It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 5


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The episode mstarts with leela asking twinkle to change her wet cloths
K: OK aunty so I should leave now sorry for this
L: arre kunj beta why are you saying sorry I hv to say sorry to you
K: no problem aunty ok bye
Kunj and leela goes downstairs manohar and usha are shocked to see him like this
M: kunj what mess is this
Kunj explains everything to them
U: no problem beta come we will go home, ok leela hope we meet again
L: ya sure it was a pleasure to meet u all

Sarnas leave and twinkle comes down leela holds her ears
L: badmash !!! Is this the way to treat your guests???
T: sorry mom
Twinkle narrates her the whole story about her and kunj's first meet .
L: hey bhagvan!!! Is ladki ka kya hoga but it's ok as you told him sorry but who throws watermelon on someone….you are unique piece ( she giggles)
T: maa forget it ( twinkles self talk) I think I should tell her about my and uv' s relationship
She is about to tell her but chinki's call interrupts her
T: ya tell chinki……. What a boy proposed you on Facebook why that's awesome what's his name by the way …..oh rahul sinha
They keep on talking and twinkles forgets to tell leela about her relationship
L: ye ladkiyan na kabhi nahi sudhregi!

Its morning time and as usual twinkle is sleeping peacefully when her alaram rings and according to her ritual she is about to throw her 26th alaram clock while leela comes and stops
L: stop stop stop ……not again twinkle( she wakes up) u know what beta people change their cloths everyday but you change your alaram everyday ! Come on now you r getting late for your college
T: oo haan maa! Thanks for waking me up
She rushess to the bathroom,and gets ready

A very big college is shown with a huge garden at the entrance where uv is sitting and waiting for twinkle when his one of the friends told him( let's name him vivek)
V: uv everyday when twinkle enters the college you greet her with songs so which song today???
U: wait and watch ( he smiles while seeing this)
V: I think bhabhi ji (twinkle) came
A big white car is shown coming ….but its kunj not twinkle… He is looking very hot …..uv stops him
U: hey bro I think you are new here
K: yes and its my first day here
U: no worries u can stay with us

K: thanks
V: uv she is here….go get ready
Kunj is not able to understand anything but he is in a serious shock to see twinkle coming out of the car she is wearing a love red coloured one piece and looking very s* xy…..kunj again lost into her big brown beautiful eyes which was buttering her beauty…..uv starts to sing when twinkle goes to him she has not noticed kunj yet
Uv: ye chand sa roshan chehra
Balo ka rang sunehra
Ye jheel si neeli aankhen
Koi raaz hai inme gehra

Tarif karu kya usski
Jisne tujhe banaya
I don't to the rest of the song
Everyone laugh……twinkle is so happy that she immediately hugs him while hugging him she notices kunj ….. There was a bit anger which she could see in kunj's eyes but she ignored it and breaks hug
T: tum…. Kunj sarna, ri8? Don't tell me you r in this college
U: u know him baby ( he says this while holding twinkles waist tightly and pulling her towards him)
T: ya he is our new neighbour, forget it come we are getting late for the class.
U: ya let's go ….come kunj
K: I m coming you guys go
U: r u sure?

K: ya !
They all go in the class except kunj
K: what is happening to me??? Why I didn't liked when uv was singing for twinkle and even I got angry when she hugged him and when uv hold her from her waist ….. I mean I and twinkle have met just a few times then why am I getting jealous…..wait wait wait am I getting jealous no ways I hardly know that twinkle , just forget about it kunj

By saying this he starts to move towards his class

Precap a boy proposes twinkle and kunj is about to beat him

Credit to: Ritzi

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