It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 56 (last epi)

hiiiii guys i knw wht u all r thinking…… wht? when? how cm? why?… this r ur thoughts na….. srsly sorry guts but i dont hv any other option… my dad told me tht he is going to take away my tab in two days so tht i fully concentrate on my studies…. i dont hv any other option guys…. plssss dont discourage me nd support me na…. i knw i m too bad…. u wont believe i hv been writing this ff fr the 3rd tym each tym it got deleted as i forgot to save it….. but still i m nt loosing patience to entertain u all… for the last tyn perhaps

nd ya shatakshi yaar…. congrats…. 92. 5%…. cool… but may i knw in whch std u scored so….. if in 10th… wad it difficult u to score tht much…. m really sacred abt 10th thts y m asking… pls do answer na

hry guys dont get tooo much senti yaar… theres a surprise waiting for u at the end

so lets begin my last epiiiii!…..

Recap: family decides to go out 4 dinner… twinj romance in room…. kabir putting glyserine on stairs….. twinkle heard a sound

now lets strt….

twinkle ws numb for a while….. her heart beat increased…. her body shkaing….. but she was disturbed by mahi’s voice

M: twinkle…. cm down fast!

the only word which came out frm twinkle’s mouth was….


saying dis she went out of the room nd at the top of the stairs she was shocked to see kunj….. his head was bleeding badly…. she quickly ran down… she ws about to slip on the glyserine containig stair but she managed not to do so

T thinks: y is the stair so slippy

but her thoughts were disturbed by usha

Us: kunj… kunj… utho na

twinkle quickly sat beside kunj…. took his head on her lap… nd stsrted rubbing his cheek inorder to make him conscious

T: kunj… wake kunj…… uv we need to take him to the hospital…. FAST!

uv nodded in tes


kunj ws on stretcher…. twinkle nd yuhi were running along the stretcher

K: (almost unconsious) twi… twi… n.. kle

Twinkle quickly hold his hand

T: shhh….. donn worry kunj… m wid u

nd the stretcher disappeared into a room (its not OT guys… but a treatment room… cm on yaar ab mai apne kunj ko itna harm kaise kar sakti hu ?)

# aftr abt half n hour

yuhi were consoling bebe whereas leela nd twinkle were consoling usha… jst then doctor came out of the room

every1 rushed to him

T: hows kunj…. doctor

Dr: dont worry mrs. sarna he is completely fine… jst a little injury on his head… but he is good.

all gets relived

T: can we meet him

Dr: ya but only 1 person at a tym as he is likely to get infected… we hv shifted him to room

jst then nurse cms oit running frm kunj’s room

N: doc…. vo patient

T: wjt happened to him…. KUNJ!

saying dis she ran inside….. doc. stopped any1 else to enter

wen twinkle entered the room she was shocked…. no guys not the see kunj….. arre bcos kunj ws not seen only…. hey m confusing u ri8… the thing is kunjnws not on his bed… nd sm nurses nd wardboys (wb) were bent down nd were looking snthng inside the bed

T: wat is going on here!

a nurse stood up

N: ru patient’s wife

T: ya

N: pls tell him to cm out na!

T: wat!

saying dis she to went near bed and bent down…. she saw kunj hiding under bed

T: wht the hell in d world is wrong wid u kunj

K: twinkle!…. thank god u came…. now pls tell them not to give me… in.. jection

T: wat! (hayye…. twinkle bichari wat ke bahar hi nhi aa rhi… hehe)

Wb: mam… pls tell him to take injection…. its imp. 4 him

T: ya ofcourse it imp. kunj….. why the hell r u behing like a 4 yr kid

K: twinkle u too…. no plss no…. kehne ko toh mai sher se bhi nhi darta…. lekin injection se darta hu

T: oh stop ur dialogue baazi now…. cockroach se kon darta hai fir…. cocroach se bhi darte ho…. injection se bhi darte ho…. darpok kahike

K: who is scred of co.. ckroach…. i… m.. nnn.. not scred

T: oh is it.

K: yes it is

T: (scaringly) kkk… kunj!

K: w.. what!


K: where!

T: jst… behind… u…. aaaaaaaaaaaah

K: aaaaaah

saying dis he quickly came out of the bed…. in no tym he realised how much good actress his wife was

K: t… twinkle… this is…. cheating

jst then he saw injection in 1 of the nurses hand

K:hehhey….. keep tht away frm me

saying this he started running all over room wid nurses nd wbs behind him

T: arre kunj!
nd she let out a faint laugh….. kunj strted moving towards the door in ordr to escape… but his lovely wofe came in betwn him nd his destinstion

kunj had no other option but to stop nd as soon as he stopped…. wbs hold him
kunj made a bechara wala puppy face to twinkle…. twinkle couldnt help to control her laugh

kunj ws made forcfully sleep on bed…. wid his back facing up…. but ussne bhi haar nhi maani thi…. he ws still struggling but all in vain as his hand nd lefs were hold by nurses nd wbs

twinkle came nd sat nxt to kunj on a stool

remeber guys his back ws facing up nd his head was towards twinkle’s side

K:(still stulruggling) leave me….. leave me i said… twinkle tu ruk… tujhe mai baad mei dekh lunga

nurse ws going to give him injection but twinkle signed her to wait fr smtym

Twinkle whispered to kunj

T: close ur eyes

kunj nodes in no


kunj had no there option but to close his eyes

T: thts like my boy…. accha do u remeber our first meet… hehe… in d mall… nd our official meeting during…..

a small curved apperad on his face

K: our accident

T: ohoo… u remeber…. then toh tumhe ye bhi yaad hoga…. how i banged a watermelon on yr head nd in return gift u throwed tomatoes on me

kunj became more relaxed on remebering tht….. his hands nd legs stopped moving

twinkle signed nurse to continue wod her wrk…. nurse pulled his pant piece a bit down…. this made kunj frown a bit

T:(making sure tht no 1 else listened) do u remeber our first ni8

dis ws jst enough fr kunj… the little frown too disappeared wid a big curve on his lips…. he didnt even got to know wen nurse had given him injection

T: kunj….

K: hmm

T:u can now conpose yrself

kunj came back to senses nd jumped back jst to sit on the bed

k:(side hugging her) i love u yaar

twinkle jst laughed

K: how did u managed to convience them tht nt to give me injection

twinkle broke the hug

T: wht!….. but u had ur injection jst now

K: wht! wen!

N: wen u were engrossed wid ur wife… must say mam…. u managed him soo well…. puri 15 min bigadi ek injection ke liye

twinkle passed a smile to her… kunj looked down in guilt

nurses nd wbs went nd family entered…. aftr sm questions…. nd talks….

Us: doc. has told any 1 can stay here

K: ya ya…. twinkle will stay

there ws an acute silence fr smtym… then all bursted into laughter…. making kunj again shy…. awww

T: ya ya…. i will only stay… bit be4 tht i hv to bring sm cloths for us frm home… sooo

B: arre dont worry twinkle… u go… we r here

twinkle smiled nd went

# in her car

T: kapde lana tph sirf ek bahana hai….. i jst wnt to find out tht wht happend wid kunj ws really any accident or…..

@ sarna mansion


twinkle went near the stair which was shining…. she touched it nd smelled it

T: it seems like glyserine….. but who will do this…. i m pretty sure it planned….. but who

A voice: ofcourse ur love…. baby

twinkle turned

T: kabir!

Kabir bowed down

K: yes!

T: u did this

K: ya baby…. for u…… but unfortunately kunj bach gaya…. koi baat nhi yaar…. better luck… nxt ty…


ya guys…. how can u all be wrong…. twinkle slapped him

T:(breathing heavily) how dare u do tht wid my kunj

kabir ws out of patience now
he hold twinkle left side of the neck… nd pressed it… twinkle ws wincing in pain but didnt showed it

Ka: how dare me? how dare kunj…. to marry u…. love… u…. ur only mine twinkle…. cm now… give me a kiss

saying dis he started pulling her closer…. pressing her left neck more…. but twinkle bit his hand… so kabir loosed his grip

T: dont u dare!

saying this she went back to hospital

@ hospital

#kunj’s room

aftr sm talking…. all went leaving twinj alone… twinkle sat nxt to kunj on stool…. trying hard to hide her pain…. kabir had pressed it sooo hard tht his fingerpronts got keft on her neck….. but she was hiding it…. so tht kunj doent takes stress

T:(putting his left hand on his ri8 cheek) kaise ho!

K: ab tu aagyi hai na… . bilkul thik ho jayunga

but as twinkle lifted her left hand…. tht side of hair whch were hiding her wound moved back…. making her marks visible to kunj

kunj got helllll tensed luking it.

K: twinkle! how did this happen

twinkle’s smile fade away

T: did u had ur food kunj!

K: twinkle!

twinkle ws left wid no option… she told hm everything…. hearing how kabir treated her….. made him go crazy…. the fact tht he attepmted to kiss him didnt worried kunj but the thing tht kabir tried to touch her made his anger cross the sky….. his eyes went alll red…. his body shivering wid anger….. the bedsheet of his bed was almost torn becus of cluthing it hell tightly.

The only word came out ws

K: how dare he!

nd the very nxt moment kunj pulled his drip


but kunj’s anger ws not in mood to calm…. he stood up…. wbs came hearing twinkle’s shout nd tried to make him sleep… but all in vain… kunj pushed all of them nd went out of the hospital…. twinkle ran behind him…

T: kunj wai…..

but be4 she could complete kunj left in his car…. all the family memeber had gone… but luckily uv didnt as he was attending an imp. call…. twinkle saw him nd quickly ran towards him…. seeing her… uv quickly cut the call

Uv: twinkle u here…. is everything alright… kunj!

T:sit in the car nd drive…. no more ques pls

boggled uv did so…. twinkle told the whole incident

Uv: oh god…. kunj nd his anger

luckily they caught kunj’s car nd followed him… both the car stopped at a house

T: oh shoot! it kabir’s house

Uv: oh no

kunj stormed in his house

NOTE: kabir lives alone

twiraj also went him… but they missed kunj… sobthey started searching for him everywhere in the house…. jst then twinkle heard a voice…. DHISHOOM DHISOOM frm a room nd so did uv…. they both went in tht room nd were shocked

kunj ws beating kabir like hell.

K:(while beating) how dare…. how dare u harm my twinkle…. how dare u even think to get physical wid her… HOW DARE U TOUH MY WIFE!

uv tried to stop him… but kunj ws like
de danadan de danadan
dil mera bole de danadan

It seemed tht 1 more punch to kabir nd he is all dead…. but luckily for kabir police came nd stopped kunj…. uv had called the police be4 entering the house…. police took kabir away

Ka: i will be back twinkle

police nd kabir left…. kunj came towards twinkle… they both shared an eyelock following a tight wala hug

uv ws left shocked…..

T:(still hugging) y did u do this kunj

K: i cannot afford if any1 touches u!

twinkle smiled nd they broke the hug

Kunj pushed her hair strands on the left neck nd saw the marks

K: is it hurting

twinkle noded in no… but still not statisfied kunj…. started kissing the marks on her neck

Uv thinks: shit! nd he closed his eyes

aftr smtym

Uv thinks: ab tak toh ho gaya hoga

Uv: guys can i open my eyes

twinj came back to senses…. nd quickly composed themselves

T: u.. ca.. n.. ope.. n.. uv

uv does so…. there ws a silence for smtime nd then they bursted into laughter…

……………………………………….. aftr 5years……………………………………………

@ sarna mansion
nothing ws changed….. everthing ws same there….. twinj nd yuhi’s bond….. yunj’s dirty talks… twihi’s gossips….. respect towards elders… but 1 thing ws changed…. their love…. twinj’s love… it had increased a lot……

yuhi nd twinj gathered in a hall

T: (whispering) r they still asleep

M: ya…. as always

K: chlo then…. as per routine we should wake them up

Uv: ya but slowly uh!

all three noded in yes…. nd they walked towards a room tip toed…. the room ws a big one… wid the darkest blue colur…. its ceiling had paintings of all planets nd stars it….. it semmed tht the room had a space theme

all four went near a king sized bed… nd they pulled down the blanket

All 4: good morning kiddos!

three cute cute kids woke up…. 2 girls nd 1 boy

Kids:(sleepily) good morning

T: oooo….. seems lile u alll r sleepy… but wht about the chocolates i brought for ull…. umm.. okay then i will eat all the choclates

Kids: no no… went want to eat

M: okay then… give ur parents a morning hug first

all the kids went to thier respective parents…. 1 boy nd 1 girl hugged yuhi…. yes they had twins…. rihaan… nd riya

nd a cute si…. pyari si… chotu si… girl (u can imagine ruhanika dhawan… pihu of yhm) hugged twinkle

G: momma!

twinkle lifts her… nd kissed her

T: aww my sia!

ya guys her name was sia kunj sarna

S: i love u!

T: i love u too baby

kunj pouts

K: all love to mumma…. wht abt daddy

nd he acts to cry

twinkle puts sia down… she ran nd hugged kunj…. kunj lifts her up

S: i love u too daddy!

then rihaan came running towards twinkle

(i forgot to tell u tht all r 5 yrs old)

R: maasi… maasi…. i want chocolate

Twinkle bends down

T: i’ll give but… but dont call me masi.. .. it doesnt suits me

R: then wat should i call u

be4 twinkle could speak

Uv: daayan

R: ok… daay….

T: no no rihann… dont listen to him… u can call me…. nd she whispered smthing in his ears

R: okay… i will call u tht

T: okay then i will bring chocolstes

twinkle brought chocolates nd gave it to kiddos

S: thank u mumma

R: thank u s*xy

kunj’s nd yuhi’s jaw dropped down

M: twinkle! mere bete ko ye sab mat sikha!

R: oh cm on mumma…. but masi is really very s*xy… hai na mausa

K:(not in senses) voh toh hai

Yuhi: kunj!

kunj came to his senses nd all shared a laughter followed by a family hug
…………………………………. end of 1st season………………………………………

so guys yr surprise is….. . this ff will be having a season 2!

as sm promises r yet to be fulfilled… if u remeber abt twinkle’s dream
but i m not promising u tht i wll be positing it ri8 now…. look let me first cover up my studies… then i will surely ri8 it… ab vaada kiya hai.. nibhana toh padega…. so till then bye bye… nd pls dont forget me uh!

1 reqst as its my last epu of this season i want all the silent readers to cmnt… pls

love u all yaar! wilk miss u all…

Credit to: Ritzi


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