It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 51

hi my dear frnds….. so i changed the dp aftrall i cmpleted half century yaar…… hope u all liked it… u knw wht when pearl told me about that new promo i was like directors r going on a correct path to end tei more sooner…. i mean by bringing new kunj they r nt only disappointing twinj fans but also twiraj fans… they could have shown twiraj only….. srsly god they r jst changing the show into crap argh!

now no more bak bak… first let me complete my thanks giving
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shreya, krystal, sanam when r u guys gonna post ur ff yaar…. srsly m waiting eagerly for it…. plssssss post asap guys

pearl can i jst know where do u stay nd in which std do u study… i knw its kinda personla but still if u can

sasmerra i think u didnt liked my last epi…… srry for tht dear but ri8 now i m srsly writing my epi wod lots if difficulties….. u knw abt my mom’s operation na

nd ya thanks to all those who always ask me to tc of my mom…. dont worry guys she is better than be4 now

i dont knw why i always do dis much of bak bak!

The episode begins….

twinj and yuhi reaches sarna mansion

uv cms out of the car begging mahi

Uv: mahi….. meri jaan pls forgive me… aage se kabhi apni personal baatien kunj toh kya kisi se bhi share nhi karunga

jst then his eyes went on twinkle who was staring him angrily so he continues

Uv: aur kunj ko ideas bhi nhi dunga

kunj didnt know what to speak so he deciede to stay quite…. all four enters sarna house….. usha does their grih pravesh nd all

they enter the hall…… usha brought two plates with milk nd rose petals in it

K: maa what is this?

U: its a ritual….. there is a ring inside the plate nd the one who finds the ring first will rule over the other for lyftym….. nd uv beta…. mahi beta… its okay dont worry if anita ji is not there….. i too m yr mom only na…. i will fulfil all the rituals on her behalf

yuhi: thank u aunty!

U: arre np yaar….. ok so now lets start the ritual
twinj look at eo…. nd the start their heart to heart convo…. widout speaking

K thinks: ye ring toh mai hi nikal ke rahunga…. agar nhi nikali toh mera bhi naam kunj sarna nhi

T thinks: accha toh apne liye koi dusra naam soch lo beta…. bcus twinkle taneja sarna never looses

aww dekho toh kitna pyaar hai dono mai….. bina sune hi ek dusre ki baat jaan lete hai

they all sit down…. the arrangement is like twinj opp. to nd yuhi opp. to eo nd twihi sitting side by side nd yunj sitting side by side…. there r two plates 1 for twinj nd other for yuhi

Bebe: okay….. 1 2 3….. goooo

nd wht next…… all 4 were busy in racing like a kid…. aftr about 1 min mahi found the ring…. nd all clapped 4 her…… now the competation was btwn twinj

both were staring continuously in eo’s eyes….. their hands which were hidden under the white milk caught the ring togther…. now the snatching ceremony began inside the milk only

T thinks: iss baar toh haar nhi manungi

K thinks: this tym i will not back off…. idea!! i will wink twinkle nd like all thoses girsl she will shy nd will loose her grip…. then the victory is all mine…. ur gr8 kunj sarna!!

he looked at twinkle who was already looking at her….. nd winked…. but to his amusment twinkle didnt reacted

T thinks: tum apne aap ko kya samajhte ho kunj sarna…. tht i m like all thoese girls who will say’hai daiyaan’ nd will leave the ring…. ur completely wrong then….. nw wait nd watch….. wht i will do

the snatching was still going on….. now twinkle passed him a flying kiss……

K: hai daiyaan

saying this he took off his hand….. twinkle passed her victorious smile to kunj as she had won….. yeppe…. girl power always wins

all again claps…. twihi passes a hi5 to eo

K: e.. eeeek min…. ye cheating hai… twinkle ne cheating ki hai

T: accha….. kya kiya maine bolo bolo….

he was abt to speak but…

T: nd pls dont give those filmy reasons tht i winked u or i gave a flying kiss to u.

K: exactly!…….. (then sadly) okay….. i lost

all memeber laughed

K thinks: kunj sarna how could u forget tht ur twinkle is not lyk ordinary girls…… har waqt tera waar tujhpe hi ulta kyu padta hai yaar! acchs hua maine harne ke baad apna naam badalne wali baat zorse nhi ki…. varna mera cute sa name change karna padta!

U: accha…. chalo chalo baccho….. u go to ur rooms…. u all must be tired na….. nd uv-mahi cm let me show u both ur room

twinj went to their room nd yuhi’s room was exactly next to twinj’s room

@twinj’s room

K: twinkle maaf karde yaar…. plssssss

but lur drama queen…. uff!…. she didnt listened jst then usha called twinkle for sm wrk so she went outside

K thinks: arre yaar…. ye maa bhi na…. okay let me go nd change now

kunj went to the bathroom….. jst then twinkle arrieved

T thinks: thank god kunj bahar chala gaya…. its srsly very difficult to ignore him yaar….. i jst cannot stay widout talking to him…. uff kitni garmi hai…. let me change yaar….. nd she closes the room’s door nd started taking out her cloths

in batroom

K: mai bhi kitna pagal hu na! change karne aaya lekin kapde hi bahar bhul gaya

so he wrapped towel through his waist line nd went outsode (i think u guys must hv guessed whts gonna happen next)

K: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

yup my intelligrnt frnds….. kunj went outside when twinkle was jst in two pieces

twinkle turned nd…. wht next…. she to joined him in shouting competation


nd guess wht twinkle won this competation too….. aftr all chillane (shouting) ke khel mei girls se koi jeet sakta hai kya… hehe

while shouting she covered herslf with the short white nylon blanket…. which could only hide her area above the thies

jst then to increase their embarrasment…….

Usha: arre kya hua kyu chilla rhe ho…… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

twinj were shoced to see usha…… so they hid their bodies behind the same room curtain…. ab ek bechara curtain do logo ko kaise chipa sakta hai…… so twinj had to hug eo…. to hide thenselves as much as possible behind a small curtain

hearing usha’s scream yuhi nd bebe too arrieved

wht next

now each nd every family memeber were the participants of ‘kaun chillayega sabse zyada’ competstion

twinj, yuhi, bebe, usha: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

aftr smtym whn the winner was very difficult to announce bebe spoke

B: tum dono mei sharam naam ki cheez hai ki nhi

T:(still behind the curtain) bebe maine door lock kiya tha

K:(he too behind the same curtain) toh kya…. tera shah rukh khan khol ke gaya door

Usha: bandh ho jao tum dono…… door lock hua ki nhi hua voh chodo…. chillaye kyu!

twinj looked at eo

K: m… ma….. a.. apki…. CBI inquiry babdh karo yaar…. hamari halat toh dekho

U: oh sorry sorry……. chalo sab bahar niklo… let them enjoy

twinkle was now unable to stop her blush

K: (whispering) chalo issi bahana…. tumne koi reaction toh diya

all left….. but mahi came back

M: twinkle….. hv fun uh!

nd she ran away

T: mahi ki bacchi

she again came back

M: twinkle abhi itni jaldi bacche kaise…. kal hi toh suhagrat hui thi

nd she again ran away…..be4 twinj could even laugh at her she again came back

M:vaise tum dono ko dekh kar toh lagta hai…. mere se pehle tumhare bacche honge

kunj was smiling badly

T:(blushing….. nd shouting) UVVVVVVVV! apni jaan ko leja yahan se varne ye hamari jaan nikal degi

mahi ran away….. but she again came back

Twinj: ab kya!

Mahi:(while closing their door) privacy naam ka bhi koi word hota hai

nd she ran away…… this tym finally

now twinkle who was all rolled up with kunj in a curtain started to free herself

K: arre… tw.. twinkle ye tu kya kar rhi hai

T: kyu! zindagi bharr aise hi rehne ka irada hai

K: i dont mind!

T: shut up nd help me!

kunj unwantedly started to unroll the curtain but he too failed

actually guys the curtain was really very badly coiled by both of them tht they both got stuck in it

K:(still trying) dekh twinkle ye bechara curtain bhi nhi chahta hai ki hum alag ho…… i love u curtain

twinkle glared kunj

K:(gulping) but not more than my twinkle

twinkle smiled in her heart

10 mins passed they were still not able to free themselves….. infact due to both their pressure the handle frm which the curtain was hanging started loosing the grip of curtain….. so the curtain disparted frm handle due to this jerk twinj fall on ground but still wrapped with curtain….. ab toh curtain bhi thak gaya unka load leke yaar

Twinj: aaaaaaaaah
the both rolled on ground…. nd stopped aftr 2 to 3 rounds….. now kunj was above twinkle….. both were sharing an intense eye lock….sajna ve was playing in BG

aaj sajna ab ruh mei shamil tujhe karlu
tere liye mei jag chadd du
ban jogan mai nachloon x2

they broke their eyelock….

our smarty girl….. twinkle noticed tht the curtain had became loosed aftr they rolled 2-3 times…… so twinkle…. who was below kunj now rolled herslf nd came above kunj

our bechara sa…. bhola sa kunj…. unaware of her idea thought tht she had forgiven him…. so he placed his hand…. whch were still under the blanket on her waist…. nd he pulled her even closer

K: soo finally u forgave me

T thinks: buddhu hai…. pan mera hai!

she…. wjthiut uttering a single word again rolled herself down… now kunj was above twinkle… she did this abt 2-3 tyms

K:(he was below twinkle ri8 now) twinkle i think tu isse merry go round samj rhi hai…. baar baar kyu gol gol ghum rhi hsi yaar

twinkle took her final round nd csme below kunj….. but now they were free frm curtain…. our kunj…. again noticed it lately… tht this was all her plan to free thenselves

K: oh shit!…… twinkle kaash tu itni intelligent na hoti…. toh aaj hum abhi bhi curtain mek wrapped hoti… i.. i meab hote

twinkle laughed at his childishness

to be continued…..


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  1. hey . ritzi . congrahts . i know i dont comment . sorry for that . ur ff is just awasome . btw the best thing of ur ff was when kunj tried to jump from building and its vidio went virat . and the msgs which tw got on fb was just ………. and the other was tws cute darling and his gfs love when they first met . ur ff is great with the cobination of romance and comedy . keep it up

  2. Amazing like always dear ……
    Pls try to update asap

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  6. Confession SR her bday surpise today’s epi all were my fav yaar all ur epis r my fav ur ff us amazing !!! I hope u get to post soon to as i can’t wait !!! N one request plzz don’t b mad some of the dialogues r in Hindi sometimes i don’t understand so if u can post at least a word so i can know … I no a bit of Hindi although im not from India ๐Ÿ™‚ mujhe maaf Karna ritzi if i hurt u x_X ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Girl u nailed it
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