It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 54


Good morning darlos…… hw u all?….. zyada formal ho gaya na ?… accha thanks for telling me tht sid is 27 yrs…. thoda toh age gap kam hua… hehe!

Tara: i couldnt believe it was sid…. ya his posture… his eyes (mashallah), his voice all was same but his lips….. were kinda different nd secondly i saw in sbb seg tht zain nd jasmin had called sid…. which was on speaker so i was able to hear his breath taking voice….. nd they said tht he is busy in enjoying his holidays

nd now i hv heard tht dr. pallavi will give him her husband’s face nd then she will fall for kunj…. love triangle btwn twinkle, kunj nd pallavi…. well i dont believe it bcus they said the same thing in rajjo track tht she will fall for kunj but nothing happenend…. second rumor is he will be back in a negative avtar bcus he will misunderstand uv nd twinkle are in relationship….. this might happen but i dont think his -ve avtar will be permanent….. jst hope they find a good luking new kunj…… ofcourse no1 can be better than sidhant but still they should not go for worst options like tht rafi malik

u knw we allllll were telling tht we will quit tei….. be honest…. kitnone sachmei choda ?

nd ya those who r in fb plsssss do sent me yr email

so now let me cm to the main point…… mera epi…. hehe

@ bedroom

its abt 30 min nd twinkle is ready in her original wala hottie avatar…. she is now setting her hairs….. as it was too late kunj came to room to check if she is fine

K:(he is still at corridoor) kitna tym lagati hai yeh (how much tym does she takes)

nd he enters the room nd got stuck at the entrance only…. no no guys not bcus of fevicol yaar….. wanna know the real reason then…..

T: haaan aaaaaa haaaan aaaa oooooo oooo
mai jaan ye vaar doon
har jeet bhi haar doon
keemat ho koi tujhe beintahaan pyaar doon

yup goes twinkle was singing (hansi unplugged frm hamari adhuri kahani) so our hero got stuck due to her voice….. if u have tht song then pls do listen while reading this
she took kunj’s pic frm the dressing table nd continued singing looking at his pic
T: saari haadein meri…… ab maine tod di
lekar mujhe pata….. awargi ban gaye
haan hansi bann gaye…. haan nameen bann gaye tum mere aasmaan….. meri zameem bann gaye

kunj was feeling sooo glad tht sm1. in world is there whom he can say tht she is only his…. nd nobody else has ri8 on her

T: haaan aaaaaa aaaaa ooooooo ooo
kya khub rab ne kiya….. binn mange itna diya
varna hai milta kaha hum ko firho ko khuda x2

she hold his pic and twirls while singing (widout noticing kunj) there kunj also twirls imaginig himself at his pic’s place

T: hasrate ab meri…. tum se hai ja mili
tum duan ab meri….. aakhri bann gaye

nd she moves her hand on kunj’s cheek (in pic)….. so kunj also moves his hand on his cheek to feel her touch

T: haan hasi ban gaye…. han nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan….. meri zameen bann gaye
heeeaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa oooooo ooooo

nd the song gets over…… twinkle is still looking at kunj’s pic…. nd kunj is still looking at twinkle standing at the entrance only….. aftr sm tym

K: kabhi hamre sath bhi gaana ga liya karo (smtyms u should even sing with me)

twinkle who was busy staring his pic…. jerks a bit due to his sudden voice….. she widens her eyes (still facing her back)

T thinks: siyappa

She turns towards kunj… nd hides his pic behind her back

T: kunj… tum… k.. kab… aye…. tumne… kuch.. dekha toh nhi na (kunj wen did u came… u didnt saw anything na)

kunj now cms towards her

K: (full drama wala mood) nahi nahi…. maine kuccch bhi nhi dekha (no no i didnt saw annythng)

twinkles gets a sigh of relief

K: vaise tumhare haath mei jo pic hai na usme mai kuch zyada hi hot nhi lag raha (by the way the pic which u hv in yr hand… am’nt i lukng very hot in it)

T: hmm…… what!….. means u saw everything

K: ab kya karein ye gustakh aankhein tumhara picha hi nhi chodti (now wht to do my eyes r nt ready to leave u)

so twinkle keeps his pic on bed nd kunj remebers smthng

K: vaise kya gaati ho tum….. tumhe toh singer hona chahiye tha (guys he purposfully said tht…. remeber uv said the same thing bd she got teary eyes)

dis tym also same happens to twinkle….. she was not able to control her tears nd heavy breath as a side affect of controlling tears

kunj noticed it….. nd hold her frm her shoulders….. twinkle was continuously looking down… so he lifts her head up holding her chin wid 1 hnd

K: hey tell me twinkle whts wrong…. y do u always cry wen smbody says u to bcme a singer

he again places his hand on her shoulders frm her chin

twinkle wipped her tears

T: kunj chalo lets go down…. everbody must be waiting

saying dis she started walking but kunj holds her wrist nd pulled her towards him

K: dont try to change the topic…… cm lets sit

nd they both sit on bed….. kunj’s hand on twinkle’s lap

K: tell me

T: its nothing kunj

K:so now u will hide it frm me….. okay then

he lifts her hand nd puts it on his head

K: tumhe meri kasam….. tell me whts wrong

twinkle takes her hand

T: kunj!

K: twinklee!

T: toh tum nhi manoge (so u will not agree)

K:(nodding his head in no) umhm!

T: okay then suno….. be4 meeting u….. becoming a singer was my one nd only dream…. i was so determined to fulfil my 1 nd only dream tht i was ready to fight wid thousands of people…. so i applied in many singing concerts but ya smwhere my talent was lacking…. all the companies needed experience…. which i didnt had… then 1 day there was mom’s buisness party at our house many big buisness rivals had came as mom had won best buisness woman of the year award so i sang a song in the party as her gift

i didnt know tht….. tht party will change my whole life…. i was unaware that rajveer singhania was also there

a small intro of rajveer singhania
a famous singer…..nd a kind hearted person…. he very talented nd handsome…. his looks can make any girl fall for him… he is tht famous that twinkle didnt had a need to explain to kunj who he was bcus he is very succeesful

K: oh my god rajveer singhania!

T: i had same reaction kunj… wen mom made me meet him aftr my song….. i was really overjoyed to see him nd my happiness broke alllll the boundries wen he told…. ah i still remember his words perfectly ‘gud job twinkle….. u hv a capability of bcmng a succeesful singer…. but the only thing is yr voice needs a bit training’ i was sooooooo happy nd i asked him could he suggest me a nice singing class were i can train my voice…. (note:she had a natural voice nd didnt wnet to any singing classes be4) nd his reply…. oh god… tht reply i still cannot believe ‘no beed for singing classes twinkle… i myself will train u’

K: whaaat! r u serious did he really told that!

T: ya kunj ya….. nd i was lyk abt to faint wid happiness at tht tym

K: wht happened nxt… tellll na faast

T: i was sooooooo happy….. but den he continues ‘for tht u will hv to cm to USA wid me for 6 months nd i promise on the 8th month u would hv become a epitome of singer’ i became sad….. not bcus i would hv to leave india… u knw na i was ready to do anything fr my career…. i was sad bcus i knew mom will not agree…. but to my amusement she agreed!

K: what!

T: yes… she agreed….. bcus she knew how much crazy i was fr my music….. nd i had applied for veesa too….. it was final tht we were leaving aftr 2 mnths… mahi was going to accompany me… aftr all which mother will send her daughter alone…. but….

she became sad again… kunj put his hand on her shoulder

K: but?

T: but the at the very next day of tht party….. i met u…. we felt in love…. i was sooo engrossed in spending tym wid u… tht i totally forgot tht jst 1 month was left for me to go to USA…. wen u propsed me i simply said yes…. i couldnt regonise but i felt i was forgetting smthng…. den our marriage dates got fixed….. my doubt of forgetting smthng got a full stop wen i got a mail frm rajveer sir stating tht jst a week left for USA

at tht moment i was half dead… i couldnt really understand wht to choose… u or my dream…. i decided to talk to u tht if we could postpone our wedding….. but mom stopped me… she told tht my lyf is more imp. than my dream i opposed saying my dream is my lyf… but mom shutted my mother saying arent u my lyf…. she told she will totally not compromise wid my wedding wht if later u all deny for wedding….. i told tht our love was true nd wilk srsly not leave me if i tell u abt my dream

kunj too got teary eyed

T: but then seeing nothing working my dad gave me last warning tht if i dont agree to their decision then he will kill himslf…. ya i knw they were being rude but they r pure at heart nd they only wanted my lyf to be set….. so i had no other option but to agree…. they also made sure tht i dont tell u anything

K: but y couldnt rv (rajveer) train u in amritsar

T: bcus he had an imp contract in USA of 2 yrs
kunj cleared her tears

K:(in a shaky voice) Twinkle tum itni strong kaise ho…. i mean u didnt even let me a small doubt tht u were going through dis much big dilemma…… u chose me infrnt of ur dream

nd he hugged her tightly

K:(still hugging) twinkle i promise tht u will fulfil ur dream

twinkle got shocked nd broke the hug

T: but kunj hows tht possib….

be4 she could conplete kunj covered her mouth wid his finger

K: shh…. i cannot live wid a weight tht u hv sacrificed ur dream for me…. u will hv to fulfil yr dream not fr u…. but fr me

T: but kunj hows tht possi..

K: first promise me

aftr a while….. twinkle smiled nd placed her hand on his hand

T: promise!

K: thts lyk my girl!

nd they both hugged again

Precap: this was half twist…. other half is still left.. hehe

Credit to: Ritzi

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