It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 50

hey guys…….. i m a bit happy today….. as when i read todays epi in tu…. i noticed tht kunj’s body is nt found…. so we hv a bit scope to see sidhant again in tei….whatever it is lets jst hope 4 the best…. nw cmng back to my ff….. srsly guys the love u all hv given me is incredible…. yr love is directly propstional to my confidence.. hehe… so…. A WHOLE HEATED THANKS TO
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Krystal: hey darling….. i hv still not forgiven u…… bcus i was never miffed wid u…… i srsly was not at all hurt…. its jst tht i wanted to clear misunderstanding between 2 unknown close frnds…. unknown close frnds… strange na!….. but ya i srsly love u…. nd ofcourse yr ff… soo pls dont get me wrong… love u dear

Riya: hehe dear…. thanks for tolerating nd supporting me in my every siyappas…. loads of love

now the best cmnt…. which won my heart

Fiona: oh god baby…. i dont know frm where to start nd how to thank u…. u hv written such a big essay for jst consoling me… i m sure u must be hving so much work but still u wrote this much…. its srsly means a lot to me….. each nd every line dear… was srsly boosting me up nd was raising my confidence level…. at the end of ur cmnt i too ended wid a lot of confidence… tht much confidence tht i ended up saying i must continue my ff till at least 100th epi….. a 1000kg love to u yaar!

nd rest if my frnds…. dont get me wrong if i didnt mentioned ur name… i jst want to tell u tht each nd everyone of u has made me realise my own importance….. firstly i was thinking tht u all like my ff then u realised tht u all love my ff…. srsly thanks

now enough of my thanks giving cermoney

lets start the epi

aftr about 1 hr….

the door of the bathroom opens….. kunj cms out carrying twinkle in his arms…. her body is coverd by towel nd kunj has also wrapped a towel through his waist line…. both r wet… nd r looking continuously in eo’s eyes…. kunj slowly keeps twinkle down….

jst then twinkle gets a call frm mahi

T: oh god! kunj mahi….. ek toh we took an hour in bathroom… oh gid shit… wht will i tell her

K: arre dont worry…. keep the phone on speaker

twinkle puts it on speaker

T: h.. h.. hello… ma.. mahi

M: hello ki bacchi….. itna tym lagaya romance mei! ek puri raat kam nhi padi kya

T thinks: siyappa…. this mahi doesnt know tht the call is on speaker… oh god its so embarrasing

she was blushing continuosly nd kunj was smiling at her

twinkle was abt to off the speaker when kunj holds her hand ndl signs her in no

T:(whispering) kunj… pls do behno ki baatein sunna buri baat hoti hai

K:(whispering) lekin yahan baat toh meri ho rhi hai… i hv full ri8’s to listen ok

M: be twinkle…. kaha kho gayi….

T: h.. h.. han i m here

M: wht yaar…. wht r u doing ri8 now

jst then uv speaks… yup guys yuhi’s call was also on speaker

Uv: arre mahi… i think they went to take bath… nd tht too together

here twinkle’s eyes are jst abt to pop out…. her mouth widens up

kunj thinks: marr gaye….wht will twinkle think of me… tht i copied their romance…. but tht was such a good idea

T: y… ye tu k.. kya bol.. raha hai.. u.. uv

Uv: chal chal… zyada chupa mat…. i know everything… bcus tht bathroom was thing was my idea… i had given it to kunj

K thinks: ab toh ho chuka

Twinkle was now like soti hui sherni ko jagana

the look she gave to kunj was unexplainable…. but tht look caused an adrinaline rush in kunj’s body

T:(faking sweetness) accha mahi…. i will be ri8 there in abt 10 mins ok.. now bye

M: ya done

bas fir kya tha…. the phone was thrown on bed…. kunj was wet… no no guys not bcus of water its bcus of sweat…. twinkle starts to move towards him… he moves back with heavy breaths…. he gets stopped by the cupboard

K: shit!….. i m.. e.. an… s.. so.. sory…. t.. twin.. kle

twinkle raised her one hand….. kunj closed his eyes in fear

K thinks: jai hanuman gyan guru sagar, jai kapis…. jai kapis… jai..arre aage kya tha…. shit…. darr ke maare hanuman chalisa hi bhul gaya…. jai hanman gyan guru sagar… jai hanuman gyan guru sagar

jst then twinkle puts her hand on his shoulder nd pushes him a little
kunj gets shocked to see tht he was not beaten up…. twinkle now opened the cupboard nd took out her cloths nd went to the bathroom for change….. she didnt utter a word

K thinks: isse kya hogaya… i thought this volcano was gonna burst on me today….. anyways let me change too

in bathroom
T thinks: wht u think of yrself kunj sarna….. u think tht if i didnt scold u then i hv forgave u…. then its totally wrong… i will never forgive u…. but i will never scold u….. i will use my style… differnt frm others to punish u….. nd yr punsiment is……. i m not gonna speak to u…. i will ignore u….. ur hollow man or mr. india fr me frm now onwards

there kunj had too changed but was srsly very confused wid twinkle’s behaviour jst then twinkle cms out wearing a tradional chridaar (a type of dress)…. she wore a red one (guys the same tht she wore on the first day aftr twinj’s marriage in tei)….. she wore a traditional dress for the forst tym in history…. kunj was all shocked to see her like this

his mouth widens up nd only word tht came out frm his mouth was

K: hot lag rhi hai

T thinks: control twinkle…… control ur blush… u should not show it to him

kunj became more shocked wen she didnt replied arre reply to dur ki baat she didnt even responded

K thinks: did she literally ignored me….. me!… her adorable… most s*xy…. most handsome…. most smart…. person in whole word…. moreover she ignored her hubby

twinkle started packing her stuff in the bag

K: twinkle… listnen…. twink

but she was all gone but tht tym…. he too began to follow her but soon it striked to him tht she had not packed his stuff

so our bechara kunj had to pack tht first

meanwhile twinkle reaches to the pool side where yuhi r busy romancing

T: ahem ahem

They broke the romance

M: galat timing twinkle

T: ya whatever

Uv: where is kunj

T: kon kunj

yuhi: what!?

Uv: r u insane…. u forgot ur 1day old husband

T: tu toh kuch bol hi mat uh….. y the hell u gave him tht bathroom idea…. y cant he think any idea himself

yuhi first look at eo nd then suddenly bursts into laughter

M: h.. haaa.. haaaa. hhhhaaaahhhaaa….. t.. twink.. twinkle that means u both srsly had a bath together… haha.. haaahaaaa

a funny tunes plays when twinkle’s face is shown

T: tu zyada udd mat mahi…. kunj told me tht u both also had a bath togehter

mahi nd uv stops their laughter now there is no differcence in their reactions…. i mean was now on twinkle’s place nd uv was on kunj’s place

M: how dare u….how can u share this much private things to sm1

Uv: b.. bab… y…. jst… listen

T thinks: oh wow…. kya tukka mara twinkle…. kunj didnt told me anything…. its jst boys formulae tht they can never think anything new….

M: shut up uv! lets go twinkle

nd she takes twinkle….. actually she drags twinkle frm there

Uv: ar.. are. arre mahi..

M: dont u dare follow us

twihi went nd kunj arrived…. breathing heavily… bent a bit due to tiredness
arre thakega nhi kya bichara aftrall he packed his whole stuff on his own nd had to climb down through stairs as the lift was out of service….. poor him

he sm how manages to walk to uv

K:(breathing heavily) h.. hey… u.. v…. whe.. where… r… t.. twinkle.. n.. nd…. m.. ahi

Uv:(hell angry) go nd ask the same que to salman khan

K: bhadak kyu rha hai itna? (y r u bursting on me? )

Uv: be saale kisne kaha tha ki main or mahi ek hi bathroom me nahai the ye baat twinkle ko batane ke liye

K: oh is it…… then who the hell told u to tell twinkle ki voh bathroom vala tera idea tha

Uv: haan toh mujhe copy karne k liye kisne kaha tha?

K: ya whatever…… wait wait…. wht did u told…. i didnt told twinlkle anything about ur bathing nd all

Uv: wht?….. but she only told tht u told her nd now mahi is angry on me

kunj thinks 4 a while

K: be ye twinkle toh alia bhatt se bhi smart nikli yaar…… she jst guessed tht

Uv: wht….. r u sure u didnt told her?

K:damn sure

Uv: but now the problem is…..

K: our wives r miffed wid us…… kuch toh karna padega yaar

Uv: lekin kya?

K: voh baad mei sochenge agar abhi hum un dono ke sath nhi puache ghar toh maa nd bebe toh unki CBI inquiry bitha degi


yunj starts walking towards car…. thinking the girls might hv left them

but they were shocked to see twihi waiting for them near their cars…. still they had angry expressions

K: hi twinkle

but twinkle was rolling her eyes here nd there….. kunj got sad seeing this

Uv: mahi u didnt went…… i knew u cannot leave me

kunj gave a death glare to him for buttering his wife in frnt of twinkle nd showing tht uv is better than kunj

M: zyada udo mat….. we were waiting so tht we dont hv to answer usha aunty’s nd bebe’s que

kunj laughs silently as ‘uv ka popat ho gaya’ now it was tym for uv to give a death glare to him

they went into their respective cars… i. e twinj in 1 nd yuhi in another
in twinj’s car
as per her plan twinkle was continuously ignoring kunj….. but our kunj’s naughtiness… offo…. he smtimes passes her flying kiss… smtym he plans his hand on her thies smtims he interlocks his legs with twinkle’s leg but everytym twinkle would ignore him…. jst then kunj looks at his watch

K thinks: tym ho gaya hai

he then switches on 95.5 red fm the anchor says

anchor: now its tym to play a song suggested by kunj sarna for his lovely wife twinkle

twinkle was looking down nd widens her eyes upon hearing tht… eventough it was difficult for her to stop her blush or to stay away frm kunj…. still she controlled herself

the songs plays in radio
khamoshiyan ehsas hai tum sunne toh aao kabi
khamoshiyan awaz hai ghar inko bulao kabhi
bekarar hai….. baat karle toh

jst then twinkle looks at kunj….. she was all red bcus she was continuously controlling her smile

song continues

kehne do inko zara
khamishiyanaaaa. teri meri khamosiyan
khamoshiyan lipti hui khamoshiyan

the song gets over like this…… twinkle sm how managed to control herself…. kunj got sad bcus she didnt even reacted

twinj’s nd yuhi’s car stops near sarna mansion

to be continued….

hey guys i know u r angry on me for making twinkle upset on kunj…. i m sorry for tht….
i jst can say is hv patience guys… hehe!

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  1. It was an amazing epi yaar!!! N im happy to hear ure feelinng much better :v btw kunj Shud stop talking to twinkle also so she wud feel guilty ?? post ASAP plzz 🙂

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  10. first of all congratulations dear for half century
    and why u say sorry to us , u say us friends but make formalities by saying sorry
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    be happy
    epi was awesomeeeeeeeee
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  11. A big big big congratulations nd felicitation in the regard of completing 50 episodes…congratulations nd celebrations for our Ritzi for such a immense achievement… love u sis..
    Ur episode was so hilarious each nd every dialouge is giving a new reason to laugh on…
    I hope that now u r not angry at me ; it’s just I thought us as my small sis therefore I thought expressing my views to u as ur well wisher ; it’s just that every next one has different views nd my peireced ur heart nd became a reason to ur dissmail….
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