It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 53

Hello guys….. sorry for late updates yaar….. u knw i was jst surfing sidhant gupta’s name on internet….. nd u knw my eyes popped out wen i saw his year of birth….. ya many of u must be knowing but i m always late u knw….. i camebto know he is 29…. oh my god….he srsly doesnt seems 29…. so young….. soooo dashing….. i was thinking he must be 25 or below…. whatever….. wen i heard his voice on sbb… wen zain nd jasmin called him…. i was blushing till abt 10 mins…… finally aftr saw long i heard his voice atleast… hehe…. anyways…….
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i m srsly glaaad tht u all obeyed me nd many of u listened the song while reading….. i m also glad to hear tht u all also got the same feelings which i got upon listening the song nd imagining the situations.. hehe

nd sorry guys….. u will hv to wait for that twist for a little while

The episode starts…..

twinkle nd mahi cooked halwa nd basundi respectively for their first rasoi nd everyone liked it very much

next day (sorry guys for this fast forwadness)

Twinkle came out of bathroom wearing her baby pink s*xy bathrobe nd… nd.. nd

T: hay… look at my husband… he is still asleep… uff

she went near bed nd shaked him

T: k.. kunj… utho na….. uthoooooo

but our handsone hunk didnt even showed a lil movement

T: look at him… mujhe kumbh karan ki behen bulata hai he toh kumb karan ka papa nikla………….. aftr a while………. arre arre twinkle ye tu kya bol rhi hai….. if he is kumb karan’s dad then i will becm his daughter!!!….. no no no…. let him be kumbh karan’s sistas hubby…. hehe….. twinkle r u out of ur mind…. ye tu kya bol rhi hai… heheeheeee

aftr abt ten min

T: basss ab bahut ho gaya (its a high tym now)

u must hv gueesed na why she said tht…. ya bcus he was still asleep… nd our so called bholi twinkle was now in full 2 sherni avtar…. she took a whole jug of water…. nd… nd…aaaaaand..


Kunj jumps frm the bed

K: aa… aaaaa…. save me…. tsunami…. save meee

T: tsunami!…. lagta hai ur not totally awake…. ye lo kunj sarna

jst then another…… SPLASH…… unfortunately there was a bottle also in the room

K: (shaking his head to remove water frm his hair) aaaaaah

aftr wiping his wet eyes he came to know the whole scenario

Twinkle now puts her 1 hand on his chest nd moves her another hand’s finger on his cheeks sensuasly

T: good morning handsome

but dis tym our kunj was too much angry on her…… so he pushed her a bit to remove her hands nd fingers frm him…. twinkle was shocked

K: ye koi tarika hai twinkle…..uh!…. is this the way to wake up yr pati dev! (he was srsly angry)….. how can a wife treat his husband like this…… srsly i shouldnt have married with u…. mujhe tumse shadi hi nhi karni chahiye thi

(hey u guys must be thinking y so much anger…. hota hai yaar… if sm1 is waken up wid a jerk then its natural 4 him to be angry bcus at tht tym our brain is still in tht sleepy state but our body his woken up bcus of tht jerk)

twinkle was srsly teary eyed

T: oh is it! then whom would u hv liked to get married mr kunj sarna

K: (not in senses) a simple girl twinkle….. a girl who respects his husband…. nd treats him like god…. he looks at her frm bottom to top…. nd the 1 who wears full cloths not like u okay

T: kunj…. i srsly cant believe its u (ya he is not him…. he is still sleepy nd not in senses yaar twinki)

K: ya whtever….. get up i need a bath aftr yr stunt

nd he went in bathroom jst to leave behind a broken twinkle….. aftr abt 5 mins

@ bedroom
twinkle stands up aftr a long cry…. now she wipes her tears

T: enough if ur tear twinkle nd she wipes it….. now u jst hv to show kunj tht who is twinkle taneja sarna….. i will become the type of girl u wanted….kuch bhi karne ka but twinkle ki self respect hurt nhi karne ki (now thts like my girl hehe) saying this she went near her wardrobe

@ bathroom

K: shit! wht the hell did u do kunj….. shit man… shit…. how coukd u say tht….. i dont. believe i jst said tht (believe kaise hoga…. at tht tym u were sleepy na)….. a will hv to ask fogiveness to twinkle

saying this he opened the bathroom door jst wrapped in a towel wrapped around his waist

K: oooooooh shit!…… Twinkleeee…. wht the hell is this

hey guys our beauty queen was wearing a saree wid a veil until her forehead

(i know u all be mad at me…. but trust me…. now the real fun begins)

Twinkle turns around…. showing her back to kunj

T: hay daiyaan! kunj ji… pls apni kapde pehen je bahar aaya kijiye (pls cm out aft wearing cloths)

K thinks: srsly she…. i mean twinkle…. she told hai daiyaan nd kunj JI… nd wht she told kapde pehen ke bahar aya karun… i dont belive she is the same twinkle who used to call me handsome…. who used to wear tht s*xy cloths…. who used to romance wid me…. who used to fight wid me….. aaj bilkul accha nhi lag rha wen she is respecting me

Kunj walks towards twinkle nd makes her face him

K: twinkle….. sorry na….. pls forgive me

but our ziddi twinnkle….. itni jaldi kahan manne wali thi… nd actually she should not….. anjaane mei hi sahi but her self respect is hurted

T: arre kunj ji….. how can i be miffed wid u…. ur my god….. how can i be miffed wid u

saying this she bend down nd touched his feet…. a tear dropped frm kunj’s eyes (bechare ko kaun samajhaye she is our drama queen nd our bhola cum handsome hunk is taking it srsly)

Kunj makes her up

K: twinkle yaar….. mei tere pair padta hu (i beg u)

saying this he layed down

K: pls…. i wnt my old twinkle back

Twinkle was smiling in her heart

T thinks: ab maza aaya kunj bacchu…. its srsly a gr8 fun in pulling ur legs

Twinkle makes him stand

T: hayye bhagvan…. pls dont do dis…. apni biwi ke pair padoge toh paap lagega mujhe

K:(almost crying) twinkle ye tu kya bol rhi hai (wht r u speaking)

T: accha chalo….. lets go down….i hv to cook also na

K: aise?…. no no… pls change na

T: arre kunj ji how can i wear anything else…. aftr marriage i m supposed to wear this only nd moreover u wnted this kind of girl only na!

saying this she was abt to go but stopped

T: aap pehle…. vo actually pati hamesha pehle hote hai

kunj was srsly in a verge of crying…. not knowing wht to do he jst followed her

they were climbing stairs nd wen everyone saw her

All: whaaaaat!

the one which were the mist shocked were uv nd mahi… bcus they know her dressing style since college… or uv toh uska ex reh chuka hai

Twinj reaches hall….. kunj’s hand was on his forehead which had frowns

K thinks: siyappa (hehe guys…. twinkle ka dialouge)

M: (wiping her eyes) twinkle…. iss tht u

T: (simply) haan

M: wht the hell is thi….

but be4 she could speak abything further

Uv: twinkle…. wht the hell in this world is wrong wid u

(he was cupping her face….. look guys…. we all know the they were in relationship butbaftr tht they had a special bond…. of best frnds… so no 1 was shock wid uv’s reaction)

but twinkle pushes his hands wid a jerk…

M: twinkle!

T: no other men has a ri8 to touch me…. only kunj ji has tht ri8

yuhi nd kunj: twinkle ye tu kya bol rhi hai (almost crying)

our smarty bebe realised tht smthing was fishy

B: twinkle puttar pls bring breakfast for us

T: sure bebe… bahuein isi liye toh hoti hai… shadi ke baad unki zindagai… apne parivar ki seva karna aur (looking at kunj) aur apne bhagvan jaise pati ki seva karne mei hi hoti hai (dil’s r for this work only…. aftr marriege their life is only in pampering her family nd her god like husband)

saying this she went

K thinks: jaate jaate bhi bomb phodd ke gayi ?

K: aaaaah….. bebe… leave my ear…. aaah….. uv….. leave my other ear

bechara kunj 1 ear was getting pulled by uv nd other by bebe

Uv: wht hv u done to twinkle?

B: ya ya…. wht did u told her kunj

K: m telling m telling first leave my ear plssss

they both left him…… nd kunj told everything to them

M: kunj wht twinkle is doing is completely ri8….. she is of no one once her self respect is questioned….. how can u insult her… i m wid ny sister

Uv: not only u…. me too

Usha nd bebe: we too

bechara kunj…. har waqt bali ka bakra vahi banta hai

K: arre y dont u guys understand i was sleepy at tht tym

Us: kunj are these my teachings to u…. did i told u to disrespect a girl

(Arre arre matao pehle mere kunj ki baat toh sunn lo)

jst then twinkle cms

T: i hv set the food on dinning table

but while she was walking her saree came between nd she felt down… sprainig her leg

T: aaaaaah!

K: twinkleeeeee

he quickly went nd picked her in bridal style nd made her sit on sofa

everyone was worried for her

K:(teary eyes) wht was the need to wear saree uh! r u okay

he touched her leg…. but she moved her leg to other side

T: aaah.. ouch…. ku.. kunj… ji…. pl.. pls… husbands… neve.. r… touch… wife’s…. legs… aaah

guys let me clear 1 thing she was not acting…. she was really hurt… but her zid was more than her pain

K: (hell angry) are u insane!

he took lifts her up in bridal style nd took her to thier room

everyone understood tht they needed sm privacy

@ bedroom

kunj made twinkle sit on bed nd again touched her legs

T: aah… kunj.. ji

K:(on the peak of anger… wid red eyes..) shut up twinkle

T: but…

K: i m ur husband na…. u hv to follow me

twinkle was numb as kunj ne usse uski language mei javab diya tha hehe

kunj made few twists on her legs

T: aaa… aah

nd now twinkle’s pain vanished

T: thank u kunj… j…..

but be4 she could even complete her lips were shut by kunj’s lips…. he was kissing her deeply nd a bit wildly due to anger…. while kissing his hands went towards twinkle’s forehead…. he took off her veil…. twinkle was numb due to his touch so was jst closing her eyes savouring the kiss….. kunj now took off her saree…. very slowly…. nd they broke the kiss

twinkle was jst in a blouse nd chaniya (a long skirt type cloth wore under saree)

when the kiss broke she came into senses…. nd was shocked to see her state

T: oh my god! kunj (aftr smtym) ji a… apne ye kab kiya?

K: bas kar twinkle…. pls forgive me pls…… will u fulfill my wish

T: ya ya yr wish my priortiy

K: i want my old twinkle back

aftr smtym…. wen twinkle didnt answered

K: look twinkle i m…

T: wish granted handsome

K: first listen to me i m sor…. wht?…. say it again

T: wish granted!

K: no no the last word

T: (shying) handsome

K: oh my god…. oh my god….. thank u (zikra’style hehe) soooooo much

nd he hugged her tightly……..twinkle broke the hug as realised her state (remeber… only in two cloths)…. she quickly covered herslef wid blanket

T: kunj!

kunj also realised her state

K: (naughtily) so wht…. i m ur hubby na…. nd u only told uv tht only i hv ri8s on u

T: (a bit sad) kunj…….. i think i did wrong wid uv…. i will hv to say sorry to him

K: ya…… he srsly thinks u as his bestie

T: hmm…. accha tell me 1 thing….. y did u took out my… um.. saree

K:(smiles a bit) i dont need any reason to romance wid my wife

T: kunj…. m serious

K: bcus i jst hated ur new look…. tht behen ji type saree was spoiling ur s*xiness…. nd tht veil was stopping me to see ur lovely hair

Twinkle smiles a bit

T: ohk hubby….. but now let me change….. i too m irritated wid it yaar

K: twinkle

T: hmm

K: m srry for today morning…. voh actually i was not in senses…. i.. i… i shouldnt hv hurt ur self respect look….

twinkle puts her hand vertically on his mouth

T: shh…. u need not explain…….. accha okay now let me change

K: noo

twinkle widens her eyes

K: i.. i mean (puliing her left cheek) maine nikale hai toh mai hi pehanaunga na wify

T: no need

K: (ignoring) okay i will choose a dress for u wait

T: kunj…. i told no need

K: arre ya ya i will not choose a saree for u

T: kunj…. i will change by myself

K: (going towards wardrobe) i luv u too darling

T: uff!

kunj pics a blue traditional dress frm wardrobe

Kunj starts walking towards her…. . she covers herslef fully wid blanket…only her eyes nd above part is visible

T: no no no

K: yes yes yes

kunj too sits on bed wid her nd tries to take out her blanket but twinkle was cluthing it tightly……. so kunj blows air on her face….. twinkle feels it nd cloese her eyes…. automatically her grip loosens

kunj smiles bcus of her shyness

he now takes out her blanket…… twinkle’s eyes r still closed….. kunj opens her blouse doori….. this makes twinkle’s forehead frown

T thinks: saree pehen ke galti kar di

K thinks: chalo saree pehan ke kuch toh accha kiya

kunj takes out her blouse….. twinkle cluthes her bedsheet nd she opens her eyes…….. jst to see tht kunj was already looking at her…. smiling…. she too blushes….. kunj now pulles doori of her chanya/choli…… she was able to feel the loosening grip of choli frm her waist

twinkle was now wearing her underpants only……. she too shy but still controlled it.

kunj then kisses her neck…. she shivers a bit

T: kuun… j

K: hmm

T: now make me wear cloths

Kunj moves his head frm her neck

K: pehenne ka kaam tum karlo ?? (u do the work of wearing cloths)

Twinkle widens her mouth

T: hawww……. u husbands na…. kapde nikalne hai toh (if u want to take out cloths)…. arre i wilk do it i will do it….. nd kapde pehanane hai toh (nd if u have to make us wear)…. u do tht work

K: haan haan….. whatever (he stands nd opens the door) wear quickly nd cm

twinkle roles her eyes nd gives a whatever wala look

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