It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 48


hey guys m really very sorry… but still i cannot overcome the shock tht sidhant has quit tei…. it will be shown tht he will net with an accident nd will die… then twiraj story…. now its tym for twinj fans to bcme sad… m srsly crying yaar…. why did he left… jst for jhalak dikhlaja… srsly!…. so now i hv stopped watching tei nd i will stop my ff too…. bcus whenever i will write kunj’s name it will remind me of sidhant…. my life is whole changed…. frm now i hv decided not to watch tv at all… nd to keep my tab switch off as much long i can… m srsly sad… u now whenever i would listen to songs i used to imagine twinj dancing romantically onbsongs whether it would be 1d or taylor swift or any bollywood songs…. so i hv even stopped to listen songs… actually i want to be away frm all tht things tht willbremind me if sidhant…. even though we hv chances to see him in any other show but we cannot see him again with twinkle(jasmin)… they were my dream couple…

now always om 8 pm will be seen studying nd even crying… u guys dont know i was so mad for twinj…. i hv even bunked my family parties jst to see them as i could not even wait to see repeat telecast…. u all must be thinking i m insane… yes i agree i m sorry i was totally insane for twinj… fir sidmin… for sidhant… for kunj… for tei… but now this show is on its way to turn crap… now again twiraj.. srsly.. urrgh!.i dont think this show will last long aftr sidhant’s exit bcus as long as i know all the twinj fans are keaving the show nd fans of twinj are mire then tht of twiraj fans… soits tym fir twiraj fans to enjoy tei… but pls guys pls pls continue all yr ffs pls do continue it ok.. pls for me atleast…. srsly guys tiday i spoke my heart out to u all….

so lets start the epi….

Twinj got married happily…. its twinkle’s bidai…. she is hugging everyone…. mahi’s bidai is also taking place she is also hugging everyone…. twihi cms to leela nd hugs her nd cries madly… aftr smtym they break the hug

L: so its yr new beggining frm now…. be happy nd keep ur husbands happy too

both blushes

L: accha ok i hv one surprise fr both of u

twihi signs in wht

L: leela says i hv booked two honeymoon suit in hotel paradise

yunj who were listen all this very getting really very excited

K: aaihai aaj toh nikal padi apni

Uv: haan yaar… sach mei

Twihi were blushing continuously

jst then twinkle smirks

T: arre maa… ye sab ki kya zarurat thi (a bit loudly so tht kunj can hear)

K thinks: ye ladki marvayegi yaar

K: nahi nahi maa….. ye twinkle pagal hai…. koi apni first ni8 miss karega kya

then as usual he later cms to his senses…. feeling hell ambarassed

twinkle who was crying nw started laughing at his childishness not only twinkle all started laughing.

kunj pulls twinkle towards the car

K: ok ok… bye everyone…

yuhi nd twihi reach the hotel

they went to the receptionist nd took their respective keys

twinkle whispers smthing in mahi’s ears

M: gud idea!

both the boys came with the keys

K: chale twinkle!

twinkle takes the keys frm his hand.

T: haan haan chalo mahi

yunj: mahi!

M: arre haan haan lets go twnkle m hell tired

Uv: tw.. twinkle… de.. dekh apne jagde mei… n.. na mahi… ko kyu ghusa rhi hai…. if u dont want to enjoy yr honeymoon then its pk but atleast let us enjoy na!

kunj pushes uv a bit

K: w.. wht r… u saying… even i want to enjoy my honeymoon

nd they both stsrted fighting

twihi say this nd started laughing…. yunj cms to senses nd stops to fight

yunj: kya?

T: hahaa… haahaa. we. were jst kidding yaar

saying this twihi ran to their respecrive rooms

yunj smiled nd they also went their aftr sm talking



kunj has not arrived yet

twinkle reaches nd is blushing upom seeing the decorations

T: wow!
nd twinkle sits onba stool near her dressing table so tht she could face the mirror

jst then kunj enter

K: awesome!

he sees twinkle sitting infront of the mirror

K: but not awesome then her

he cloese the door nd starts moving towards twinkle

twinkle feels kunj’s presence nd blushes

kunj stands behind her

K: hey…. looking gorgeous Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna

twinkle smiles

kunj bends down a bit…. twinkle is sitting such tht her back is facing kunj… bt kunj is able to see twinkle through the mirror

kunj makes twinkle’s hair on one side nd kisses her back

T thinks: oh babaji! mere pet mei gud gudi kyu ho rhi hai (why m i feeling flying butterflies in my stomach)

twinkle now stands up nd faces kunj…. kunj slowly takes out her ear rings

K: i hv never came across such a beautiful girl like u

twinkle again blushes

K:btwinkle tu ye chahti hai ki mai directly vahi sab karu!

twinkle signs him as if she is confused

K: be tu itna blush karegi toh how will i be able to control myself yaar

twinkle punches kunj’s shoulder a bit

T: kunj… tum bhi na

now kunj starts tucking her hairs behind her ears

just then twinkle’s eyes widen up as if she remembers smthing

T: get out!

K: wht!

T: arre get out!

K: arre par kyu!

T: surpraaaise!

K: oh god tune toh darra hi diya tha….. but i will not go out today.

saying this he cms a bit close to twinkle

T: ok np…. lets sleep

K: twinkle darwaza mere piche hai na!…. ok bye

twinkle smiles….. kunj goes out nd closes the door

T: okay twinkle…. tut pado… iss room ka toh huliya hi badaldungi aaj

there kunj is waiting eagerly outside the door

K: (knocking the door ) twinkle kholna yaar!

Twinkle who was busy in decorations

T: kunj shantibrakho or else i will not let u cm in tonight

K: ok ok… i m waiting… bass

aftr abt 15 mins

kunj again knocks the door

K: twinkle…. meri maa pls pls darwaza kholde…. aaj apni suhagrat hai yaar…. aaj ke din konsi patni apne pati ko room ke bahar jane deti hai

there a passer by saw kunj knocking door continuously nd heard twinkle saying tht

T: kunj pls dont disturb

man: oh bhai shaib kyu bichari ladki ko pareshan kar rhe ho… wait let me call the police

K: arre nooo no no no i m her husband nd today is our honeymoon

Man: ohoooo then why r u out… u shld go in yr room na… i knw ur lying (taking out his phone) wait let me call the police

Kunj stops him frm calling

K: ur getting me wrong…. wait let me ask her only whom am i to her

K:(knocking her door nd speaking with extra sweetness) twinkle!

there twinkle who was already tired of doing decorations got hell irritated frm kunj as he was disturbing her continuously

T: (without opening the door) kya hai!

kunj gets scared frm her angry voice

K: twinkle mai tera kya lagta hu

guys she was nt knowing tht in wht siyappa kunj was stucked

T: tum mere dushman ho! (u r my enemy)

K think: ye marvayegi aaj

the man agsin started dialing

K: wait wait i will give u another proof

kunj goes nd knocks to uv’s door

man: arre arre ab is room mei kyu knock kar rhe ho!

K: i m gvng u the proof

kunj! s room was nxt to uv’s room only

kunj started knocking

uv was all shirtess nd was sleeping peacefully with mahi

uv heard the knock

uv: who’s it…. didnt u say the dont disturb tag…. i dont want any room service ri8 now… get lost

the man was staring kunj hell angrily

K: (knocking…. with xtra sweetness) uv… mere bhai… darwaza kholna

uv got shocked hearing his voice nd quickly opened the door… he was still shirtless

K: uv inhe bol voh baju wale room mei mere sath kon hai

Uv: ofcourse teri wife… twinkle hai

the man feels guilty

man: i.. i.. im sorry.

he runs away

kunj saw a lipstick mark on uv’s neck nd strted crying nd sldoing all his emotional drama

uv: kya hua… tu ro kyu raha hai

K:(crying dramatically….. guys u can imagine his expressin when he was cutting onion for making the healtht food tasty with usha nd bebe) tune teri suhagraat mana li aur meri toh abhi chalu tak nhi hui

there twinkle had decorated the room nd changed her joda(cloths)… she was nw wearing a s*xy knee length outfit…

she opened the door… halfly as she was wearing night suit

Twinkle didnt found kunj nd started looking here nd there nd when she saw on her ri8 shw was surprised….. kunj was on his knees crying or should i say doing drama nd uv or should i say bhola uv consoling him

T:(peeping out her head) kunj! y u crying?

Uv: be twinkle samhal tere pati ko…. apni suhagrat toh bigadi upar se neri bhi bigad rha hai yaar

T: kunj cm in… why did u disturbed uv!

kunj runs to his room like a child running behind an ice cream wala

uv also went in his room

To be continued…..

hey guys i will try to reach till epi 50 nd jst tell me should i continue or not aftr epi 50

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. We all are heartbroken hearing sidhant quitting the show.. but, please don’t end the ffs.. this is the only thing that can make our twinj’s love eternal and we can remember them always.. please I request you. But, still at the end it depends upon you!

  2. Ritzi u know I had just read ur first nd second para only ;I hadn’t read the full episode still I’m commenting.
    Ritzi the way u expressed ur feeling I can completely sense the pain nd grief ur suffering with… though I’m very strong I don’t cry so easily but now a days I don’t know where my strong side vanished nd while reading ur feeling I literally cried . U know I was the one who was never interested in watching TV but twinj changed my habit im so habitual to watch it I don’t know how I will pass my days without it.
    I’M SOOOOOO SOORRYY Ritzi i requested u to continue with ur ff but now I can understand the hardships ur facing to continue it ..I’m so sorry forgive me …let it be yrr don’t continue it but plzzz take care of urself God always has something in store for all of us just wait nd take care….. Love u

  3. U r really Amazing !!!! ?? waiting 4 the next Epi ?????

  4. Yes dear pls continue u r writing just awsome and dont stop writing by hearing such bad news bcz ab fanfiction hi ek sahara hai yar

  5. Pls continue love your ff and this episode

  6. Ofcoas continue dear
    And pls update another one as soon as possible

  7. Plz ritzi plz don’t stop this ff because we are also gonna miss sid but we can at least get happy by reading your ff I was A silent reader after reading the message I became sad plz don’t stop it

  8. I srsly thought I was the only 1 that was crazy over twinj n TEI yaar!!! My frend at skl fed up hear me talking abt them n im always on my fone reading u guy ffs n my phone us literally filled with their picturesss ??
    If i have to make new frens that’s the 1st question i ask do u watch Indian series? Tei to specific my frenz n family called mi obsessed yaar i rele hate that sidhant is leaving n twinkle n kunj Jodi will now b incomplete ??????? ritzi i request u i no TT no 1 now wants to even think abt tei but let’s just enjoy these couple epi with kunj inside n ur ff kinda makes me feel better al of tei ffs make me feel a bit better wen i heard this news i
    Literraly stop smiling … Yaar im feeling the same pain here :'( ?? .. But plzz continue after 50 epi i don’t mind waiting we all r trying to control ourselvez sadly hope u understand n keep uploading ur ff :’) …..

  9. ritizi di pls continue the ff atleast we can imagine him in ur ff i too got hell shock of sid quite the show iam not imagine allso like sid will do in one interview he said that jab tak tei run sidmin will be there that time iam soooo happy and now he dissapointed us and iam so sad at sleeping,studing what ever i do to forgot sid but he only imagine me dont know what to do di he has atleast he has not completed 1 year lets see what is his better project my cousins saisd these happen like fan(movie)a hero doesnot have atleast 5min for fan he do what ever for his so my cousins said we shld not to be so close to actor because when they go it break our hearts not of him but that time allso fight with my cousins and support him & cried anybody if see my tab they will say its of sid because my full tab of sidmin images,video,songs,and all his interview from first to last&all his birthday segment but after that i cried that much i earsed all in tension i broked my tab only di…….iam just trying to forget all…….and i hate to see twiraj together atleast i can control another men for kunj but not twiraj….

  10. I know that how u r feelings after sid is quitting the show. I’m also feeling the same. Its hard to digest that the person u loved so much is leaving the show. I loved the chemistry I’d sidmin. Your episode was very good. Ritzi pls don’t end your ff. This is the thing which can create smiles on many faces. But still its on u.

  11. Hey Ritzi we all r really heartbroken ri8 nw n btw u shld cont ur ff dear loved it n epi ws as usual amazinggggggggly osmmmmmmmm loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much n do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

  12. hey!!! awesome update……continue soon……..eagerly waiting for the next one…

  13. Ritzi i can understand ur feelings…..even i m heart broken….u know what i m also leaving watching tei… only ffs r my sahara….plz dont end ur ff yaar…..morover i was also insane for twinj like u…..even i have missed my family functions… is very difficult for me too to stop watching tei….baaki tum khud kaafi samajhdar ho ke what to do…..btw Awesome episode….in next episode plz complete their Suhagrat with lots of Romance ?????

  14. ritzi I m very happy dat u posted ur ff dat day when I got d news of sid leaving tei I was depressed n when u said about stopping ur ff it was like jale par namak chidko nowadays I’m crying daily n praying to god dat sid should not leave tei
    n about ur ff well I would say u should continue ur ff as it makes everyone happy we will not watch tei so ffs r d only way were we can see our twinj two days u didn’t posted ur ff I was very sad I prayed to god to change ur decision n I even kept fast at d end it is ur decision to continue or not but before taking any step keep ur self in our place n think how we readers will feel if u writers will stop ur ffs n just think of those silent readers of ur ff dis ffs will now become real tei for us at d end decision is urs so take a right decision god bless u be happy …

  15. Wow.. Amazing..
    Ya pls continue ur ff. Its good.

  16. His ritzi darling I do understand ur pain even I m suffering from this twinj was the reason to watch tei and specially bunny?i m still depressed when I heard the news abt sidhant quitting the show I was literally crying coz this was my daily routine to watch them.even I have bunked my family events and outing just fr twinj but sidhant doesn’t want to quit he want to do both jhalak and tei but the channel is not allowing him and he have some problem with the leap and the makers?? I have seen his insta post he’s damn stressed…n ya I have stop watching tei coz I can’t see kunj dying and I know the show will end soon coz the show is nothing without bunny! And now the channel will understand the that the show is nothing without twinj and they ll have a big loss losing bunny?i just wish him all the best for his new project and want him happy that I know he’s not leaving his tei fans…will him badly?n yaa ur ff was awesome post next one asap and do continue I love ur ff n I don’t want to miss this with bunny..❤

  17. Sidmin(twinj)

    Ritzi plz do cont ur ff aftr epi 50 plz don’t stop plzzz…al sidmin(twinj) fans r disappointed of Sid leaving the show bt atleast through ffs v fans cn rem him n keep twinj love eternal… Jst lyk u I too ws avoiding al family functions n going out coz I don’t want to miss tei sidmin(twinj)…dis s the oly show I ws watching n nw aftr Sid’s exit I won’t watch dis show als oly ur ffs s nw my source of entertainment plz don’t end dr plz…Nw I’m scared to watch any serials coz agn if I get attached to any serial n if it ends up lyk tei den I cnt bear it…Sid quitting show has broken every fans heart into millions of pieces no one s able to overcome frm dis news n no one s able to concentrate on our works…bt atleast by reading ur ffs v gt sm happiness n nw plz don’t snatch our happiness by ending ur ff…remember u tld ul nt end dis ff til u reach 100 epi keep up ur words ritzi n don’t end

  18. As much as ur sad mee to i jus stop cnt thinking abt it jahan par b sid ki pic dekhti hoon rona ata hai d moment i see any twinj pics i remebr all twinj moment dwir segments n allk i m vry muxh depressed i pray dat sid doesnt leav us cming towards ur ff dis part was suprb aur kitna wait karao gi suhaagraat k liye bohot wait karliye heheh jus kidding bt seriously i m waiting post soon

  19. Seriously yar we will miss sid toooooo much ….every romantic saong I listen I only have flashes of twinj….still can’t get over d news still in huge shock…..anyways nice episode

  20. Sidmin(twinj)

    Ritzi plz don’t end ur ff plzzzzzz…jst lyk u I too ws avoiding al family functions n going out coz I don’t want to miss tei sidmin(twinj)…tei ws d oly serial ws watching coz of sidmin(twinj) jodi bt aftr Sid exit I won’t watch tei nw oly ur ffs r my source of entertainment so plz don’t end ur ff…atleast through ffs v cn remember twinj(sidmin) n make der love eternal… Plz I beg u don’t end ur ff if ur a true Sid fan ul nt end it…nw I’m scared to watch serials coz of gt attached to it n if it ends up lyk tei den I cnt bear it…al twinj(sidmin) Sid’s fans hearts r broken in Millon’s of pieces n its very difficult to mend it…oly through ffs I think v fans cn mend our broken hearts so plz don’t end ur ff n snatch our happiness plzzzz

  21. dear …if u want to end it .then end it…i can understand if i can cry while reading…..then what u will be feeling while writing is beyond my imagination..and its gud u r concentrating on ur studies ..everything happens for gud…god did this so that our ritzi can concentrate on her studies and she can score gud marks in boards… i am also doing the sam..i also keep my cell switch off or silent as long i can…bcauz my gallery is full of twinj pic which remind me of them…i today didn’t read ur i donot have the mood now ..i am missing sidmin badly…..

  22. Hey dr.. Plzzzz do continue ur ff.. Don’t ever think of ending it.. U r such a fabulous writer yaar..

  23. Amazingly amazing

  24. ritzi uh continue ur ff plsss yar i mean i want this comedy plsssss

  25. V all r heartbroken by sids exit from tei, but guys we r friends v r one family! This is the only way we can communicate! If stop watching tei, no problem! But dont stop this ff yaar! Its one of my favourite ff! Plz! :'(
    And btw I am glad u listen to 1d songs 😉

  26. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    Hey ritzi….I too feel the same….literally I m crying….I have read ur first two para…..hw to say yaar I too felt the same after i saw twinj…my dream couple…. I was crazy after them…I too was imagining twinj dancing romanticaly on any music…I too cant see twiraj together…im totally crying….I cant cry infront of my family members..
    They will think im mad to cry for an actor….but..ghar wale bhi na samaj the nahi wo sirf star nahi duniya hai meri…hahaha…just to make up ur mood… I keep crying every night after listening the news that sid is leaveing the show….yah its true that we can see sidhant…but not twinj..sidmin…together…I felt happy that someone is same as me who was mad after twinj ….

    1. twinjfan-(tamanna)

      n yaa plz dont end it ritzi because we can atleast imagine twinj are together..plz dont end it…I m attached to ur ff..dont do like the show bcz the show all ready broke my heart to million pieces…plz dont break my heart plz….todays episode was really amazing….

  27. Hey ritzi…… I m a silent reader of ur fanpage…….. I just came across it and widin 1 week I read all ur 49 episodes….. And I went in d flow of d story….. Now DAT I have came to know DAT uh r stoping dis ff I m disheartened….. Plz don’t do dis to me….. As I m not liking d track on tei as it is going to sepearte twinj and sid leaving d show….. And just bcoz of sum readers uh r also not continuing ur ff…… Plz listen to others who support uh … And keep one thing in mind uh r d best ff writer…… And let dogs bark at uh….. Uh carry on wid ur wrk …… Bcoz of 1 or 2 ppl I don’t think uh shud disappoint all ur oder readers……….. Looking forward for ur next episode……

  28. hey where is ur 49th episode.. plss continue ur ffs..
    plzzz send ur 49th episode link

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