It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 6


Thanks guys for the comments and loads of love to all of u?
The episode begins with kunj entering g the class where he sees twinkle and uv sitting together so he sits with vivek( uv’s friend)
Sir enters the class and starts to teach while he is teaching twinkle and uv and continuously romancing due to which kunj is also not able to pay attention, like this the class gets over and it was break
T: uv I m hungry
U: ya baby me too come let’s go and eat in the canteen
Twinkle, uv, vivek,chinki and kunj go to the canteen
U: u guys sit I will bring something
While uv is taking order a boy( dev) who is also in the same college comes where twinkle is sitting with her friends seeing him twinkle gets up
T: dev what aremu doi g here??
Dev says nothing but he bends and sits down on his one knee
D: twinkle…. I love u will u marry me
Everyone stands up and is hell shocked but uv is still busy in selection of food items
T: what nonsense is this dev u know I m uv’s girlfriend and we both love each other
D: ya I know that but u can do break up with him
T: break with him??? And that too for u…never in a million years
Dev gets angry and he holds twinkle tightly from her waist and pulls her closer but this time kunj gets more angry
T: leave me dev
He is about to kiss twinkle when someone punches him hard on face…well u guessed it right its our most handsome hero kunj
K: how dare u even touch her! Don’t u understand that she is not interested in u …..learn to respect girls
While kunj was saying this uv comes and vivek tells him everything… He gets hell angry and punches dev on stomach
U: now dare u propose my girlfriend…. How dare u touch her….I m gonna kill u
Kunj stops him
K: wait uv just don’t extend it,leave him but dev say sorry to twinkle
D: sorry ( in a rude voice)
Dev goes, twinkle hugs kunj tightly…. Thinking its uv
Uv: twinkle???
Twinkle comes in her senses
T: sorry kunj I thought its uv
Kunj doesn’t reply as he still wanted to hug her… Her touch had made him so comfortable…. He had began to fall for her even deeper but doesn’t realises it. Twinkle goes and hugs uv tightly and kunj holds his shirt tightly due to anger which came because of jealousy
C: ok -ok guys now chill and twinkle forget about it. I think we all need a break to refresh our moods so I hv a plan why don’t we have a ni8 stay in my farmhouse today…. It will be a great fun
V: ya chinki its a fabulous idea , what say uv?
U: ya bro its a great idea even twinkle has agreed to it and kunj u should definately join us bro
K: umm
C: arre kunj why r u thinking this much just say yes it will be a great fun!!!
K: ya ok i will join u guys
V: good… So we will directly meet at chinki’s farmhouse today at 8 pm
Everyone agrees and are too much excited about it!

Precap: ghost stories….. Twinkle scared…..twinj romance….a great fun

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Hey guys now I m very much sad to know that rajjo will start liking kunj and will fool twinkle to marry him I hv also read somewhere that uv will come to know about this mess and will enter chaudhary house to add fuel to it!! What do u guys say about it?? I thought rajjo was playing positive role but damn!

  2. Awesomeness overloaded ritzi

    1. So sweet of u akansha

  3. Nice one…but too short.. plz try to post long one

    1. Thanks lama and I will try to update longer epi

  4. thanx ritzi
    post next part fast

    1. It my pleasure fiona

  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Good yaar….hope so Twinj unite soon.

    1. Aww thanks a lot muskan

  6. wow …ritzi..(y)
    bt this rajjo omg!! i will cry…

    1. I m already crying tara

    2. But when r u gonna post ur update …. Did u post it yesterday I was searching for it but couldn’t find it

      1. no i haven’t i have xam tomrw so may on wed i ll post or may b tomrw by wed u ll get it..

  7. Tysm ritzi to inform us..n dat rajjo I will kill her

    1. No problem its my pleasure aarti

  8. Heyyy it was amazing yrr ritizi …..plz plzz post ur next epi soon

  9. ♥twinj- forever♥

    awesome ritzi…. I too thought that rajo will play positive but….

    1. Thank you twinj-forever I also thought the same but she is negative according to the sources

  10. it was amazing ritzi ….

    1. Thanks u so so so much panchi

  11. Ritzi it was superb! !!! 🙂

    1. I m happy u liked it sanam love u

  12. Awesome ritzi… B)B)=D>=D> What nonsense is this yrr i mean this rajjo drama this is too much i thought she is playing a positive role but….. I will kill her….:@:@:@

    1. Thank you sanu ya even I m disappointed with this track a bit

  13. too gud ritzi…jus unite twinj soon..n rajjo deserves a tight slap frm twinkle foolish girl wants to marry a married guy….

    1. Oo j tooooooo glad u liked it dear loveleen ya seriously she deserves a slap!!!!!

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