It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 55


hiiiiii guys…. sorry fr late updates….. u knw wht nowadays i m only lost in sid nd his dialouges….. yaar they r jst bliss….. nd 1 of d most killung dialiuge was wen dey were in goa…. playing game nd twinkle asked him where did she hid the remote wen she wanted to watch ddlj nd kunj wanted to see india-pakistan’s match then aftr answerng her que kunj said ‘badi cute lag rhi thi khud ko smart samajhte hue ??’ i jst cant get over it…..
i also want to apologise allll ff writers…… crazy,roshni, shamz, shona, krystal, jisha, shreya, Kk, ria, shatakshi, akansha, tara, sonali….. sorry for not commenting yaar…. actually m really verrrry busy these days (sorry if i missed any1)…… but allllll yr ffs are jst breath takingly wonderful

nd sm of u asked me whether i m watching tei or not….. the answer is……………… yes…. hehe….. yes tamanna ur absolutely ri8…. i jst cant get over it….. firstly i thought wid sidhant i too will quit it…. then i came to know tht kunj’s character is till not ended so ri8 now im thinking tht pehle dusre kunj ko aane do den i will leave it….. hehe… so silly of me naa!
nd ya tamanna i m in 10th
Anushka…. m sorry dear….. but i m helll very much engrossed in my studies so i will try my best to send u short summary but if its not possible then pls do forgive me na
krystal tune toh sach mei darra diya tha yaar!

accha accha now let me start my epi…..

A dark room is shown……. a man is standing in dark so his face is not visible

Man: hey baby doll…… m back!

i think u guys have guessed it…… yup its none other than kabir

he ons the light of room nd his face is shown….. he is standing in a room where kunj’s pics are getting burned along wid their marriage pics nd he is laughing evilly

@ sarna mansion

all r in the hall…… hell worried jst then kunj nd twinkle cm down in the hall….. all eyes twinkle nd gets overjoyed

B: rab ka lakh lakh shukar hai ki hame hamare purani twinkle vapas mili

Twinkle looks down in shyness….. every1 goes nd hugs her….. leaving 1…. yup its uv…… twinkle notices it nd she goes near uv who is sitting on sofa

T: hmmmm….. toh koi apni best frnd se naraz hai (hmm so sm1 is upset wid his best frnd)

Uv: kon best frnd….. i donno any best frnd

twinkle sets on her toes……holding her ears (remeber uv is sitting on sofa)

T: (holding her ears) hey…… i m sorry

every1 smiles at their bond

uv looks at her…..

Uv: (smiles) its okay

bd they both share a frndly hug

Us: accha accha now…… look i hv an idea….. lets go to sm restaurant today

All: wowww….. ofcourse (hey i forgot to mention tht its 6 pm there ?)

K: vah vah maa…. wht an idea

B: accha ye sab chodo nd go…. get ready

Yunj: itni jaldi

B: arrr i m not telling to u….. m telling to twinkle nd mahi….. if they will go now den only we will be able to eat our food on tym

All: hehe

Us: so twinkle nd mah…. where r dey?

guys they both left as soon as bebe told of family outing

K: hehe…. i will also get ready

all went to their respective rooms

@twinj’s room

kunj again got stuck at the entrance…… no no guys this tym twinkle was not singing….. den????

arre dis tym he got stuck on seeing twinkle

K: beeeee iski vajah se hamesha mai entry maar ke entrance pe hi ruk jata hoon (jst bcus of her i always get struck at entrance)

she was wearing a red plazo nd black crop top….. a thin line if her tummy (may be 3 cm) was visible…. her hair were perfect straight with a perfect red vlolured lipstick on her lips…… she was now applying maskara

jst den she notices kunj…. nd signs what

K: hot lag rhi hai

T: mai paida hi hot hui thi (hehe my fav. dialogue frm HSKD)

K: hehe….

saying dis he also went near cupborad nd he too took out a red shirt.

he quickly changed his shirt……. now he was wearing a blue jeans…. white t-shirt nd above tht a red shirt wid all buttons open

nd our twinkle was still applying mascara

jst den she looked at kunj

T: hot lag rhe ho (lukng hot)

K: shayad mai tere saath hi paida hua tha (perhaps i must hv born wid u)

nd dey both burst into laughter


it is empty as everyone is still getting ready jst den kabir cms frm kitchen’s window

Ka: so aaj dinner ka plan hai….. i will also see kunj sarna how u go wid my twinkle

he goes near stairs nd pours glyserine on the stairs bd hides behind curtains which r just next to stairs

Ka: now kunj will cm down….. nd wat nxt….. hahahaaaa

jst then he hears footsteps if sm1 cmng down

Ka: aagya kunj…………. nooooooooo dis cant happen nooooo twinkle pls no dont cm down

yes guys it was twinkle in place of kunj

she is climbing down happily…… she is stepping down 1 by 1 nd she is about to step on stair which contains glyserine….. kabir closes his eyes in fear

T: ah!…..

Ka: oh shit! (still his eyes r closed)

T: ah! i forgot my phone in room ?

nd she again goes upstairs…… kabir feels relieved

@ twinj room

kunj sees her

K: arrey wht happened

T: i forgot my phone

K: biwiyan apne patio se utna pyar nhi karti jitna phone se karti hai (wives love their phones more than their husband)

T: haan agar phone pati ne gift kiya ho toh ab kya kar sakte hai (ya wat can we do if husbands hv only gift her phone)

kunj starts going down….. jst den twinkle holds him by his wrist nd pins him to d cupboard

guys today jst imagine twinkle as man of d relationship

Kunj was feeling very shy……. breathing heavily

K: t. ttwinkle w.. we… r getii.. ng l.. ate

twinkle pulles kunj’s coller making him cover up an inch distance too…. they r jst mm away…

T:(in a full revolver rani wala wild avatar) so wht….. i dont hv any problem in that

saying this she digged his head on kunj’s neck firstly she blew air frm her mouth on his neck….. this made kunj shiver

K thinks: kunj wat the f*ck is wrong wid u…. ur own wife is in a gr8 mood of romance but here ur behaving like a shy girl…… i mean boy….. wat happens to me wen she is dis much close to me…. oh my god i m jst not able to control my shivering….. wat will twinkle think of me!

there twinkle inserted her lips on his neck nd stsrted tasting it….. due to dis kunj felt a relieved due to her soft cold lips…… kunj now started gaining confidence nd he took his hands jst to place it on her shoulder…… he then pulles her away frm his neck…… now twinkle bcame shy nd was continuosly looking down…. kunj hold her chin nd made her face him….. he started moving towards her lips….. nd there u go

they both r having such a wild kiss…… passion was upto the brim….. u csn imagine the kiss in movie yaariyan during saloni’s swyamvar

aftr 2 mins the kiss was still going on but……

B: kunj puttar…. twinkle puttar where r u cm down fast (no worries guys she is in the hall only)

there the two love birds were still savouring the kiss nd as soon as they heard bebe their eyes which were closed widens up they stop their kissed but they didnt took off their lips frm eo….. they were jst paused….. staring eo with their about to pop out eyes

aftr few seconds they came into their senses nd took off their lips of eo’s

T: shit! kunj! thoda control nhi kar sakte the kya

K: ohhhooo ulta chor kotval ko date….. sote hue sher ko jagaya kisne….. tune…… phir bichare bukhe sher ko bolti hai shikar kyu kiya (u only had waken up sleeping lion nd once wen d hungry lion woke up ur telling him why did u hunt)

Twinkle was blushing inside…..

T: (controlling her blush as much as possible) ye tum kya bol rhe ho? sher? bhookh? police? (wht r u saying? lion? hunger? police? )

K: ohhoooo dekho toh bholi ko (ohoooo jst look at her innocence)

nd he started going towards her

jst then…..

Uv:(he is also in d hall) kunj romance ke liye puri raat padi hai abhi chal mere bhai pet mei chuhe daud rhe hai (kunj for romance still whole ni8 is left….. pls cm down ri8 now rats r running in my stomach)

kunj nd twinkle got shocked listening uv

T:(looking here nd there) room mei CCTV camera toh nhi ksge na!

K: haa be!….. then he cms to his senses

K thinks: wht the hell r u saying kunj…. ye twinkle ke saath saath rehkar tu bhi jhalla ho gaya hai (saying wid twinkle u hv also became mad) room mei CCTV camera kaise ho sakte hai!

M: twinkle shall i come up now

Twinj: noooooooo!

they could hear laughing voice frm the hall

T: i…. mean we r cmng

K: chal twinkle jaldi

T: kunj u g.. go…. vo…. my…. lipstick his smudged i will cm in 2 mins

kunj smiles

K: smudge free lipstick laani ki aadat dal de (make an habit of buying smudge free lipstick)

saying dis he ran away jst to leave a laughing twinkle

she was jst applying lipstick wen she heard a shout frm sm1 :aaaaaaah!

Twinkle’s eyes popped out

T: kunj!

To be continued…...

i know i know u r mad upon me….. but it was necessary to bring kabir

Welcome back pali….. u dont know how much i missed u…. we missed u…… smwhere i was knowing tht u will not quit ur ff…. i knew tht u will sinply not run away……. nd i wauted for u nd look mera intezaar rang laya… hehe

1 more thing guys…. tomorrow is the last day of my net pack then i dont know wen will we recharge it….. but i will try to post next epi soon…. sorry for this!

Credit to: Ritzi

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