It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 47


helllo guys…… u know i was so happy tht u guys were not mad at me for bringing this twist nd i know tht u guys r really very desperate for this epi…. so lets begin…. wait wait wait…. let me first thank u all
rimmi, amy, cutie pie, mitali, sadaf khan, zikra, panchi, riya, sayeeda, anam, amii, srija, mitali, riya, kinjal, krystal, romaisah, sidmin(twinj), shatakshi, keerthana, aastha, jaya, sneha, hima….. really each nd everyone of yr cmnt is like my each nd every heart beat…. nd without even any one of yr heartbeat… i mean cmnt i really cant stay… as u all know i m addicted to all ur cmnts…. but the cmnt which won my heart yesterday was of riya….. oh god riya the word ‘luv u my siyappa queen ritzi’ still makes me blush…. oh god yaar when i read it ysterday for the first tym i was on terrace nd i literally started laughing…. nd i totally forgot tht my mom was with me… so soon i changed the topic nd ran downstairs in the washroom nd again started dancing….. srsly u wont believe this but yr entire cmnt was n honour for me… love u nd allllllll my ff frnds… lets see whoese cmnt would make me blush today…… 1 more thing u know guys these days i m reading the book ‘the fault in our stars’ its an awesome book… if smone has seen its movie or read its book i hv a doubt tht who is anna frank…is the protagonist if the book the imperial affliction.. i suppose but pls clear my doubt na

ok so now enough of my bak bak…. lets start the epi…

the epi starts with pandit ji chanting mantras nd kunj is shown unconscious (NOTE: i will only describe about twinkle nd kabir’s marriage nd not about yuhi’s as it will go smoothly)

@ Kunj’s room

kunj is under his bed… nd he shows a little movement…. his head moves side by side a bit…. he gets conscious nd mives his hand on his back neck where he was injected

K: a.. a.. aah…. wht am i doing under my bed.. ah

kunj’s eyes suddenly widens up

K: tw… twinkle…. oh.. oh shit… my marriage… she must be waiting for me

he quickly gets out of the bed nd runs towards the door… it was locked

K: shit…. who locked this door…. why didnt my family memebers came to take me… they all must be searching for me… then who locked this door….. arghh! i m nt getting anything… but first i will hv to reach to twinkle… she must be hell worried

he tries to break the door but all goes in vain

K: oh god….. pls help me

jst then he sees open window of his room

K: i will hv to do this for twinkle

@ Taneja mansion…. at the same time

Pandit : var aur vadhu phero ke liye khade ho jaye (groom nd bride stand up for pheras)

Twinkle nd kabir stands up nd starts taking pheras

@ Kunj’s room

kunj without even thinking for a sec. he jumped out frm his window.. which was on the 1st floor

kunj falls down nd gets hurt on his left knee

K: aaaaaah!

he is not even able to stand


last four pheras were left

T thinks:(while taking pheras) kunj….. now i m not able to control myself…. i jst wish this wedding gets over quickly then i will be called as Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna

Ka thinks: in less then 10 mins u will be called as Mrs. Twinkle Kabir Mehra….. i jst cant wait for over first ni8

There kunj succeds in standing up…. he now starts walking towards taneja mansion… with gr8 difficulties…. but he again falls down in the middle of the road

K: ouch…. aaha….. my.. le.. leg

There the pheras gets over nd twibir (twinkle nd kabir) again takes their seat

Pandit: ab var vadhu ke maang mei sindoor bhare (now let groom fill brides hairline)

there kunj is still lying on the road… wincing in pain

here…. kabir lifts twinkle’s maang teeka in order to put vermillion… his hand touches twinkle’s hairline but someone pushes his hand away

bow vow…

yes guys it was our pluto

everyone gets shocked

T: pluto!!! is this the way to behave with kunj…. u hv crossed allbur limits today

P:(angrily glaring towards kabir) bow vow!

T: pluto!.. its high tym now…. i know u never liked kunj but this is not the WAY TO BEHAVE….. jst…. jst get lost…

P: (sadly) bow vow!

T: i said get lost

guys pluto had known tht it wasnt kunj so he did all tht…. nd now he ran outside in search of kunj

here….. as the vermillion was all on the floor…. leela went to take another bottle

pluto found out kunj… who was still on the road wincing in pain… nd was jst a bit away frm taneja mansion

K: pl… pluto… ah… u… u here

pluto hold kunj’s shirt nd helped him to stand with the help of angel (yes guys angel was the name of his gf)

kunj had understood tht something was wrong as pluto nd angel were continously pulling kunj’s sherwani

@Taneja Mansion
Leela had brought another bottle of vermillion nd kabir now started to move his hand again towards twinkle’s hairline

but be4 he could fill her hairline…

A voice was heard frm back….. Twinkle!….. bow vow

all looked back….. including twinkle….. who was shocked

yup guys finally kunj got succeeded in stopping the marriage with the help of puto nd angel

T: k… kunj!……

K: twink… le!

Twinkle got two shockes… first one seeing kunj who was in a really bad condition…. he had blood on his left knee…. had teary eye… his sherwani was all untidy… nd second shock was tht he was not doing the marriage rituals with twinkle

T: t… tum yaha ho… toh w.. who is th.. this

twinkle immeditely throws the sehra of kabir…. nd got the biggest shock of her life

T: kabir!!! how dare u!

kunj notices kabir nd the same bracelate which he saw when he was injected

Twinkle ran towards kunj…. as kunj was not in condition to walk…. twinkle hugged kunj tightly… kunj too responded… after sometime

K:(with angry red teary eyed) how dare u ka.. kabir… how dare u to make me unconsious… how dare u to lock me in my room… how dare u (LOUDLY) TO MARRY MY TWINKLE

Twinkle got scared on his this anger…. which ws new to her

Kabir too waljed towards them

Ka: how dare me?…. how dare u to love my twinkle… how dare u to marry twinkle…. twinkle is only mine… get tht straight… nd get lost let me complete our wedding.

saying this he hold twinkle by her wrist

Ka: cm twinkle

but kunj holds twinkle by her waist nd pulles her tiwards him with a gr8 strength

K: dont u dare to touch her

But be4 kabir could say anything further… police came nd puts hand cuffs on his wrist

P: mr. kabir mehra ur under arrest

Kabir became out of control nd started moving towards kunj… but was unsucceesful in doing so as he was bding hold by to police officers

ka:(still trying his best to release himself ) kunj…. i will not leave u…. dont u dare marry twinkle…. dont to u to even touch her…. only i hv the ri8 to marry nd touch twink….

but be4 he could say anything further…. chatakk…. ye! ye! he got a tight one frm twinkle…. the slap was soo tight tht he was bleeding frm his side lower lip

T: how dare u harm my kunj….. how dare u even say tht u hv the ri8 to marry me…. touch me… no mr….. no…. these ri8s r only meant for kunj…. the love of my life…. not u.. never ever….. i thought u were my frnd…. best frnd…. but u… how dare u do this kabir

Ka: i did all this bcus i lov…

T: pls inspector take him frm here…. be4 he talks any other bullshit

Ka: i will be back twinkle…. only for u! muahh!

twinkle mad a face…. nd police took him

Twinkle now turned towards kunj….. who was already watching her

she again ran to him nd bend down… to see his injurned knee… she touched it

K: aaah!

twinkle quickly got up nd hugged him tightly

T:(still hugging nd crying) i m sorry kunj! i m sorry! i didnt trusted u…its all bcus of me

they both break their hug

K:(cupping her face) shh! u need not be sorry ok…. its not ur fault

just then bow vow

Twinkle looked down towards pluto nd angel…. she bend down nd hugged them both tightly

T: (after breakin the hug) i m sorry pluto baby…. i didnt trust u indeed i scolded u…. u were only trying to stop the marriage nd save me (now looking towards angel) u too…. did a gr8 job today

they both stsrt licking twinkle’s cheeks

K thinks: hayee mere aise din kab aynenge… jab msi twinkle ko lick i mean kiss karunga…. kaash mai kutta hota…. ye tu kya bol raha hai yaar kunj…. chot tere pero mei kagi hai ki dimag mei… agar tu kutta hota toh tu twinkle se shadi kaise karta ?

(awww my kunj…..usse kitni chot lagi hai but still he is entertaining u guys…. thts y i love me soo much… hehe)

To be continued….

hope u guys liked todays epi

Credit to: Ritzi

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