ends and twinkle also notices that she has hugged kunj and not uv, they are very close to eachother their nose are touching eachother kunj is about to kiss her when twinkle goes far from him and hugs uv just to remind him that she has a boyfriend.

Precap twinkle and chinki plan to scare boys

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Awesomeeeeee Ritzi …u and ur ff are just fab

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    Nice one nd unite twinj soon…

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  4. Awesome episode..precap is really interesting

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  5. Faboulous epiiiiii!!!????????????

    1. I m happy u liked it sunaina

  6. loved it tooo muuuchhh…

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  7. coo ……………………… scare boys!i will love that

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  8. awesome yaar …. wtng fr d nxt one

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  9. Awesome episode…..but plz unite twinj soon

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  11. ♥twinj- forever♥

    amazing…. episode….♥♡♡♡

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  12. amazing episode ritzi….♥♥♥♥♥..loved it

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  13. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode.

    1. Thanks a lot star I m happy that new people are getting attracted, to my ff

  14. Awesome ritzi precap is interesting eagerly waiting for nxt part…..

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